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Python is one of the most preferred programming language especially for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence because of its various libraries for storing, manipulating, and gaining insights from data. It is a high-level, general-purpose programming language with an elegant syntax that allows programmers to focus more on problem-solving rather than syntax errors. Generally, we have seen Python being used for:

Web Development

Python is used for developing large scale web applications that won’t be possible with programming languages like PHP and .Net. This is because Python supports a wide range of frameworks like Django, web2py, Flask, etc..,

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Game Development

Python is a very important programming language in a gaming programmer’s toolkit.

Application Development

Using Python instead of Java is a huge advantage for some developers. The performance and compatibility are relatively better when compared to other languages.

But do you know some of the future technologies that are relying on Python? As far as the success of these technologies is concerned, Python has become the core language.

Here are some technologies which use Python as a central element for developments:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Python Programming is certainly dominating the other languages when it comes to Artificial Intelligence.

Big Data

Python also plays an important role in Big Data by providing many tools and libraries available to help data scientists explore large data sets.


Python has libraries that can be used for writing many network-based applications. And the libraries which are being used make network programming easier.

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Python Trending Job Roles and Their Respective Salaries

Here are some of the Job profiles and their respective median salaries in Pound Sterling) according to the IT Jobs Watch.

Nowadays, Python Certification is one of the most demanding skills in the entire programming world. Here are some statistics to support the aforementioned statement:

  • According to a recent survey conducted by IEEE on the top programming languages in the year 2018, Python came out on top overall.

  • A recent Stack Overflow Developer’s survey found that Python is the programming language that most people want to learn.
  • According to TIOBE’s Programming language Hall of Fame (2018), Python stood on the top. The award is given to the programming language that has the highest rise in ratings in a year.

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How Does Python Certification Really Benefit You?

Having a certification will definitely give you an advantage when the hiring managers look at your resume. Competitions for jobs in IT can be rigorous, but having a certification will change all of that. Earning a Python Certification shows that you are determined to enhance your skillset. And enhancing your skillset will definitely act as a platform for moving up the corporate ladder.  Having a certification can definitely mean the difference between keeping your current job and having a chance to find a new one.

After getting certified you will have something in common with your peers and this can provide networking opportunities. Lastly, earning a certification will enable you to make more money than what you are earning now.

Check this insightful Intellipaat PySpark Training video:

Know about Python developer roles and responsibilities to begin career as a Python developer.

Who Can Take up This Python Certification Course?

  • BI Managers and Project Managers
  • Software Developers and ETL Professionals
  • Analytics Professionals
  • Big Data Professionals
  • Those who wish to have a career in Python

Last but not least, Beginners with no previous programming experience who are looking forward to obtaining the desired skill set to get their first technical job can also take up this course.

Certification in Full Stack Web Development

How Is Intellipaat’s Certification Going to Help You?

The entire python course content is designed by the industry professionals for the industry professionals to get the best jobs in top MNCs. Intellipaat not only helps you master the concepts of python but also gives you hands-on experience. Intellipaat provides flexible modes of training and learning as its courses are designed entirely for corporate professionals. At the end of this online Python Certification course, there will be quizzes that perfectly reflect the type of questions asked in the respective certification exams and help you score better marks.

Intellipaat also offers job assistance to all the learners who successfully complete the Python Certification training and have a minimum of 60% in the quiz. And this will definitely be an added advantage when you are attending an interview.

What Will You Learn in This Python Online Training Course?

Intellipaat’s Python Training Certification Course will help you to understand the basic concept of this high-level, general-purpose dynamic programming language. In this Python online course, you will start with the basic concepts of Python, then you will gain in-depth experience on writing Python code and packages like NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn,  Web scraping libraries, and Lambda function. In this course, you will be working on real-world python projects and case studies and get hands-on experience through an online Python lab.

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