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Salesforce Administrator Job Description

The Salesforce Administrator job is becoming one of the best career options across the IT industry. Its popularity is due to the rising demand for Salesforce services in the industry. So, in this blog, we will take a look at the details of Salesforce Administrator roles and responsibilities of a Salesforce Administrator.

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What is a Salesforce Administrator?

A Salesforce Administrator or Admin is a Salesforce-certified professional who is an expert on the Salesforce environment or ecosystem. They are capable of understanding varying system requirements, stakeholders, and client’s interests, with the end goal of helping users get the best out of the Salesforce technology. They are also proficient enough to utilize the features of Salesforce to achieve the targets and goals of a company. 

A Salesforce admin spends their time maintaining the platform, making the environment easy for Salesforce users of all levels, and staying updated with the new tools, methods, and updates in and related to Salesforce. 

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Salesforce Administrator Job Roles

Salesforce Administrator Job Roles

A lot of job roles are available for Salesforce-certified professionals, and there is just as much demand, globally. Many companies have adopted Salesforce as their customer relationship management (CRM) platform and so require qualified professionals to handle it. A Salesforce-certified professional can take up the following roles: 

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Salesforce Administrator Jobs

It is probably the most in-demand role for any Salesforce-certified professional. In India, a Salesforce admin earns an average annual salary of INR690,598. In the USA, a Salesforce admin earns an average salary of USD79,883 annually. 

Business Support Engineer

Companies hire business support engineers to help the companies’ customers with IT support via calls, emails, and help desk software applications. In India, business support engineers earn an average annual salary of INR200,000 to INR1,000,000 depending on experience and expertise. 

Senior Salesforce Administrator Job

Professionals with many years of experience as Salesforce admins are promoted to the role of senior Salesforce administrators. As per ZipRecruiter, a senior Salesforce administrator can earn an average salary of US$115,439 p.a.

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How to Become a Salesforce Administrator?

To get started as a Salesforce administrator, you do not need to be an expert in the domain. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can learn and master Salesforce. You could learn via Salesforce Trailhead, which will help equip new students and seasoned professionals with business skills. To become a Salesforce-certified administrator, you must prepare and study for the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam. For beginners, it is recommended to engage in learning modules and gain experience in the Salesforce platform. 

The number of professionals who have gone through Trailhead modules is increasing at a rapid rate. The number of Salesforce jobs has also grown equally. According to Salesforce research, there is an annual growth of 400 percent in the number of Salesforce administrators. 

Many reasons supplement this finding; a section of professionals take up this certification to supplement their current role or to gain a better-paying job. Freshers or inexperienced professionals learn and master Salesforce technology to update and upgrade their resumes to find better opportunities. There are many industries, domains, and companies, including financial services, software companies, healthcare providers, and other businesses, around the globe that use Salesforce. 

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Salesforce Admin Credentials and Certifications

Salesforce Admin Credentials

Acquiring the Salesforce Admin credential will help you in improving your career path in Salesforce. The Salesforce Admin role has five credentials in total. We will discuss these credentials in brief below: 

Administrator: It is designated for those professionals who have Salesforce experience and help companies access additional features and capabilities. 

Become a Salesforce Expert

Advanced Administrator: It is designated for seasoned Salesforce administrators who have mastered advanced Salesforce features and functionality, which aids them in solving a variety of business problems.

Marketing Cloud Administrator: It is designated for those Salesforce administrators who can configure and troubleshoot user requests in Marketing Cloud including subscriber data management and setup navigation. 

CPQ Specialist: It is designated for those Salesforce administrators who have experience in designing, building, and implementing quoting flows with Salesforce Configure, Price, and Quote technologies, which are used to organize the sales teams. 
Platform App Builder: It is designated for those Salesforce administrators who have skills in designing, building, and implementing custom applications.

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Salesforce Administrator Job Responsibilities

Salesforce is an essential resource in the IT sector. Companies employing Salesforce in their businesses do not need any infrastructure, hardware, and software, as Salesforce runs in the cloud ecosystem. Data is a vital resource for all companies; so, it is much more valuable than what a company would spend on availing of Salesforce services.

Companies need administrators who can take care of the crucial data submitted to the Salesforce cloud ecosystem. So, companies hire administrators for managing the Salesforce cloud ecosystem. Their responsibilities consist of a wide variety of duties.

Here, we have compiled some of the major responsibilities of a Salesforce administrator:

  • Takes care of using the available tools of Salesforce effectively
  • Checks for the changes that need to be done for making the business processes effective
  • Works as the main system administrator for handling the work environment of salesforce.com with multiple users
  • Checks for restrictions on user accounts for vital data accessibility
  • Takes care of the removal of redundancy and duplicity of user accounts
  • Manages all executive functions such as maintenance of user accounts, records, dashboards, and additional conventional tasks
  • Organizes the assessment, extension, and conclusion of new requests for development
  • Provides training to fresh users in the company to make them skilled for participating in Salesforce-related processes
  • Serves as the link connecting the application developers, business people, and users
  • Remains responsible for creating and maintaining reports in salesforce.com and extracting insights from data for advancing business revenue
  • Handles all technological resources associated with sales and the feeding of data into Salesforce

A Salesforce administrator requires certain skills to fulfill their responsibilities. Next in this blog, we will go through the skills required to carry out the various responsibilities of a Salesforce administrator effectively.

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Salesforce Administrator Skills

salesforce administrator skills

A Salesforce administrator should have the following skills:

  • Management skills
  • Proficiency in interacting with people at all levels of the company
  • Effectively analyze data accumulated from multiple sources
  • Expertise in Salesforce for handling various business-related issues
  • Understanding of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to optimize the growth rate of the sales team with the help of excellent data analysis skills
  • Data administration skills
  • Excellent problem-solving skills to solve the business- and process-related problems of the company
  • Maintain the consistency of the workflow and confidentiality of the business for the company

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Scope of a Salesforce Administrator

A Salesforce administrator is the captain for maintaining the business structure in Salesforce. Every company entering the market today establishes its business model in Salesforce. So, you can imagine the importance of their responsibilities for executing a successful business and the high-rising scope of this job profile.

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Career Opportunities for Salesforce Administrators

According to Forbes, the number of openings for the Salesforce administrator profile has increased in the last two years due to the newly emerging companies embracing Salesforce services. The number of job opportunities for Salesforce administrators has increased multifold every year.

Salesforce Administrator Job Trends

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Become a Salesforce Administrator and App Builder

Salary Structure of Salesforce Administrators

According to Indeed, the average salary of a Salesforce administrator in the US is US$123,000 p.a.; in India, the salary of a fresher in the domain is INR 780,000 p.a. Companies invest a lot to get a Salesforce administrator’s responsibilities fulfilled; a six-figure salary is a great start to a career as a Salesforce administrator.

Salesforce Administrator Salary

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In this blog, we have discussed a Salesforce administrator’s roles and responsibilities, ways to become a Salesforce-certified administrator, etc.

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