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Best Career Options After BA (2024)

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A BA can unlock many doors, but which one is right for you? From defining what the degree includes to outlining the private and public sector roles suited to BA graduates in India, this blog helps aspiring students understand their options. 

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What is a Bachelor of Arts (BA)?

A Bachelor of Arts, or BA, is a 3-year undergraduate academic degree that typically focuses on liberal arts, humanities, and social science subjects. Pursuing a BA aims to provide students with a well-rounded education and exposure to various disciplines like literature, history, languages, art, philosophy, and communication. Most B.A. degrees require students to study their major area in depth while also fulfilling breadth requirements in other unrelated areas.  

Jobs After BA

There are job opportunities available in India for those with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. Though a B.A. is often criticized as limiting job options compared to more technical degrees, various surveys, and labor reports illustrate that there are still viable career paths for BA graduates within the Indian job market. India also has a fast-growing start-up and freelancing economy, facilitated by digital platforms, where BA graduates can utilize their combination of adaptable skill sets and subject knowledge. 

Within creative fields like design, writing, or digital marketing, over 75% of new jobs in 2023 were filled by those with non-technical degrees like BA. So, while the number of opportunities may not match those for engineers or commerce/finance specialized graduates, a combination of key sector growth supporting B.A. skill sets and rising start-up/gig economy jobs does present real job options for BA degree holders in the current Indian economy.

Are BA Graduates Still in Demand?

Yes, BA graduates are still in demand in India due to the rising services sector and evolving skill requirements. Despite concerns over limited career paths, growth in areas such as IT services, banking, media, and e-commerce creates jobs that leverage communication skills, creativity, and adaptability gained through a Bachelor of Arts program.

Government Jobs After BA 

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree presents good scope for government jobs in India due to the demand across central and state government departments for graduates with well-developed communication abilities, analytical thinking, and adaptability. Key government recruiting agencies like UPSC, RRB, and SSC state PSCs regularly conduct exams that open a wide range of job positions for B.A. graduates within areas such as administration, policy, research, diplomatic services, police and security agencies, railways, banking sector, and more.

However, pay significantly depends on a specific job role, experience level, and location. To get a general idea, below is an outline of the average monthly income for some of the leading government careers sought by B.A. graduates in India:

Job SectorAverage Salary (per month)
SSC Jobs₹20,000–₹35,000
Banking Jobs₹23,000–₹46,000
Railway Jobs₹29,000–₹35,000
Defense Jobs₹21,000–₹60,000
Teaching Jobs₹15,000–₹40,000
Police Jobs₹20,000–₹36,000
State PSC Jobs₹35,000–₹80,000
UPSC Civil Services₹56,000–₹2,00,000

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Examinations

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts a range of exams to fill government positions, making it an excellent opportunity for BA graduates. The SSC conducts examinations to fill clerical positions like lower division clerk and upper division clerk, as well as inspector-level positions for income tax, audit, and more. These jobs not only provide job security but also a decent pay scale. 

Appearing for Banking Examinations

Banking examinations are conducted by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS), a key organization that conducts banking exams for various positions in public sector banks. IBPS conducts exams such as the Probationary Office (PO) exam, Clerk exam, Specialist Officer (SO) exam, and Regional Rural Banks (RRB) exam. These exams serve as entry points for BA graduates and other candidates interested in pursuing careers in the banking sector.

Pursuing Defense Services

The defense sector, through exams conducted by the UPSC, or Service Selection Board, offers varied opportunities for B.A. graduates. These include officer positions like Indian Army Officer, Indian Air Force Officer, and Indian Navy Officer, as well as non-officer roles including soldiers, airmen, and sailors. These jobs offer a sense of pride, responsibility, and the chance to serve the nation.

Indian Railways Examinations

For BA graduates who have studied political science or want to contribute to the Indian Railways, appearing for Railways Recruitment Board examinations can be rewarding. It is the gateway to numerous roles in the railway sector, such as station master, ticket collector, and railway protection force positions. Employment in the railway sector guarantees stability and a chance to contribute to a critical aspect of the country’s transportation system.

