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What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud(SFCC) provides a spectrum of capabilities that enable brands to connect with customers at every stage of the customer journey. Channel transitions are seamless with the Commerce Cloud. Each business is therefore supported across all platforms and levels of involvement.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Definition

Let’s start by providing some background knowledge. Demandware, a cloud-based eCommerce service for big and small businesses, was acquired by Salesforce in 2016. Demandware and Salesforce’s connection was a crucial milestone in changing how eCommerce companies communicate with their consumers.

Demandware technology was used by Salesforce to create a new Salesforce Commerce Cloud and incorporate it into its Customer Success Platform.

The way businesses communicate with their clients across all channels and devices is simplified by the Salesforce Commerce Cloud service.

 It is a software platform that runs in the cloud that helps companies in integrating the customer experience across all of commerce, including web, social, mobile, & store.

By the fall of 2016, Commerce Cloud has handled $16 billion in inventory while providing services in 53 countries and interacting with more than 300 million distinct customers. Salesforce Commerce Cloud follows a unique business strategy based on shared success.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud constantly enhances and refines its features and functionalities to keep up with the quick pace of development in the e-commerce industry.

Features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Features

Commerce Cloud Digital

Tools, mobile frameworks, and functions are offered by SFCC to enable the building of completely responsive eCommerce websites.

Using Commerce Cloud Digital, you may increase the size of your target market and promote your online store on social media.

To enhance your consumers’ mobile experiences, you can also optimize mobile payment and search, lower cart abandonment rates, and develop your own branded app.

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Storefront Reference Architecture

Using this robust framework, you can easily develop an eCommerce website. Use pre-designed wireframes, incorporated digital innovative technologies, and valuable integrations to properly customize and maintain your website.

Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle

You may combine your shopping channels with SFCC and simplify the purchasing experience for both your consumers and your retail employees.

You can provide your team with access to customer databases and data on online inventory, all while offering tailored customer experiences.

Your clients can use this to create a wishlist of the things they want to buy. By promoting special offers in your online store, you might potentially decrease your walk-in sales.

Commerce Portals

Loyalty programs can help you develop long-term relationships with your clients by engaging and encouraging them.

Because SFCC allows you to track your customers’ behavior statistics, you can present them with relevant learning materials at each point of their purchasing journey.

You can also reach out to your customers through communities, newsletters, and social media with relevant material and brand updates.

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Order Management

SFCC allows you to optimize the process of fulfilling and delivering orders from customers around the world, automate online payments, and manage refunds and cancellations.

Commerce Platform

Without needing to know any code, SFCC provides a variety of templates, development tools, and commerce APIs. It is also possible to link your commerce data among all digital channels and gain data-driven insights into consumer experiences from a single platform.

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Importance of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

SFCC provides two useful eCommerce solutions: Salesforce B2B commerce and B2C commerce. Wholesale as well as retailers groups can be benefitted from these solutions for handling order management, handling customer service affairs and marketing, etc.

Importance of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Let’s talk in detail about a few of the key features that make Salesforce Commerce Cloud a much-needed solution for marketers.

  • It offers the most advanced tools for Marketing

For marketers, content developers, and even merchants SFCC offers some great creative marketing tools that provide them with boosting their brand awareness and also provide reliability and acknowledgment.

The most highlighting part of these tools is that they allow marketers to pitch their products and services to the most suitable audience and not only this but these tools also make sure that the product is pitched at the right time for better conversion rates.

This allows users for conducting different testing methods like A/B testing and Split testing with no prior technical knowledge.

  • Predictive Intelligence

Predictive intelligence is a key factor that separates SFCC from the rest of the competition.

Salesforce Einstein AI is a predictive intelligence system that helps users to get very important information related to shopping patterns and deeper insights into customer behavior.

There were times when merchants were only dependent on third–party tools for introducing new characteristics and for maintaining various functions.

With the help of  Einstein AI retailers can easily recommend relevant products to the targeted customers. This helps in saving time as well as boosting conversion rates and sales.

  • Makes Storefronts Globalizing Easy

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a very effective platform as it enables users in handling many storefronts through just one back-end for many parts of the world.

Users can manage various languages, currencies, and tasks that are important for handling storefronts meant for clients/customers in different parts of the globe.

  • Makes things highly Mobile-Friendly

Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps store owners in making mobile-friendly eCommerce stores. We all are well aware of the fact that most of the clients will be accessing the platform on their smartphones, therefore having an interactive mobile-friendly platform is a must.

  • Great Customer Support

Salesforce provides 24*7 customer support, which provides merchants with a smoother experience throughout the year. SFCC also provides many tools and supporting staff for handling various security and coding issues.

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What Type of Companies should use Commerce Cloud?

  • Commerce Cloud can suffice the needs of both B2C and B2B companies. It provides two commerce products – B2B Commerce and B2C Commerce for consumer brands and retailers.
  • Businesses that want to provide a great eCommerce experience through eCommerce sites, in order to achieve this goal have to make use of certain practical tools.
  • According to a report mostly, companies using Commerce Cloud generally have employees between 50-200 and revenue ranging from $1M-$10M.
  • For managing eCommerce sites with huge guest shoppers B2C Commerce is used which also helps in enhancing the overall customer shopping experience. Whereas, Salesforce B2B Commerce is mainly focused on satisfying the client’s requirements by providing them with a premium experience as these clients are basically those who make big purchases.


Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers a class-leading customer experience that will help your business scale and reach more targeted customers. You can definitely start using SSCM for a hassle-free experience and it definitely stands out in a crowded eCommerce market.

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