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Just the United States and the United Kingdom have spent over US$60 billion in Digital Marketing, and future estimations put the number close to around US$100 billion. This amount of traction will only be seen if Digital Marketing has proven to add nothing but immense value to the organizations that use it.

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Why is Digital Marketing needed?

The importance of Digital Marketing lies in the huge number of benefits it offers to both small-scale companies and industry giants. With the onset of technology these days, it has become very easy to take advantage of all of the resources and tools available in the world of Digital Marketing and use them to drive campaigns to success.

Be it affordability, mobile access, global market outreach, interactivity, customer engagement, or in-depth analytics, Digital Marketing outweighs the competition when juxtaposed against traditional marketing methodologies.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing might seem to be a convoluted field, but in reality, it is not so. It can also be considered as the digitization of the traditional marketing techniques with exponential outreach and better results, of course!

It is extremely important for any brand that offers a product or a service to take the following steps in achieving their business goals:

  • Reach out to potential clients
  • Establish new relationships
  • Engage with customers
  • Make a product sale
  • Provide after-sales support
  • Re-engage customers to stay in the system

There is nothing more powerful than the Internet when it comes to establishing and running a business in today’s world. Similarly, the Internet is the primary fuel to the world of Digital Marketing as well. As its nature, Digital Marketing provides users with the flexibility to be very creative and versatile in terms of content and its delivery.

You might have heard of the following terms that are regularly used by marketing professionals across the globe:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Management Systems
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Tracking
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Inbound Market Analytics

Now, if you are wondering whether you need to be proficient in all of the above-mentioned concepts to be successful in Digital Marketing, then the answer is no. A marketing professional is expected to have at least two or three of these concepts in the arsenal.

Each of these terms can be taken up as a role in the field of Digital Marketing with its own niche applications and goals. As you work higher up the chain in your Digital Marketing career, you will be expected to know more from the list of concepts.

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Which Digital Marketing skills are in high demand?

Around 95 percent of all companies across the globe have moved toward Digital Marketing by replacing their traditional marketing methodologies. So, it should come as no doubt that a majority of the companies around you are making full use of Digital Marketing to get an edge over the competition and establish their brand effectively.

Did you know that about 77,000 searches are happening on a search engine like Google every single second for a product requirement or a service request?

This means that the world is looking for products and services online now! Around 95 percent of all of the activities that take place on the Internet begin with a simple search operation on a search engine.

Following are some of the skills that are mostly in demand among the companies that are looking to hire proficient Digital Marketing experts:

  • SEO and SEM
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Design Thinking
  • Influencer Marketing

Just 3 years back, in 2017, social media analytics, digital advertising, and creative content delivery were considered to be the most in-demand skills in the world of businesses as a whole. This speaks volumes about how the world of Digital Marketing is growing.

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Is Digital Marketing the right career for you?

When you approach Digital Marketing as a career, the first question you might ask yourself will be this: Do I want a Digital Marketing career? If so, will it be difficult?

Let me answer these questions concisely. If you are looking into careers in Digital Marketing, you have to understand that it is not a very convoluted field. For example, think about Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. They too have had a very positive impact on Digital Marketing. Identifying patterns in customer behavior and purchases has never been easier.

  • Are you a person who is interested in programming? Well, a good Web Developer is definitely needed in the world of marketing.
  • Are you a person who has the skills to create aesthetically pleasing videos or deliver creative content? The field of Digital Marketing will welcome you with open arms.
  • And finally, how can we forget about the people who are in love with numbers? Data Analytics and campaign monitoring have been extremely important for this field as well.

Well, what about other skills? Here is the fact: Digital Marketing is one of the fields that are probably the most dynamic in nature. Learning as you go and using new tools and techniques are what you require to outshine the competition and have an effective campaign in this field.

As a learner who wants to build his/her career around this, you have a lot of fields and niches to look into when thinking about  Digital Marketing.

It definitely gets easier to climb up the ladder in this field if you have the ability to quickly learn new things, adapt to them, and work on putting them into effective use.

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I am sure you have this question – Is Digital Marketing a good career? Read on.


Why a Digital Marketing career?

The sheer number of advantages will straight up outweigh the disadvantages of this field, but let us discuss both of them in this section. Do remember this: If you are a person who looks forward to learning new things and likes engaging with people and content, there is no other field like this that can benefit you. The Digital Marketing career scope is something that separates this field from the others.