Becoming a Government Teacher

Pursuing a teaching career after a B.A. and passing the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) opens up positions at prestigious central government schools, including Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) and Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS). Teachers there instruct classes 1 through 8, enjoying a stable work life and a chance to continuously build knowledge. Most rewardingly, they help mold young minds, an impactful way to positively influence the next generation.

State Public Service Commission (PSC) 

BA graduates can tap into a variety of critical state government positions by passing State Public Service Commission exams. These civil service roles relate to key functions like revenue collection, tax administration, and cooperative society oversight. Not only do these state-level appointments allow one to meaningfully contribute to public service, but they also provide stable government jobs across diverse posts in Group 1, 2, 3, and 4 categories. Exams are conducted year-round for new vacancies announced by the PSCs.

Attempt for UPSC Civil Services

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam is extremely challenging, yet many graduates and aspirants put great effort into preparing. Passing opens doors to prestigious careers like the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), and Indian Revenue Service (IRS), which offer good compensation, perks, and job security. With such attractive prospects, the UPSC remains a top goal for Bachelor of Arts graduates in India, despite its famous difficulty.

High-Paying Jobs After BA 

Multiple jobs offer impressive compensation packages that B.A. degree holders can qualify for once they complete their studies. From business executive positions to digital marketing and human resources, the possibilities are vast. We will explore a few of the top-tier roles that BA students can pursue after graduation:

Job Role Average Salary (Per Year)
Digital Marketing ManagerINR 8.0–INR 10.0 LPA
JournalistINR 3.5–INR 5.0 LPA
Executive Manager  INR 6.9–INR 10.0 LPA
Graphic Designer  INR 3.0–INR 6.5 LPA
Human Resources Manager   INR 7.0–INR 10.0 LPA
LawyerINR 3.0–INR 4.0 LPA
ArcheologistINR 6.8–INR 8.0 LPA
Content writerINR 3.0–INR 5.0 LPA
Operations ManagerINR 6.0–INR 10.0 LPA
ClerkINR 3.0–INR 6.0 LPA
Instructional DesignerINR 8.0–INR 10.0 LPA

Digital Marketing Manager

India is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing markets globally, and digital marketing managers play an important role for businesses and organizations as they are responsible for planning and executing the organization’s marketing strategy. According to industry estimates, India’s digital advertising market is expected to grow over 22% CAGR, from $5.6 billion in 2022 to $15.7 billion in 2025. This rapid growth and rising digital adoption are fueling high demand for skilled digital marketing professionals across sectors.


A journalist is a professional who researches, writes, and reports news and current events to the public. Their role is vital in India, which is now home to over 1.4 billion people. Pursuing a career as a journalist can be an excellent opportunity for BA graduates. Unlike purely technical fields, journalism draws greatly from the broad liberal arts lens that you possess as a BA graduate. As of 2023, India has among the largest numbers of newspaper readers globally, with over 400 million readers in over 100,000 registered newspapers. 

Executive Manager  

The role of an executive manager in India has been evolving in recent years and contributes to an attractive career option and one of the high-paying jobs in 2023. An executive manager occupies senior leadership in an organization, often overseeing multiple departments or business functions. As the Indian economy continues its rapid growth in 2023 and companies expand, there is an increasing demand for qualified and experienced executive managers.

Graphic Designer   

Graphic design is a creative field that involves designing visual content to communicate messages and ideas. It is a promising career for B.A. graduates in India as of 2023. With the digital boom in India, the demand for graphic designers is growing rapidly across industries to create appealing marketing campaigns, website designs, and more. Various reports suggest that there will be over 800,000 job openings for designers in India by 2025.

Human Resources (HR) Manager   

A human resources (HR) manager oversees the human resources department of a company, managing key functions like recruitment, training, compensation, and talent development. With booming industries like IT and manufacturing in India, the demand for skilled HR professionals is rising. Many openings prefer bachelor’s degrees. For BA graduates, it allows them to blend soft skills with business strategy. The mix of coordination, empathy, and business insight makes it a fulfilling cross-disciplinary role.


