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Front End Developer Salary in 2024

Front End Developer Salary in 2024

According to a report published in Forbes, front-end development was the best job in the USA in 2020 based on three criteria: The median salary, job satisfaction, and job openings. There were around 13,000 job openings for Front End Developers in the USA and many more in India. The number of new openings and positions for them will increase by more than 15 percent by 2026.

By now, you might be excited to know the average salary paid to these professionals and how it varies on different locations, skills, and experiences. In this blog, we will discuss these and the salaries offered in India, the USA, and the UK.

First, let’s take a quick look at the topics we are going to discuss in this blog. If you want to go to a specific one, you can simply click on it:

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Front End Development and Its Future

In this ever-growing era of technology, businesses rely on websites to introduce themselves to audiences around the world. In the last year, Web Development was one of the top 10 technology trends. Web 2.0 has changed the way people and companies utilized the web. Due to the inclusion of user-friendly and easy-to-use features in the websites, dynamic web pages started attracting more users.

Front-end development is the key to the user interface, appearance, and dynamics of any website.

Very soon, 3D presentations and AI chatbots will become unavoidable features to implement on the front end of websites. From static web pages to dynamic websites, and now to web applications, technology has come a long way. In the future, we will witness many more new features in the websites to enrich the user experience. Let’s discuss such trends in detail in the upcoming sections of the blog.

Simply put, when a user opens a website and the information he\she sees on the web page is the front end of the website, and front-end development is the process of putting together various elements on this user interface to make it more appealing. After learning what front-end development is, now, let’s try and understand who a Front End Developer is.

Who is a Front End Developer?

Front End Developers utilize various programming languages and frameworks to implement the web design on a web page. They collaborate with the UI/UX Developers and the QA team to make sure the final design of the website incorporates all the necessary buttons and navigation tools. Also, they code the designed layout keeping in mind the user experience.

For programming, they use HTML, CSS, and JS. Although, with recent trends in websites and web applications, which include 3D animation, AI chatbots, cross-device support, etc, popular frameworks such as Vue JS, React, jQuery, and a few others are also utilized often. Let’s discuss more languages, frameworks, and Web Developer skills required by Front End Developers in detail later in this blog.

So far we saw what front-end development is and who Front End Developers are. Let’s now see how their salary ranges depending on various factors.

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Front End Developer Salary in 2021

If you are already working as a Front End Developer or even if you are not, you might be wondering what could be the maximum salary you can attain in your country or the average salary. Let’s see how your salary can vary with different factors.

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Front End Developer Salary in India

In India, many organizations hire Front End Developers every year. The salary of Front End Developers depends on their in-depth knowledge or experience.

According to PayScale, the average salary of these professionals in India is around ₹5 LPA. When the minimum salary is around ₹1.2 LPA, it can go as high as ₹18 LPA with experience.

Front End Developer Average Salary India

Let’s check out the factors one by one:

  • City: You may know that in India, there are a handful of cities where most of the IT companies are located. Although the location may not affect salary highly, the cost of living in each of these cities matters.
LocationAverage Salary (LPA)
Bengaluru, Karnataka₹5.7
Gurugram, Haryana₹6.1
Hyderabad, Telangana₹4.9
Pune, Maharashtra₹4.8
Chennai, Tamil Nadu₹4.7
Mumbai, Maharashtra₹4.6
  • Experience: The average salary of an entry-level professional is ₹3 LPA. The senior front-end developer’s salary goes up to ₹6 LPA, and the junior front-end developer’s salary goes up to ₹1.1 LPA.
Front End Developer Average Salary in India Ba}sed on Experience
  • Company: Most companies in India hire Front End Developers every year. The freshers are paid around ₹3 LPA in almost every company. However, there are a few companies, such as Amazon, Sapient Corporation, and Nagarro, in which the average salary for freshers is as high as ₹10 LPA. In these companies, the maximum pay can go up to ₹20 LPA, depending on the experience and skills of the candidates. Let’s see the average salary offered in other popular companies in the below image.

