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As per the prediction made by IBM, the demand for professionals in the domain of Data Science will rise and lead to over 700,000 new job openings in this field by 2020.

Following are the modules that you will read about in this blog:

What is Data Science?

The term ‘Data Science’ is popular and very regularly spoken of nowadays. However, do you know what it means? Do you know how it helps organizations in various ways? If the answer is ‘No,’ then let’s begin by understanding what Data Science is.

Data Science involves a myriad of tools, technologies, algorithms, Deep Learning and Machine Learning principles, and more. Moreover, mathematics, statistics, and probability are also a few more significant modules and concepts that are included in this domain. Its main objective is to find hidden trends and patterns available in the raw data that companies receive on a regular basis.

Watch this YouTube video on Data Science Course:

You might wonder, what is the difference between Data Science and the work of Statisticians? To shed a light on that, you need to know the difference between explaining data and predicting data. Data Analysts and Statisticians are mainly responsible for understanding the past data, while Data Scientists analyze the data to make future predictions. However, you will read about that in detail later in this blog. 

So, the main use of Data Science is to make predictions and decisions with the help of Machine Learning, prescriptive analytics, and predictive casual analytics.

Here is a summarized image of the complete process of Data Science:

Data Science Process

So far, you have read and got a brief idea about what Data Science is. However, this blog is mainly written to inform you of how you can learn to become proficient in it. So, let’s read about how you can become a Data Scientist.

How to become a Data Scientist?

Most of you must have read books on Nancy Drew, and for those of you who haven’t, she is a fictional character who solves mysteries. Similar to how she analyzes information to find patterns to get to a conclusion and solve a crime, Data Science professionals deal with data. They analyze business data, extract valuable information, find patterns in them, and use that information to predict future data and optimize the business.

Now, let’s go ahead and read about the skills necessary to become a Data Scientist. This will give you a gist of how to learn Data Science from scratch and become a professional in this domain.

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Data Science Skills

The process of Data Science involves extracting valuable insights from business data with the help of a myriad of algorithms, tools, technologies, and the fundamentals of Machine Learning. Following are the Data Science skills and the steps to learn Data Science and become a Data Scientist:

  • Learn statistics for Data Science
  • Understand Python, R, Java, or any other programming language
  • Attain knowledge of the ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) process
  • Learn the exploration, wrangling, and visualization of data
  • Gain experience in Machine Learning tools and algorithms
  • Understanding Deep Learning concepts
  • Acquire knowledge of various frameworks of Big Data

Where to acquire these skills from? Where to learn Data Science from? You might be wondering about many such things. The simplest and the most direct way to acquire these skills and learn Data Science would be to register yourself for one of the best Data Science certifications from Intellipaat. These courses will give you a clear understanding of this domain by helping you learn Data Science basics and advanced concepts.

There are no prerequisites to learn Data Science and taking up any of these courses. If you show a keen interest in subjects like mathematics and wish to make a career in the field of Data Science, then you can take up this course.

You have read about what Data Science is and how you can start learning Data Science to build a career in it. Now, let’s focus on who can sign up for this course.

Certification in Bigdata Analytics

Who can learn Data Science?

Anyone who wishes to learn Machine Learning algorithms and Data Science to pursue a career as a Data Scientist can easily sign up for one of these best courses and learn Data Science. However, those who most-definitely should learn Data Science and upscale their skills include:

  • Statisticians
  • Information Architects
  • Big Data Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Analysts
  • Developers and Programmers

Now, you have come to know about Data Science and how you can learn it. You have also come across the skills you need to become a Data Science professional. Further, you got to know about the individuals who are eligible to learn Data Science. 

Now, you will read about the various job opportunities available in this field.

Career Transition

Data Science Jobs

The Data Science domain is one of the most popular and highly demanding career opportunities today. 

As per LinkedIn, there are over 15,000 Data Scientist jobs available in the United States alone.

Here is an image depicting the growth of opportunities for Data Scientists over the years:

Data Scientists Growth Opportunities

Source: Bits Pilani

Some of the popular Data Science job profiles that major organizations are currently hiring include:

Looking for a career in Data Science? Then learn these Data Science Programming languages to excel in the field of Data Science.

You have got a gist of the numerous job opportunities available in Data Science. Now, let’s understand what these professionals do and what their responsibilities are toward their organizations.

What does a Data Scientist do?

The main role of a Data Scientist in a company is to examine the questions that need to be answered, along with having an idea about the places from where the required information can be gathered. They have analytical skills, as well as the capability to clean, mine, and present the data to the organization. Therefore, enterprises need Data Scientists to store, analyze, and manage large chunks of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Also, know about the scope of Data Science and become a Data Scientist.

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Below are a few screenshots of job descriptions for Data Scientists on LinkedIn:

Data Scientist Job in Apple:

Data Scientist Job in Apple

Data Scientist Job in PayPal:

Data Scientist Job in PayPal

This blog gives you an overview of getting started with Data Science. Here, you have learned in detail about what Data Science is and how you can learn it with the help of Intellipaat’s Data Science courses. Besides, you read about the various job opportunities available in this domain, along with the responsibilities of these professionals in their organizations. 

If you have any queries related to this domain, then you can reach out to us at Intellipaat’s Data Science Community!

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