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How to switch a career into IT successfully?

How to switch a career into IT successfully?

For further guidelines on how to switch to IT career successfully, watch our YouTube video:

Just before switching to an IT career, try answering these questions to yourself.

Why do you want a career switch to IT?

Why career switch? Ask yourself. Career switching can happen due to many reasons. You may have developed a dislike toward your previous profession; or, you are now interested in solving real-life problems with technology, or you just want to explore new things. Whatever it may be, you have to try to figure it out first because if you are well aware of what you did not like about your previous work, it will help you figure out what you are expecting from the new one. Now, if you know why you want a career switch to the IT field, that is where the next question arises.

What do you want in an IT career?

What are you looking up to? Are you looking for a creative job, a job with high incentives? What made you think of a career switch to the IT sector? Are you passionate about finding solutions to real-life problems using technology? What exactly gave you the idea of a career switch? What is the reason that you decided on a career change to the IT field? Your answers to these questions will help you choose the right career option for yourself.

Career Options in the IT Sector

Find your passion as in information technology, you have multiple career options. Only that, you need to be specific in choosing the right IT path for your career. Using the statistics from PayScale, this blog will elucidate some of the top careers with great packages and the scope in the IT market.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most high-demand skills in the IT sector. An Artificial Intelligence Architect is capable of building solutions to real-world problems using leading AI technology frameworks.

Skills required to get an AI job are:

On average, an AI Architect in the United States earns US$125,377 per year.

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Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and Virtual Reality have taken the digital world to the next level. The best 3D virtual technology allows users to have a real-time experience. To become an AR or VR Engineer, you must have the following skills:

  • Basic programming languages, such as Java, C#, Swift, JavaScript, etc.
  • Understanding of 3D game engines
  • UI or UX designer knowledge

The average salary offered for the skill virtual reality is US$71,660/year in the United States.

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Big Data

Big Data technologies and tools allow organizations to combine and analyze their voluminous industrial data. This helps the companies have higher profits and growth via efficient results. However, IT companies have been facing a shortage of Big Data experts, so if you want to become a Big Data Engineer, this is the right time to grab the necessary skills. These are the skills you need to acquire:

  • Programming skills (Python, R, SQL, Scala, etc.)
  • Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL technologies
  • Big Data frameworks
  • Data Lake

In the United States, the average salary of a Big Data Analyst is US$111,793, and a Data Scientist earns US$96,494 annually.

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Internet of Things

If you are fascinated to create solutions to real-world problems with the latest IoT devices, then with the following skills, you will be good to go and start your career in IoT:

Moreover, in this highest-paying job, you can earn an average of US$101,248 per annum if you are working in the United States.

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DevOps is a high-demand skill where you are expected to fulfill the role of a developer and an operator. To land a DevOps Engineer job, you must have great communication skills and team spirit, along with the technical skills mentioned below:

  • Programming languages
  • DevOps tools (Git, Jenkins, Docker, Puppet, etc.)

The average annual salary of a DevOps Engineer starts from US$96,054 in the United States.

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A Blockchain Developer should be able to design and implement a secure Blockchain-based technology. The following are the tools you will need to add up to your resume to become a Blockchain Developer:

  • Java, C++, and Python languages
  • Cryptography and the Blockchain architecture
  • Basic knowledge about Web Development

The annual salary of a Blockchain Engineer is around US$107,534 in the United States.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a service that provides many features over the Internet, such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence, to help companies innovate faster and gain profits. The scope of Cloud Computing in IT industries is vast and so are the career openings. The following skills will help you become an expert in Cloud Computing:

  • Proficiency in programming languages such as PHP, Java, and .NET
  • Understanding of the Cloud architecture
  • Hands-on experience in cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, etc.

In the United States, the average salary offered to Cloud Computing skills is US$125,556 a year.

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Steps to Be Taken to Enter an IT Career

In this section, let’s check out the steps you need to follow to land your desired IT career.

If you are career switching from a non-engineering background, it will be difficult for you to learn the above-mentioned technologies without having a basic understanding of programming languages. To work on any IT technology, you need to learn programming languages first. C, C++, Java, and Python are the trending programming languages, and among them, Python and Java are the most important ones. Most of all technologies these days run on Python language. So, to start with the basics, learn these programming languages, and then go on working on your desired IT path.

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Create a Specific Path

Creating a path toward your goal is important for your success. Pick one specific goal that you are aspiring to work on. Make a note of how you are going to learn the required skills for your desired job. Then, plan accordingly. Maintaining a timeline is very crucial to keep track of how far you have moved forward and how close you are to reach your goal. That helps you be motivated to achieve your dream.

If you have chosen the right career for yourself and planned everything on how you are going to make it happen, then it is time to get started. However, just planning everything does not give you the results. Start learning from today. Prepare your subconscious that you are going to be whatever you want to be, and work hard for it.

Gain Required Skills

As mentioned earlier, if you are not from an engineering background, then it is going to be hard for you, but not impossible. What you can do is, enroll yourself in an e-learning platform and start learning. It is suggested you start learning programming languages. A language is an essential mode of communication—even for machines too. Basic programming languages will help you understand further technologies required for a career in the IT sector. If you are already skilled in programming languages, then you can start learning the tools required for your desired career.

Start Exploring

Start connecting with people who already are working in the job profile you are desiring to assume or with those people who have switched their career into IT. Discuss with them your career dreams. Consider all suggestions and tips they have given, analyze them, and try implementing the feasible ones. Do take the advantage of the Internet, social media, and online platforms like LinkedIn. These platforms will help you explore and connect with professionals from various companies, which can eventually help you land your desired career.

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Gain Hands-on Experience

Practice makes a man perfect, and experience makes a man wiser! Therefore, along with learning, you have to try implementing your learning in real-life scenarios. Get yourself into an online certification course that helps you gain hands-on experience. When you do so, whatever you have learned, you can practice and try creating new things with it on your own.

Then, you can start your career as an intern in any IT company, which will help you develop your knowledge of various tools and technologies and probably learn more new things. It will be a great opportunity to apply what you have learned until then. Meanwhile, in that process, you will gain the confidence to move forward in your career.

Have Patience

The last suggestion for you would be to have patience. Switching to a new career is not easy. It takes time to start, learn new things, implement them, and settle down in your new career. So, do not hurry, and do not compare yourself with anyone. Instead, trust yourself, and everything will fall in its place with time and effort.


Today, we are living in an IT-centric world where humans are discovering innovative solutions to real-world problems using numerous technologies. Those innovations amaze us each day and have become part of our day-to-day lives. So, it is natural to develop an interest in a career change to information technology, and it is not that difficult if you are good at appropriate skills.

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