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Front End Developer Average Salary in India Based on Company
  • Skills: 5–7 years back, Front End Developers were required to know only HTML, CSS, and JS. In the last few years, however, due to the increasing number of Internet users in the world, the traffic on websites has been increasing substantially, especially on e-commerce websites. Among e-commerce companies, there is always neck-to-neck competition these days. Even a few seconds of difference can have a potential impact on revenues, sales, etc.

Apart from HTML, CSS, and JS, therefore, there is a growing demand for the following two frameworks\libraries: React JS and Angular JS. These frameworks help developers maintain the traffic seamlessly. Hence, organizations hire and are willing to pay more to professionals who are either experienced or have knowledge in these two frameworks\libraries, along with expertise in the above-mentioned skills.

Front End Developer Average Salary in India Based on Skills

In India, these are the factors on which their salary depends in 2021. You can see how much impact these factors have on the salary of Front End Developers in India. So, if you are planning to become a Front End Developer in the country, you can consider these facts and opt for the organization, location, and skills to learn accordingly.

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Front End Developer Salary in the US and the UK

In the US and the UK, the salary trends are almost similar to that of India. The salary in these locations too varies with skills, experience, etc. Let’s first have a look at the average salary, and then we will discuss the factors impacting the salary.

As per PayScale, the average salary in the United States is US$74,000 p.a. The low and high salary points are US$49k and US$113k, respectively, in the country.

Front End Developer Average Salary in the US

The average salary in the United Kingdom is £41,000 p.a. The annual salary ranges from £27k to £62k as per experience and expertise.

Front End Developer Average Salary in the UK

Let’s discuss the factors on which the average salary depends in the USA and the UK:

  • Location: Organizations tend to stay at a location or switch to other locations, depending on factors such as tax laws, labor laws, etc. So, there are better opportunities and high pay in some locations, compared to others. Let’s see the average salary in major cities in the US and the UK.

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United StatesUnited Kingdom
LocationAverage Salary (per annum)LocationAverage Salary(per annum)
New York City,New YorkUS$83,301London£41,362
San Francisco, CaliforniaUS$112,344Manchester£29,965
Seattle, WashingtonUS$88,821Brighton£29,834
Boston, MassachusettsUS$80,375Edinburgh£31,000
Chicago, IllinoisUS$76,920Leeds£27,464
Los Angeles, CaliforniaUS$78,595Birmingham£27,491

Before we move further let’s quickly take a look at the average Front End developer salary in a few other sought-after locations as well :

  • Germany: The average Front End Developer salary in Germany is €52,029 p.a. And, The junior Front End Developer salary in Germany and senior Front End Developer salary in Germany are €40,000 p.a., and  €65, 000 p.a., respectively.
  • Australia: The average Front End Developer salary in Australia is AU$76,043 p.a. The minimum salary goes up to AU$76k p.a. and the maximum it goes up to AU$110k p.a.
  • Switzerland: The average Front End Developer salary in Switzerland is CHF 81k p.a., whereas, the lowest and highest go around  CHF 48k p.a. and  CHF 119k p.a.
  • France: The average Front End Developer salary in France is €39k p.a. The highest it goes up to €54k p.a. And the lowest it goes around €25k p.a.
  • Canada: The average Front End Developer salary in France is around CA$62k p.a. The highest pay they get is around CA$89k p.a. And the lowest it goes around CA$44 p.a.

Skills: Latest technological advancements, e.g., animations, reduced processing time, easier payments, chatbots, etc., require the utilization of frameworks\libraries, thereby increasing the efficiency of websites.

Hence, organizations are ready to increase the salary package of those professionals who have expertise in React or Angular, in both countries. Please see the below images:

Front End Developer Salary in the US Based on Skills
Front End Developer Salary in the UK Based on Skills

Experience: It is the general trend in the industry that the salary of professionals in a certain domain increases with experience. The more the experience the merrier it is for the developer.

