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Top 10 Certifications for High-Paying Jobs in 2024

Top 10 Certifications for High-Paying Jobs in 2024

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Web Development Certification

Introduction: The best and shortest explanation of Web Development is that it involves building and maintaining websites. But, that is only touching the surface. The Web Development work covers the frontend and the backend, and these combine to make it full-stack Web Development. Web Developers are typically seen as working with clients directly or indirectly and often involve a team that coordinates with both the developer and the client to bring the end product to fruition. The client takes the help of the Web Developer to get the product or services on the web.

Scope: Let’s come back to the part of the frontend, backend, and full-stack Web Development.

The front-end is everything you see on a website when you visit it. From the content design to the UI elements, all parts of the visible user interaction and experience fall under frontend development.

The backend team delivers everything that is of use to Frontend Developers, which includes the server-side of an application. The backend connects the database and the browser and is responsible for the website’s functionality and updates.

Full-stack Web Development, as you may have guessed, deals with both aspects of Web Development, i.e., both the frontend and the backend. Full Stack Developers will be proficient in handling web applications and website designs, as well as debugging and databases.

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Skills or tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Java, Ruby, .NET, PHP, MongoDB, SQL, SEO, Text Editor, Command-line Interface (CLI), Stack Overflow, Git, GitHub, etc.

Roles: Web Developer, Full Stack Developer, Web Consultant, SEO Specialist, etc.

Salary: An average of US$78,485 per annum in the US- Indeed

The majority of the world’s businesses and even local ones are transitioning to the web to optimize their business reach and, in turn, generate more revenues. Web Developers enjoy a good work-life balance with comfortable pay, which makes Web Development a good certification.

Cloud Solutions Architect Certification

Introduction: Cloud Solutions Architecture involves Cloud Computing, cloud storage, and everything that comes with the cloud-like platforms, networks, servers, etc. Cloud Architects are responsible for the management of these cloud architectures and keep themselves updated on the new complexities of cloud technology adoption. The Cloud Solutions Architect certification is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after certifications today.

Scope: Cloud Computing is not just a one-time project but an ongoing process, which calls for the presence of a responsible and knowledgeable lead Cloud Solutions Architect. According to a Gartner Analyst, many IT organizations are investing in Cloud Solutions Architects as a mandatory profile.

Roles of a Lead Cloud Architect include:

  • Cloud architecture development and management
  • Building cloud strategies and managing the overall cloud adoption process
  • Focussing on bringing a cultural change in the cloud adoption

The day-to-day responsibilities of a lead Cloud Architect include:

  • Hunting skilled professionals for the team
  • Building a cloud broker team
  • Establishing best cloud practices within the organization
  • Overseeing cloud operations
  • Monitoring applications, hardware, and software
  • Choosing cloud vendors
  • Cost estimation and budget management
  • Monitoring third-party services
  • Collaboration with IT security to work on incident-response procedures and privacy
  • Assessing and reducing risks
  • Handling growing responsibilities and scaling operations

As you can see, Cloud Solutions Architects are involved in both technical and non-technical aspects of the cloud.

Skills or tools:

  • Basic understanding of at least one operating system, preferably Linux
  • Skills in networking: HTTP, DNS, IP addresses, TCP/IP, etc.
  • Programming skills: A basic working knowledge of programming or scripting languages
  • Security: Cloud security is vital, and basic concept knowledge of firewalls and familiarity with other security tools are expected

Roles: AWS-Certified Solutions Architect, IBM Cloud Computing Solutions Architect, Azure Solutions Architect, Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect, Cloud Consultant, Cloud Engineer, etc.

Salary: Goes up to an average of US$155,005 per annum depending on the position and experience – ZipRecruiter

As you can see, Cloud Solutions Architects are heavily compensated and have quite a demand in the industry. If you are a cloud enthusiast and want to pursue this domain, go right ahead and get the certification as it is one of the best IT certifications on the list.

You can check out this AWS training by Intellipaat to gain certification.

Salesforce Certification

Salesforce Certification

Introduction: Salesforce is the world’s best CRM platform with over 150,000 companies worldwide investing in it. Salesforce helps execute the critical operations of a business with its standalone applications for marketing, sales, and customer service. It is a cloud-based, fully customizable and scalable system that can store customer data, generate data insights, oversee marketing and sales campaigns, and aid customer interactions through and through.