Being a lawyer is a responsible and potentially lucrative career path for B.A. graduates in India. As of 2023, about 1.3 million lawyers are practicing in India. Lawyers assist individuals, companies, and government agencies by interpreting laws and regulations, providing legal advice, and representing clients in court cases and other legal proceedings. According to data, the legal services sector is projected to grow at an average annual rate of 8% over the next 5 years.


Archeology is the study of human history and prehistory through the excavation and analysis of artifacts and other physical remains. For BA graduates in India, archeology can offer a rewarding career. There are an estimated 6,000–8,000 archeologists employed in India as of 2023, including government and private agencies. The field is expected to see some growth in India as the government invests in preserving heritage sites and attracting tourism. 

Content writer

A content writer is responsible for creating written content, typically for websites, blogs, marketing materials, and more. The demand for content is growing rapidly as more businesses realize the importance of quality content for their websites and platforms. There were over 200,000 active content writer jobs posted in India in 2022, and the market is expected to grow by 15–20% annually through 2025.

Operations Manager

The number of jobs for operations managers in India is expected to grow by 15% between 2021 and 2026. In 2023 alone, over 187,000 jobs for options managers are estimated to open up to support growing sectors such as technology, manufacturing, and healthcare. An options manager oversees the day-to-day operations of an organization and ensures the efficient management of resources such as people, materials, equipment, and information. The good growth forecasts, coupled with matched skills, make operations management a promising career option for B.A. graduates in India today.  


Being a clerk is a decent job option for a BA graduate in India in 2023. A clerk typically works in an office environment and is responsible for administrative and clerical tasks such as data entry, handling correspondence, maintaining records, preparing reports, etc. Many clerk positions only require a bachelor’s degree, making them suitable for B.A. graduates. It provides a stable job option, especially for those new to the workforce, to gain work experience before exploring other opportunities. 

Instructional Designer

Instructional design is an emerging and promising career for students in India, especially those with an aptitude for teaching and technology. Instructional designers analyze learning needs and design, develop, evaluate, and manage instructional materials and programs. With the rapid growth of e-learning and the demand for online courses, instructional designers are in high demand. As educational institutions, corporations, and government agencies focus more on training and development, they are hiring specialist instructional designers. 


There are diverse job opportunities for BA graduates that leverage their skills in communication, research, analysis, and administration across sectors. With a Bachelor of Arts equipping students with vital transferable abilities, they can thrive in roles like content writing, advertising, market research, human resource management, and many more. Moreover, higher education can pave the way for more specialized careers. 

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Can I get a good job after my BA?

Yes, you can get a good job after a BA, especially if you choose majors that are in demand, like technology, engineering, accounting, marketing, etc. Many companies hire BA graduates for entry-level professional positions. The skills you gain with a BA also help prepare you for a variety of career opportunities.

Is BA a good career option?

BA is a good career option for many students. It provides a well-rounded education and opportunities to develop critical thinking, communication, and other valuable soft skills. Having a bachelor’s degree opens doors to jobs that may require the degree as a minimum qualification. It also enables eligibility for higher degrees, like an MBA.

What is the scope of BA?

The scope for BA graduates is quite broad. BA programs allow customization through electives, so you can match your degree to your interests and career aspirations. BA graduates find employment in diverse domains like corporate management, marketing, civil services, journalism, research, and entrepreneurship.

Can I get a government job after my BA?

Yes, you can get a government job after a BA program by taking relevant exams like the UPSC exam for civil services or exams for groups like railways and banks. Many state and central government jobs require a bachelor’s degree as an eligibility criterion that a BA fulfills.

Can I do an MBA after a BA?

 Yes, you can pursue an MBA after your BA program. An MBA provides opportunities for leadership roles in corporate management. Since MBA programs accept graduates from diverse backgrounds, a BA degree holder with good academics can qualify for the best MBA colleges.

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