Senior positions are filled by Front End Developers with lucrative payrolls. With the help of graphs, you will easily be able to notice the increase in salary with the increase in experience of the candidates in the USA and the UK.

Front End Developer Salary in the UK Based on Experience

Company: Many top MNCs are headquartered in different states in the USA as it is the Silicon Valley of the world. As a result, there are more and better opportunities in the field of front-end development in the United States.

Front End Developer Salary in the US Based on Company

With all the political rumblings in the UK because of Brexit, the investors, who were already conservative about funding UK-based IT companies, became more reluctant to invest further, resulting in a decline in the funding of IT companies. However, the cost of living and other similar factors still attract many IT professionals to the country. With the right match of skills and experience, companies are willing to pay Front End Developers working in the UK significant amounts.

Front End Developer Salary in the UK Based on Company

Now, you may be wondering, what skills are required for Front End Developer. What are the skills that can increase your salary? So, here is the answer to your question.

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Skills Required

As we have discussed until now, the number of skills required for Front End Developer has increased significantly recently. Now, knowing only CSS, HTML, and JS may not do the job. JS-based frameworks, UI|UX development tools, testing, SEO knowledge, and more play vital roles in front-end development. Now, let’s go through the list of skills required to become a Front End Developer:

  • Node.js
  • Angular.js
  • UI widgets
  • CSS and JavaScript animation
  • HTML semantics
  • SVG
  • Testing
  • Wireframing
  • SEO
  • Content management systems (CMS)

Toward the end of this blog, let’s move ahead and see the latest trends in front-end development.

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Certification in Full Stack Web Development

Web dynamics have changed a lot in terms of user experience in the past 5–6 years. And, we will notice many more advanced changes in the upcoming years. In this part of the blog, let’s check out the top 10 latest trends in front-end development and how they will affect the skills, roles, and responsibilities. 

  • JS frameworks\libraries: JS (JavaScript) is the most popular scripting language for websites. It helps create dynamic effects on the webpage. You may know that JS is the backbone of dynamic web pages. But in the past few years, more complex websites have been built with the help of popular JS-based frameworks\libraries such as Angular and React. The use of these frameworks is almost compulsory for websites that face heavy traffic.
  • APIs: To utilize APIs for login authentication in websites or apps, developers recently have been using REST APIs.
  • Markup: To speed up web pages, developers rely on hosting HTML pages in cloud services such as AWS S3.
  • AI-based chatbots: AI is making its way in almost every domain in the IT sector. Google and Facebook have started leveraging Machine Learning functionalities. These functionalities are used in AI chatbots to analyze user sentiment and ease user experience.
  • Variable fonts: Variable fonts have been a part of CSS since the early days. But, developers often either forget them or simply may not know about them. Variable fonts give developers free hand to use fonts in many ways.
  • Motion design: Oftentimes, when users visit a website where some video or animation starts, they face lag on the website, and it seems to slow down. Frontend Developers are supposed to address this issue with the latest technologies.
  • VueJS: Although React is a more popular framework than Vue, in recent years, the growth of Vue has been significant. It makes the process of UI development faster and simpler.
  • Micro frontend: In the past years, many organizations have started using the micro frontend architecture, in which they develop different features of websites in different teams. This reduces cost and makes the site more resilient to crash or failure.
  • The increased importance of privacy: With the general growing sense of privacy, developers have to keep in mind to ask for the necessary information they need to know about the stakeholders so that they can get the required consent from the same.
  • Hybrid content management: Hybrid content management systems let developers deliver content on multiple channels such as the website, the portal, the app, etc.

As discussed earlier, the average Front End Developer’s salary changes depending on various factors. These latest trends will also have a major impact on salaries and job opportunities.

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In this blog, you got to know how the salary of a Front End Developer depends on their experience and skills. They should also look forward to the latest trends and the challenges they bring along to grab better opportunities. If you have already started preparing by working on frameworks or learning about other trends, it will give you an upper hand when it comes to landing a high-pay job.

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