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We will begin our discussion by understanding what Business Intelligence and Power BI are. Let’s get started!

Following are some of the topics that are covered in this blog:

What is Business Intelligence?

In the business world, Business Intelligence (BI) acts as an umbrella term that includes identifying and managing business trends, analyzing data and detecting patterns from it, and improving decision-making, targetting a faster growth of business environments. For all these tasks, organizations deploy various Business Intelligence tools, among the best Business Intelligence tools Power BI.

To get a clear idea about Business Intelligence and its tools, check out our video:

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a Business Intelligence tool developed by Microsoft, released in the year 2014. The main intent of this analytical tool is to provide the best visualizations to our data and help create customized Power BI dashboards and reports and share insights. Power BI is feature-packed and offers a lot to developers.

Important features of Power BI:

Content packs

Content packs consist of a data model, embedded queries, and dashboard reports that are used by a huge number of applications.

Natural language QA

This is the most important feature of Power BI, which allows us to ask questions and give answers to those by providing the content that matches our requirements.

Various data sources

Power BI supports various data sources, such as structured data, unstructured data, SQL Server, web files, CSV, and Excel. It creates bilateral visualizations.

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Custom visualization

Power BI allows us to access the custom visualization library that helps meet our varied needs.

Print dashboard

This is a unique feature that is used to print dashboards so that they come in handy in discussions and board meetings.

How is Power BI beneficial?

Power BI is an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand BI tool used for creating business reports. Here are some of the much-valued benefits of the Power BI tool:

Helps in publishing reports securely

Power BI helps developers publish their reports that allow users to get the latest information and also helps refresh data automatically.

Supports drag-and-drop options

This functionality helps end-users create graphical reports on the dashboard by themselves within no time.

Good storage capacity

Power BI can compress large files and load them in a short period of time.

Advanced data services

The Power BI tool can easily be integrated with other cloud services such as Cortana/Bot framework.

Do you know Why Power BI is a Revolutionary Business Intelligence Tool?

How to become a Power BI Developer?

Power BI Developer Skills

Below are some of the skills we must have if we are planning to become a Power BI Developer:

  • Candidates should be from a computer science background and should have ample work experience in a similar field.
  • They should have 4+ years of experience in data warehousing projects, data preparation, and data gateways.
  • They should be experienced and familiar with other Business Intelligence analytical tools, such as SSRS, SSAS, and SSIS.
  • They should have basic knowledge of JavaScript and SQL.

Check out these top Power BI project ideas and implement your theoretical knowledge into practical ones!

Power BI Roles and Responsibilities

Here are some of the most important power BI roles and responsibilities that a Power BI Developer should undertake while working in the field:

  • Building and maintaining analysis service report models
  • Using Power BI Desktop for developing dashboards, visual reports, and key performance indicator (KPI) scorecards
  • Extracting various data sources and connecting, importing, and transforming data for Business Intelligence
  • Implementing row-level security on data
  • Should be capable of understanding the application security layer model
  • Must be capable of handling project documentation and design methodology
  • Adroit in scheduling, developing, and publishing Power BI reports as per requirements
  • Proficient in creating Data Analysis Expression (DAX) queries in Power BI Desktop
  • Should be capable of developing multidimensional models that are compatible with warehouse standards
  • Must be capable of understanding business requirements and data models while taking care of the sources
  • Proficient in prototyping, designing, and requirement analysis
  • Should have good knowledge of secondary tools, such as SQL Data Warehouse, Azure, Visual Studio, PolyBase, etc.
  • Implementing advanced-level calculations on datasets
  • Adroit in integrating Power BI reports with other applications by applying embedded analytics, such as API automation or (SaaS) Power BI service

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What is Microsoft BI Developer?

Microsoft BI Developer works on Business Intelligence tools, such as data connectors, software services, and apps. Microsoft Power BI Developer has to work on three types of Power BI platforms, they are:

Now, let us move back to our topic of discussion, Power BI Career.

Career Transition

Power BI Developer Salary Trends & Demand

First, let us get into the most searched-for fact by job seekers, i.e., the estimated income for various Power BI Developer job roles, such as Power BI Software Engineer, Analyst, etc. Let’s check out the tips and tricks to build a Power Bi developer resume.

Power BI Developer Salary

This article has taken the salary statistics from Glassdoor. The approximate annual incomes of different Power BI profile holders in India and the United States are given below:

Power BI Developer Salary India (Per Year):

  • Power BI Developer: ₹544,154
  • Power BI Analyst: ₹690,603
  • Senior Business Intelligence Analyst: ₹1,146,328
  • Power BI Business Analyst: ₹978,796
  • Senior Software Engineer: ₹785,636
  • Power BI Data Analyst: ₹445,000
  • Power BI Software Engineer: ₹415,946

Go through our blog Power BI Salary in India to get a comprehensive insight on salary of Power BI professionals!

Power BI Developer Salary in The United States (Per Year):

  • Power BI Developer: US$81,514 
  • Power BI Analyst: US$76,402
  • Senior Business Intelligence Analyst: US$96,085
  • Power BI Business Analyst: US$68,346
  • Senior Software Engineer: US$94,505
  • Power BI Data Analyst: US$71,173
  • Power BI Software Engineer: US$41,298

As a result of the capabilities of Power BI, Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence has placed Microsoft at its top position. 

Apart from all this, there is a high demand for Power BI professionals. If we flip through the job portals such as LinkedIn,, and Indeed, we can find a list of Power BI Developer jobs across the globe. When planning to seek one, make a note that a professional and futuristic BI career objective is a must-have in a Power BI resume.

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Companies Using Power BI

Since its inception, Power BI has been widely used by many companies and organizations across the world. Some of the companies that make use of this Business Intelligence tool are:

  • Adobe
  • Infosys
  • HCL
  • Exelon
  • Accenture
  • Microsoft
  • Silicus
  • Deloitte
  • Softweb Solutions
  • Apollo

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Here, we conclude our discussion on how to become a Power BI Developer. We talked about what Power BI is, Power BI career, Power BI Developer salary, and more in this blog. We wish that this article has provided you with the needful information to take the right step in your career.

If you have any doubts related to Power BI career prospects, comment below. Our experts will get back to you soon.

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