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IT Engineer Salary in India
Updated on 03rd Mar, 23 781 Views

In addition to discussing the IT Engineer salary in India, we will give you a quick overview of the domain as well as the roles and responsibilities of an IT Engineer. The following are the topics that will be covered in this blog:

Take a look at the career paths for Software Engineers:

The fastest growing and the most in-demand jobs are all found in the IT industry, thus making it a good career option for anyone who wants to get into the domain of IT Engineering. Before we get to the IT Engineer salaries, it will be helpful to have an idea of what this domain entails.

IT Engineering Overview

IT engineering is sometimes known as information systems management or simply as information systems. This domain is mainly concerned with the practical applications of software and hardware systems as well as their management.

It is essential to note that though most think them to be one and the same, IT engineering and computer engineering are actually very different areas in computer science.

Who is an IT Engineer?

Most people think that IT Engineers perform miracles behind the screen to ensure that computers are running smoothly. However, it may not be entirely wrong because IT engineering involves more than just firewall installations and OS updates.

IT Engineers are the ones who are behind the design, installation, and maintenance of a company’s computer systems. They carry out testing, configuration, and troubleshooting software, hardware, and networking systems as per the employer’s requirements.

Types of IT Engineers

IT Engineers may either acquire specialization in the field of software development or computer hardware engineering. Software development includes skills in computer programming, smartphone app development, etc., while computer hardware engineering is related to designing physical products. Hardware Engineers ensure that all networks are operating properly, and employees are able to carry out their jobs without interruptions.

Finally, there is a third type of IT Engineers who are called Network Engineers. Their expertise lies in computer networks—intranets and extranets, and network types such as LANs, WLANs, WANs, VoIP, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities of an IT Engineer

IT Engineers are responsible for software installations, network system management, hardware configuration designs, as well as staff training on correct operating procedures. They are in charge of maintaining large-scale computer systems, project management, troubleshooting, and the design and maintenance of a dynamic and stable system that meets company requirements.

IT Engineer Responsibilities

The role of an IT Engineer varies depending on the size of the organization, along with many other predictable or unpredictable factors. However, the primary tasks that all IT Engineers are expected to be capable of performing are directing system installations, the design and implementation of new solutions, system configuration design, system standards enforcement, the optimization of network performance, network systems security, troubleshooting network problems, and the configuration of hosted IP voice services, routing/switching equipment, etc.

IT Engineers must possess the latest knowledge in the industry and understand its requirements. Communication skills are crucial for these professionals and so is teamwork. IT Engineers should also know how to prioritize the workload, which can be the most challenging.

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Following are some of the typical responsibilities of an IT Engineer:

  • Meeting with IT Managers on system requirements
  • Design and installation of computer hardware configurations
  • Software and networking system installations
  • Employee training on newly installed hardware and software systems
  • Software and network troubleshooting
  • Filing out monthly reports for IT Managers
  • Installation of high-level software security systems
  • Responding to general IT requests
  • Fixing hardware issues
  • Keeping security software updated

IT Engineer Skills

To become an IT Engineer, one must pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. Some of the necessary skills of IT Engineers are:

  • Computer hardware systems
  • Programming languages
  • General OS systems
  • Office Software
  • LAN and wireless networks
  • Database and networking security systems
  • Project management
  • Good communication skills
  • Software and hardware troubleshooting

IT Engineer Salary in India

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of an IT Engineer in India is about ₹664,989 per year.

IT Engineer Salary in India

Now, let’s take a look at what is the salary of an IT Engineer across some of the popular cities in India (source: Glassdoor):

  • The average salary of IT Engineers in Mumbai is ₹445,000 p.a.
  • IT Engineers in Bangalore earn an annual average of ₹999,000.
  • The average annual income of IT Engineers in Delhi is ₹506,000.
  • In Gurgaon, IT Engineers earn an average salary of ₹868,426 per year.
  • IT Engineers working in Noida receive an average annual salary of ₹706,249.
  • The average salary of IT Engineers in Chennai is ₹479,482 p.a.
  • In Hyderabad, the average income of IT Engineers is ₹750,000 per year.


As you can see, IT Engineers work with high salaries in a rapidly expanding market. Software development jobs will see a 17 percent rise by 2024, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. So, now is the right time to start a career in this domain.

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