Scope: Salesforce Developer Roles:

  • Determining CRM requirements
  • Creating customized solutions
  • Designing, coding, and implementing Salesforce applications
  • Troubleshooting and debugging
  • Testing the functionality and stability of applications
  • Documentation and providing technical training to the team
  • Governing the security and integrity of applications

Salesforce Admin Roles:

  • Creating profiles and monitoring access authorizations
  • Importing leads
  • Scrubbing off duplicate data every week
  • Running quarterly tests and reports to monitor the health of the database
  • Maintaining archives and recording error reports and alterations to field history tables
  • Checking data accuracy
  • Addressing user issues

Skills or tools: Salesforce, JavaScript, Visualforce, MySQL, Apex, Native, MavensMate, Eclipse, etc.

Roles: Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Manager, Salesforce Consultant, etc.

Salary: The average salary of a Salesforce Developer is US$117,026 per year in the US – Indeed

Salesforce specialists and developers now have more opportunities thanks to the platform’s widespread popularity. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn all about Salesforce, as this certification is one of the best certifications you can take up right now.

Here is how you can get the Salesforce Admin Certification.

Big Data Certification

Introduction: Like its name suggests, Big Data treads in a field of datasets that are too large to be analyzed and extracted using traditional methods. Data comes from everywhere—smart devices and meters, sensors, industrial equipment, the Internet, etc. Big Data technology believes in transforming all this data into something valuable and usable for an organization and, in turn, optimizes its operations.

Scope: Big Data Engineers are responsible for the development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of big data solutions. They can design big data solutions and build highly scalable distributed systems and high-performance algorithms as well.

  • Working on complex big data projects
  • Turning data into actionable insights
  • Developing prototypes for solutions
  • Identifying the root causes of failures and issues
  • Detecting fraudulent behavior
  • Risk analysis

Skills or tools: Python, Spark, Hadoop, Java, Linux, C++, PHP, Ruby, MongoDB, Redis, SQL, R, Tableau, statistics, advanced analytics techniques, etc.

Roles: Big Data Engineer, Big Data Developer, Big Data Administrator, Big Data Visualizer, etc.

Salary: An average of US$102,864 pa in the US – Glassdoor

If your statistical skills are excellent, Big Data can be one of the best certifications to have.

Here is a Big Data Tutorial to get you started.

Digital Marketing Certification

Introduction: Digital Marketing has quickly jumped up the ranks to become one of the most indispensable aspects of the IT industry. Digital Marketing professionals are highly in demand and have huge responsibilities to ensure that the business and its products/services are marketed well.

Scope: A few of the responsibilities that you will have as a Digital Marketing expert are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Web Analytics
  • Data Analysis
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Content Marketing

Skills or tools: Web Analytics tools, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, CRM, Social Media, Google Keyword Planner, HootSuite, etc.

Roles: Digital Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Consultant, Digital Marketing Specialist, etc.

Salary: An average salary of Digital Marketing Professionals is US$72,930 per year in the United States – Glassdoor

Digital Marketing is another one of the top IT certifications that you can consider, which is in high demand across all industry verticals and can give your career a boost in the right direction.

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Cybersecurity Certification

Cybersecurity Certification

Introduction: Working on a network or system can have its own drawbacks, as the possibility of incidents, such as breach of data privacy can lead to major financial loss.. Cybersecurity ensures that the integrity of information and the data of an organization and its network infrastructures are preserved and protected at all times. Therefore, due to the requirement of Cybersecurity in every organization, qualifications like Cybersecurity Certification will always be in demand.

Scope: As a Cybersecurity professional, you will have the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Managing user access controls
  • Monitoring irregular activities in applications and networks
  • Dodging malicious attacks through endpoint detection and by using prevention tools
  • Automatic application updates using patch management systems
  • Vulnerability management systems across all assets
  • Working on a business continuity/disaster recovery plan with the IT operations team
  • Educating employees and teams on security measures
  • Regular audits to ensure security practices are followed and complied with

Skills or tools: Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Firewalls, Antivirus Software, Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR), PKI Services, etc.

Roles: Cybersecurity Specialist, Cybersecurity Engineer, Cybersecurity Analyst, etc.

