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Introduction to Tableau

Every day, we see encounter data in the amounts of zettabytes and yottabytes! This enormous amount of data cannot be dumped. Organizations use this data to extract meaningful insights and hidden patterns to optimize their business processes. For the extraction of meaningful insights from data and finding hidden patterns, we need to perform data analysis and visualizations.

Introduction to Tableau

So, in this blog on ‘Tableau Developer Roles and Responsibilities,’ we will look into Tableau in detail and the roles and responsibilities of a Tableau Developer.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a tool that is widely used for data visualization. It assists in converting unstructured data into a format that can be easily understood. Visualization is fast and efficient with the help of Tableau as it gives visualizations in the form of dashboards and worksheets.

What is Tableau?

One of the outstanding features of Tableau is data blending. This process involves collecting varieties of data from different sources and, then, storing this data into a single data warehouse.

What is Tableau 2

Other features of Tableau are real-time analysis and the cooperation of data, and working with this BI tool requires no technical expertise or any prior programming knowledge.

In this blog on ‘Tableau Developer Roles and Responsibilities,’ we will first discuss the types of Tableau tools and Tableau products and, then, we will see the roles and responsibilities of a Tableau Developer for handling these products.

Types of Tableau Tools

Before going into Tableau products, we will look into the two types of Tableau tools.

Developer Tools

  • As the name ‘Developer’ suggests, it is used for development purposes.
  • It consists of tools for visualization, making dashboards and charts, and providing Business Intelligence reports to the organization.
  • Tableau Products: Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public.

Sharing Tools

  • It is used for sharing the created visualization, dashboards, charts, and reports.
  • Tableau Products: Tableau Online, Tableau Server, and Tableau Reader

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Tableau Products

As we have seen the types of Tableau tools, now, in this blog on ‘Tableau Developer Roles and Responsibilities,’ we will see the five products offered by Tableau:

Tableau Desktop

  • It is a data visualization tool that helps in acquiring insights from data.
  • In Tableau Desktop, we create Business Intelligence reports and visualization charts and combine them to create dashboards.
  • It provides data connectivity to data warehouses for the live examination of data.

Tableau Desktop is classified into two types:

  • Tableau Desktop Personal: The work created cannot be published online. Also, it has a private workspace and has restricted access to workbooks.
  • Tableau Desktop Professional: In Tableau Desktop Professional, the work can be published online or in Tableau Server. It provides accessibility to the entire data.

Tableau Public

  • As the name suggests, in Tableau Public, the work created is accessible to everyone. It is stored in public clouds in Tableau.
  • In Tableau Public, the files stored are available to everyone, so there is no isolation for the work saved.
  • Tableau Public is best for sharing data with the general audience for learning purposes. 

Tableau Server

  • Worksheets and visualizations are created in Tableau Desktop application. Now, to share these worksheets and visualizations within an organization, we use Tableau Server.
  • The work would be available only to the authorized users after uploading it to the servers.
  • The authorized users can log in to the servers with their login credentials and scrutinize the published content through a web browser.

Tableau Online

  • It is basically an online sharing tool, and in it, the data is stored in cloud servers.
  • It needs worksheets that are to be created in Tableau Desktop.
  • There is no restriction on the storage limit for the data published online.

Tableau Reader

  • It is basically a free tool for viewing the worksheets and visualizations that are being generated using Tableau Desktop.
  • When we share worksheets or dashboards, the receiver must have Tableau Reader for viewing them.

Now, as we have seen all the types of Tableau products and their functionalities, we will move on to the Tableau Developer roles and responsibilities.

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Tableau Developer Roles and Responsibilities

Here are the major roles and responsibilities of a Tableau Developer:

  • Creating visualizations for the data extracted with the help of Tableau
  • Identifying patterns and meaningful insights from data by analyzing it
  • Designing dashboards
  • Managing Tableau Server
  • Managing big data
  • Twisting SQL queries for improving performances
  • Examining glitches in business processes and resolving them
  • Finding the key areas of automation to make the business processes smooth
  • Developing reference documents or reports for the finalized project

These are the basic roles and responsibilities of a Tableau Developer. There are some more skills that make a perfect Tableau Developer.

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Skills Required for Becoming a Tableau Developer

Tableau Developer roles and responsibilities demand certain skills, here are various skills that can be seen in the top tableau developer resume:

  • Excellent analytical skills to analyze business needs
  • Problem-solving skills to resolve the issues that appear during development
  • Good written and communication skills
  • Excellent team building skills
  • Good knowledge of handling databases and proficiency in SQL
  • Expertise in handling all Tableau products (Desktop, Public, Server, Online, and Reader)
Skills Required for Becoming a Tableau Developer

Tableau Developer Salary and Demand

According to Indeed, the average Tableau Developer salary in India is ₹700k per annum and, in the United States, it is US$117k. Also, the number of job openings in 2019 for Tableau Developers were more than 10,000 in India. So, it is clear that there is a huge scope for Tableau Developers.

However, the salary structure may differ due to factors like experience, location, and the roles and responsibilities of a Tableau Developer.

Here are the Tableau Developer jobs posting from top MNCs, with the required skills and the Tableau Developer roles and responsibilities:

Tableau Developer Job Description for Wipro

Tableau Developer Job Description for Wipro

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Tableau Developer Job Description for Genpact

Tableau Developer Job Description for Genpact

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Tableau Developer Job Description for Red Hat

Tableau Developer Job Description for Red Hat

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Tableau Job Description for Morgan Stanley

Tableau Job Description for Morgan Stanley

In this blog, we have gone through the Tableau Developer roles and responsibilities. Ultimately, as the amount of data generated by devices worldwide would be increasing day by day, the demand for Tableau Developers across the globe is sure to skyrocket in the upcoming years.

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