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Following are the modules you will cover in this comprehensive blog:

Let’s start by understanding why exactly this certification is necessary.

Why should you prepare for the Salesforce Administration Certification?

Before investing your precious time, effort, or your money in Salesforce, it is necessary for you to get an idea about what exactly this certification is. The demand and need for professionals who are certified in Salesforce are augmenting rapidly, which is why Salesforce Admin Certification is gaining popularity. Some of the reasons why it is an important certification and why you should prepare for it are explained below:

  • This certification will help upskill you in Salesforce and offer you ample experience for a lucrative job.
  • This Salesforce Admin Certification will allow you to deploy your expertise to clients and colleagues.
  • Most organizations prefer to hire professionals who are certified and have relevant skills in Salesforce.
  • As compared to professionals who are not-certified in Salesforce, certified professionals earn more.
  • Addition of the Salesforce Admin Certification to your resume can set you apart from the rest and help you land a lucrative job.

Check out this YouTube video on Salesforce:

Salesforce Admin Certification Study Guide

Now that you have a gist of why you should prepare yourself for this examination, here is a step-by-step guide for you to follow to prepare for this certification. These steps will give you an overview of how to prepare for the Salesforce Admin Certification.

Step 1: Concentrate on the significant topics

  • It is necessary for you to keep important topics in mind. This will assist you in grasping the concepts well.
  • You need to invest more time on topics that add more value to your exam.
  • You can refer to the curriculum outline to spend more time on the important topics.

Step 2: Take time to prepare

  • You need to take your time while preparing for the certification. It is not an overnight process.
  • You need to plan and divide your time based on the size and importance of specific topics.
  • Do not push yourself hard while preparing for this examination. You need to take small steps while preparing yourself for it.

Step 3: Give Salesforce Admin Certification practice tests

  • Before the actual exam, you need to attempt practice tests for preparation. You can check out some of the most common Salesforce Administrator Certification questions online.
  • These tests will give you an idea of where you lag and the areas you need to pace up yourself before the actual examination.
  • These tests will help build your confidence level.
  • This is why it is highly recommended to rely on these tests to crack the exam.

Step 4: Revise the test well

  • The test offers an ample amount of time. If you are unable to remember the answer to any question, then skip it for a while. You can get back to it once you are done with the entire test.
  • You can review all questions and answers once you finish the test before handing it over.
Salesforce Admin Certification preparation steps

You have got a brief understanding of the Salesforce Admin Certification preparation process. So, if you wish to prepare for this certification and attain all the necessary skills, then you must register for one of the best Salesforce Training available today. Now, let’s discuss how much this training is going to cost you.

Salesforce Administrator Certification Cost

Intellipaat provides training sessions in both online and offline (self-paced) formats. The costs of these sessions differ from each other.

Online Training Sessions

Intellipaat’s online training sessions for the Salesforce Admin Certification cost about US$510. It is an instructor-led training from domain experts working in major organizations. This mode of training provides live sessions with the instructor, along with a platform where you can clear all your course-based doubts.

Looking to obtain a Salesforce Certification? Read our full guide to Salesforce Certification now!

Self-paced Training Sessions

In the case of self-paced sessions, the cost is US$227. This mode of training comprises video sessions that are pre-recorded. If you have any issues in the lectures or have any trouble catching up with the sessions online, then you can easily refer to these lectures and revise the topics you missed out. Besides, you can also use these sessions to complete the training at your pace since you will have lifelong access to these recorded video lectures.

Further in this blog, you will read about a few things that you need to focus on while preparing for clearing the Salesforce Administrator Certification examination.

Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam

For most organizations, the Salesforce Admin Certification might as well be a test as it ensures their profit. Moreover, this certification also relies on the client as well as the B2B (Business-to-Business) use of it. 

The main topics that you need to cover to pass this certification include:

  • Data management
  • Organizational setup
  • Access and security
  • User setup
  • Collaboration and management of activities
  • Analytics
  • AppExchange
  • Custom and standard objects
  • Applications for sales and marketing
  • Automation of workflow
  • Administration of mobile and desktop
  • Applications of support and service

This Salesforce Admin Certification exam is mainly designed to test your understanding and practical knowledge of Salesforce.

Now, let’s discuss the several job openings available for you after you crack this certification.

Become a Salesforce Expert

Salesforce Administrator Certification Jobs

Although you have read on why you must prepare for this certification and what you need to prepare to pass this examination, are you aware of the numerous job opportunities available in this domain? 

As per LinkedIn, there are over 4,000 jobs available for certified Salesforce Administrators in the United States alone.

Here are a few of the most popular job profiles open for these professionals:

  • Salesforce Consultant
  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Salesforce Systems Administrator
  • Salesforce Developer
  • Salesforce Specialist
  • Salesforce Architect
  • Salesforce Support Analyst
  • Salesforce Associate
  • Salesforce Software Engineer
  • Salesforce Analyst

Organizations Hiring Salesforce Admin Certified Professionals

Many organizations are looking to hire these certified Salesforce professionals to implement and maintain Salesforce in their companies. Some of these enterprises include:

  • Accenture
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • Capgemini
  • Dell
  • JP Morgan
  • Hitachi
  • HCL
  • Infotech
  • Walmart

Like you can see, there are a plethora of job opportunities available in the leading organizations for these professionals. With this certification, you will be qualified enough to apply for these jobs and land a lucrative job at a well-reputed firm.

Looking to clear the Salesforce certification exams? Check out our blog on Salesforce Certification Study Guide now!

Salesforce Certified Administrator Certification Average Salary

Salesforce professionals are among the highest-paid professionals today. They are highly in-demand and are generally paid a good amount of salary.

The Salary of Certified Salesforce Administrators in the United States

The average salary of these professionals in the United States, as per Glassdoor, is about US$77,503 per annum. With knowledge and experience, this salary may increase to US$105,000.

The Salary of Certified Salesforce Administrators in India

In India, the salary of these certified professionals is approximately ₹510,000 per annum, and it may rise to ₹1,134,000.

In this blog on ‘How to pass the Salesforce Admin Certification exam?,’ you have learned how you can prepare for this certification and pass it. Besides, you also came across some of the reasons why the certification can be beneficial for you. You read about several job opportunities available for Salesforce certified professionals and the companies that hire them. Also, you got a basic idea of how much these professionals earn. To pass this certification and upgrade your skills in Salesforce, you must sign up for Salesforce Administrator Certification training from Intellipaat, thus you can land a high-salary job.

To learn in-depth about Workflow in Salesforce, sign up for an industry based Salesforce Training.

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