Salary: US$99,834 per year in the United States on an average – Glassdoor

Here is a good Ethical Hacking Course that will help you get the certification.

RPA Certification

Introduction: RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a technology used to perform business operations with the help of AI and bots. RPA reduces efforts and helps perform operations that are required to be repeated on a regular basis, but the best part is that it is non-intrusive and does not disrupt underlying system operations. RPA can perform human-like activities, such as copy-pasting data, connecting to APIs, filling out forms, moving folders, extracting data, performing calculations, etc.


  • Guide the process design
  • Implement RPA solutions
  • Design, build and test the automation workflow
  • Deploy bots and development tools
  • Analyze the quality of automation
  • Write the process documentation

Skills or tools: RPA Blue Prism, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Kofax Kapow, NICE, etc.

Roles: RPA Engineer, RPA Developer, RPA Specialist, Automation Specialist, etc.

Salary: An average of US$115,713 per year – ZipRecruiter

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AI Certification

Introduction: AI or Artificial Intelligence has been key to increasing machine efficiency, multitasking, and solving real-time issues without errors. Therefore, AI is being implemented worldwide across organizations to optimize productivity. Machine Learning and Deep Learning are both branches of AI.

Scope: AI involves building machines and software to exhibit human-like behavior. You will have to work with planning, learning, reasoning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), deductions, object manipulation capabilities, knowledge representation, etc.

Skills or tools: Python, Java, C++, Lisp, Prolog, etc.

Roles: Deep Learning Engineer, AI Engineer, AI Researcher, etc.

Salary: An average salary of US$144,813 a year – Indeed

It is definitely one of the most sought-after tech certifications you can have. AI has been trending in recent years, but with serious implementation, the demand for AI experts is rapidly increasing over the years, which again makes it one of the top IT certifications in 2024.

Certification in Bigdata Analytics

DevOps Certification

Introduction: DevOps encompasses the use of various tools to automate processes and bridge the gap between development and operations teams to encourage fast and reliable software releases, including the building and testing of the products.


  • Source control integration
  • Version control strategy designs
  • Code flow implementation
  • Build infrastructure management
  • Mobile DevOps strategy
  • Application configuration management

Skills or tools: Docker, Git, Ansible, Chef, Jenkins, Nagios, Puppet, Splunk, AWS, Azure, etc.

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Roles: DevOps Architect, DevOps Engineer, Build Engineer, DevOps Consultant, DevOps Test Analyst, etc.

Salary: An average of US$105,000 a year – LinkedIn

DevOps is one of the best certifications for jobs and career opportunities as there are 46,000+ openings available on LinkedIn for DevOps professionals in the US.

Check out our DevOps Certification course.

Data Science Certification

Data Science Certification

Introduction: This goes without saying, and you must definitely be aware that a Data Science certification will open up a lot of doors for you in the IT industry. Every aspect of a business, or life for that matter, can be translated into structured and unstructured datasets. These are invaluable resources that have possibilities of insights that can transform the way you run businesses, processes, etc. Data Science combines statistics, mathematics, programming, data gathering, data cleansing, and arranging the data to give a comprehensive overview of success as well as shortfalls identified in specific operations.


  • Identification of usable data sources
  • Automating data collection
  • Working with structured and unstructured data
  • Discovering trends and patterns through thorough analysis
  • Building Machine Learning algorithms
  • Coming up with predictive models
  • Ensemble modeling to combine models
  • Data visualization
  • Proposing solutions and strategies based on data insights

Skills or tools: Data gathering, data analytics, data processing, Tableau, Hadoop, statistics, algebra, Python, C++, Scala, Java, R, SQL, etc.

Roles: Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, etc.

Salary: According to Indeed, the average salary of a Data Science expert in the US is US$121,731 a year.

If you are wondering which is one of the best IT certifications right now, Data Science takes the prize. It is in demand; it pays well; there is a shortage of Data Science professionals when compared to the demand in every field, and it has a good work-life balance.

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While preparing this list of the best IT certifications, we focused on areas that provided more opportunities for career growth, jobs that are in demand, and of course, the ones that offer high compensations. Acquiring software certifications in any of these fields will become a strength for anyone applying for jobs in top organizations. So, take up one from the list that piques your interest and get learning!

If you have any questions regarding any of the certifications, you can visit our Community.

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