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Advantages of Digital Marketing

  1. Diverse environment: If you fancy working in an environment that provides you with new opportunities every day to bring out your creative side, then look no further. This becomes even more fun when you get to engage with others who are creative in their respective domains, get to create a product, and collaborate with them. This will add immense value to your learning, your career, and at the end of the day, to your portfolio as well.
  2. Learn as you go: Digital Marketing is one of those fields that have proven to be very dynamic in their nature of work. If you are working toward becoming a professional in this field, you should know that most professionals have given their space and a good amount of time to learn and implement the skills. Be it either as a freelancer or as a full-time employee, this field requires a calm-headed approach and, definitely, a creative mind.
  3. Average Salary: Digital Marketing jobs are among the top 10 jobs and careers to pursue in this decade and have been forecasted to remain the same for the next decade as well. With the diverse set of skills that you can learn and implement, it becomes very easy for you to negotiate a good pay. In India, the following are some of the Digital Marketing roles and their corresponding salary slabs. Check them out
Digital Marketing RoleSalary Per Annum in INR
Content Writer3–6 lakhs
Web Developer4–7 lakhs
SEO Expert7–12 lakhs
Digital Marketing Head6–14 lakhs
Marketing Analyst4–9 lakhs
  1. Dynamic industry: If you are a person who is looking for job security, constant learning, and implementation; Digital Marketing is known to provide you with opportunities that are not only non-stagnant but also help you with job security immensely.
  1. Ever-changing techniques: The world of Digital Marketing calls for professionals who have the ability to switch between tools and techniques quickly. Unlike other fields where you have to go through months of training for learning one tool or component, here, you can get started with a little training that is sufficient for you to switch between the concepts. Be it using your existing skills or learning new ones on the job, Digital Marketing has an offering for everyone.

Is Digital Marketing a good career – What do you think about this after reading the above section?

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Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

Just like any other career path, there are one or two disadvantages that you have to look at and consider when approaching Digital Marketing as a career.

  1. Rapid learning and implementation: This is seen as nothing but an advantage by many learners, but constantly learning new things and finding ways to make them work can be a little hectic if you are just starting with the industry. It is always vital that you grasp information quickly and that you’re on your toes when it comes to understanding new trends and implementing them.
  2. Highly competitive: Unlike other fields, a career in Digital Marketing is very demanding due to its nature of being very competitive. Be it ranking your pages on Google or getting your website a good amount of traffic, Digital Marketing roles can sometimes get a little tough because of the sheer competition between brands and other websites.

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How to start a Career in Digital Marketing?

Starting a career in Digital Marketing is quite easy. It is vital that you understand the Digital Marketing Career path. The most structured way of learning is through certification programs as you will get to take away an ample amount of knowledge and even a good amount of practical experience through their projects and case studies.

The field of Digital Marketing is no different from other fields in the fact that what you practically implemented takes precedence over what skills you have or what you have learned.

If there is a new brand that you are managing or you want to uplift the visibility of an existing brand, a lot of skills that you have to learn can be effectively put into use. However, as mentioned at the beginning of this blog, this does not mean that you have to be proficient in all of the skills or aspects of Digital Marketing to get a good job.

A good career in Digital Marketing always starts with you being really good at two or three skills as mentioned above. With this, you can work your way through the field and harness the power of Digital Marketing thoroughly.

Experimentation plays a key role in this field, and starting with that isn’t as hard as you might expect. A quick shoutout of a friend’s business on your social media platforms is a great way to increase brand exposure and analyze how it impacts the business.

Trends that keep popping up now and then in the vast array of fields that envelop this IT world will favor you to launch your brand and, eventually, use the same trends to develop and work with novel methodologies to establish a structured way of achieving good results.

One important thing about having a career in Digital Marketing is your visibility. Make sure that you stay connected with experts in the field and join groups across social media where you can see how things work. You can also understand more by engaging in the community as well.

To add accreditation to your learning, a course certification will always help. It will give you all of the skills that you need to market yourself to potential employers. That being said, degrees or certifications are not mandatory in this field. Nonetheless, the advantages they provide will immeasurably help and boost up your learning, knowledge, and experience needed to land a good job.

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If you have what it takes to be trained and if you can learn quickly, there is no other field that pays out a high salary as compared to Digital Marketing. The career growth in Digital Marketing is huge and you should consider starting out right now!

This is one of the fields that require you to aim only for the stars and keep up your learning spirit. If you do achieve success in campaigns, it is pretty easy to climb up the corporate ladder in this field rapidly. And, also more career opportunities in Digital Marketing will open up for your profile.

Complementary to this, there are a lot of Digital Marketing experts who thoroughly enjoy what they do as it brings out a lot of creativity in them, and it is a good platform to showcase their abilities too.

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