Salesforce App Builder Certification Guide
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First, let us check out the agenda of this blog on the Salesforce App Builder Certification Exam Guide:

  1. Introduction to Salesforce App Builder
  2. Skills Required
  3. Prerequisites for Salesforce App Builder Certification
  4. Marks Distribution
  5. Certification Exam Details
  6. Exam Strategy
  7. Suggestions

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Introduction to Salesforce App Builder

First of all, you need to understand what an App Builder is in Salesforce. An App Builder in Salesforce is a point-and-click tool that helps developers to configure applications in Salesforce. The Salesforce App Builder helps them to customize Salesforce mobile apps and desktop sites. The App Builder also allows the developers to configure applications as per user requirements.

In this blog, you will get all the information related to the certification exam, and it will serve as the complete Salesforce App Builder exam guide for you.

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Skills Required

The skills that are required to become a Certified Salesforce App Builder are as follows:

  • Design, build and implement various custom applications by using the multiple customization capabilities of the platform as per user requirements
  • Design the security model, data management model, business logic, process automation, and user interface
  • Configure Salesforce mobile applications for use
  • Build various types of reports and dashboards by using different data objects for the company that you are working in
  • Deploy custom applications

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Prerequisites for Salesforce App Builder Certification

The Salesforce App Builder certification exam is designed for those professionals who have knowledge of using the Salesforce platform to develop custom applications. A Salesforce Platform App Builder should have six months to one year of experience in developing applications by using the Salesforce Lightning platform or any other similar CRM application.

Below are the prerequisites, knowledge, and skills that are required to clear the Salesforce App Builder certification exam:

  • Experience working with the features of the Lightning platform
  • Knowledge of the types of Salesforce licenses and their uses
  • Experience in designing applications to establish business processes
  • Experience with the development environments of Salesforce and its application deployment
  • Understanding of the social app integration and the mobile application capabilities of Salesforce
  • Working experience in managing and optimizing enterprise applications by using a mobile device

Become a Salesforce Expert

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Marks Distribution

  • Salesforce Fundamentals (8.0%): Salesforce fundamentals have a weightage of eight percent. You should know about the basics of objects, declarative customization, and the use of AppExchange in Salesforce.
  • Data modeling and management (20.0%): This is a major section for the certification exam with a 20 percent weightage. Here, you should focus on data import, data export, data loaders, data mapping, data model, types of relationships, and other topics related to data management.
  • Security (10.0%): Security is one of the important areas of concern for every company. In the Salesforce App Builder certification exam, this section gets the weightage of 10 percent. In this section, you should have knowledge about various types of security such as object-level, field-level, and record-level.
Salesforce App Builder Certification Marks Distribution
  • Business logic and process automation (27.0%): This section has the highest weightage among all topics. Therefore, you should focus on every concept in this topic and try to master its implementation by using Salesforce. The concepts include flows, process builder, workflow, validation rules, escalation rules, record types, and much more. You should have a clear understanding of how to use the business logic and process automation tools.
  • Social (3.0%): This section of the syllabus has the least weightage. In this, you need to understand the capabilities of Salesforce to connect with Twitter and YouTube for both mobile apps and desktop sites.
  • User interface (14.0%): In the UI section of the syllabus, you should have a thorough knowledge of configuring the user interface by using buttons, actions, tabs, and links.
  • Reporting (5.0%): In the reporting section, you will have to learn how to create standard and custom reports and how to build dashboards by using these reports.
  • Mobile (5.0%): Here, you will learn about the Salesforce mobile app administration. In this section, you will gain knowledge of the various features, such as global actions, action layouts, and object-specific actions, of Salesforce mobile apps.
  • App development (8.0%): Despite its low weightage, this section is the most important in terms of the implementation, development, and deployment of an application. So, it is highly recommended that you go through all the major concepts that are included in this section.

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Certification Exam Details

  • Exam duration: The duration of the Salesforce App Builder certification exam is 90 minutes.
  • Number of questions: The number of questions asked in the Salesforce App Builder certification exam is 60.
  • Passing percentage: One of the most asked questions by candidates preparing for the Salesforce App Builder certification exam is, “How much is the score required to pass the Salesforce App Builder exam?” To pass this certification exam, you have to score at least 63 percent. For securing 63 percent, you have to give correct answers to 38 questions out of the total of 60 questions.
  • Certification cost: The Salesforce Platform App Builder certification exam costs US$200. The retake fee is US$100 if you fail to score 63 percent in the first attempt.

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Study Strategy

The best strategy to prepare for the Salesforce App Builder certification is working on a use case. The use case can be based on a scenario wherein you can implement all the important concepts that have a higher weightage in the Salesforce App Builder certification exam. You should prepare a list of topics, as well as subtopics, to create a flow for the use case.

By implementing the concepts with the help of a use case, you will get a thorough knowledge of how both small- and large-scale companies use Salesforce for managing their businesses. This way, you will get practical experience as well, and all this will boost your chances of clearing the certification exam in the first attempt.

Become a Salesforce Administrator and App Builder

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Here are a few suggestions for you to follow to successfully prepare for and clear the Salesforce App Builder certification exam.

Review Important Concepts from the Syllabus

In the previous section of this blog, we have already discussed the marks distribution and the importance and weightage of various topics in the syllabus of the Salesforce App Builder certification exam. Hence, while preparing for the exam, you should follow this syllabus and learn accordingly. This will make your preparation good enough to pass the exam.

Implement the Concepts by Using Salesforce

By now, you might have understood that without practice and real-time implementation of concepts by using Salesforce, you cannot clear the Salesforce App Builder certification exam. Therefore, you should work on as many projects or use cases as possible. It will help you to get hands-on experience working with the platform.

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Take Mock Tests to Reinforce your Learning

Before attempting the certification exam, you should take the Salesforce App Builder certification practice or mock exams. There are various Salesforce App Builder mock exams that you can attempt for practicing the concepts that you have learned. These mock tests consist of various scenarios and problems that are similar to the actual Salesforce App Builder certification exam questions. This will help you to get ample experience before appearing for the certification exam.

Identify the Areas for Improvement

After attempting various mock tests, you will get to know about your strengths and weaknesses. You can then identify the areas that need improvement and work on those. This strategy will help you to get confident about each and every concept and get a good score rather than just a passing score in the certification exam.

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Perform a Self-assessment

Self-assessment is one of the important factors for evaluating yourself not only for clearing the Salesforce App Builder certification exam but also for any exam. After taking mock tests and identifying the areas for improvement, you can do a self-assessment to understand how much knowledge you have on Salesforce. This will help you decide whether you are ready to clear the certification exam or if you need to practice more.

This is all about the Salesforce App Builder certification study guide. In this blog, we have covered all the important details of the Salesforce certification exam that you should know before starting your preparation for the exam.

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