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Chatbot acts as an interactive assistant that makes monitoring, controlling, and interacting with your AWS resources faster and more convenient. AWS chatbots allow you to issue alarms, execute commands to get information, and establish AWS support cases.

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What is an AWS Chatbot?

AWS Chatbot was introduced by Amazon in July 2019 for the purpose of creating and managing bots which makes it easier for customers to interact with Amazon resources.

AWS Chatbot allows you to create and configure bots flawlessly in order to respond to client requests and respond to them on Amazon channels.

With Chatbot you can manage integrations between slack channels and AWS services to use ChatOps.

AWS Chatbot Benefits

AWS Chatbot Benefits

Real-Time Notifications

When you use Chatbot it can automatically send notifications to your chat rooms or Slack channels in case any event takes place, this works when you have already selected a custom alert for events.

You can easily monitor your high-priority events and operational activities and always stay updated.

AWS Chatbot ensures you never miss out on anything important and allows you to take the right decisions.

Instant Response

AWS Chatbot allows you to give commands from your channels and encourages collaboration, providing your team with immediate replies to a variety of situations.

Quick and Easy Setup

Setting up a Chatbot is a pretty easy task, with a few clicks you can start using it in chime rooms or channels.

Defined Permissions

A Chatbot allows you to configure permissions precisely and easily.

There is also a predefined permission template that makes it simple to select permissions based on your business requirements.

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Features of AWS Chatbot

ChatOps for AWS is enabled by AWS Chatbot. By allowing DevOps teams to communicate and carry out tasks via chat clients and chatbots, ChatOps accelerates software development and operations.

Instead of responding to emails from their SNS topics, AWS Chatbot tells chat users about events in their AWS services so teams may work together to monitor and handle problems in real-time.

The following are important AWS Chatbot service features:

  • Supports both Amazon Chime and Slack: With just a few clicks, you can add the AWS Chatbot to your Amazon Chime or Slack chat groups.
  • Predefined AWS IAM and AWS Identity policy templates: AWS Chatbot offers AWS Identity and Access Management chat room-specific authorization controls.

The predefined templates in AWS Chatbot make it simple to choose and configure the permissions you want to be connected to a specific channel or chat room.

  • Monitor AWS resources through AWS CLI with Slack: It is simple to monitor and control your AWS resources from Slack on desktop and mobile devices thanks to AWS Chatbot’s support for CLI commands for the majority of AWS services.

Your teams can use a centralized place to receive diagnostic information in real-time, alter your AWS resources, run AWS SM runbooks, and start long-running jobs.

  • Receive notifications: AWS Chatbot can be used to receive notifications related to operational occurrences and other events from compatible sources, like operational alarms, security alerts, or budget variances.

Simply select the channels or chat rooms you wish to receive notifications from and then select the Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) topics that should kick off notifications when configuring notifications in the AWS Chatbot UI.

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How can AWS Chatbot help your Business?

How can AWS Chatbot help your Business

There are many ways in which Chatbot can benefit your business, let’s discuss them one by one.

  • Handling customer interactions – You can effortlessly manage client interactions using AWS Chatbot without incurring additional costs.
  • Optimizing operational efficiency – It helps you in optimizing your business’s operational efficiency, allowing you to focus on higher-value work.
  • Improved customer service – AWS Chatbot lets you enhance your customer service by giving your customers a quick and easy option to seek assistance with issues and queries.
  • Multiple users can access bots – Multiple users can develop and set up their bot accounts with the chatbot, allowing various teams in your company to handle bots based on their roles and responsibilities.

How does the AWS Chatbot Work?

Chatbot sends event and alarm notifications from AWS services to chat channels using Amazon SNS topics.

When an SNS subject is linked to a chat client, events and alarms from multiple services are processed and alerts are sent to the chosen chat channels and webhooks.

Anyone in the workplace can add AWS Chatbot to their Slack channels if the Slack administrator confirms AWS Chatbot support for the workspace.

AWS Chatbot can be added to webhooks for Amazon Chime by users who have AWS IAM rights to utilize Amazon Chime.

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AWS Chatbot Requirements

You require the following before using AWS Chatbot:

  • An AWS account.
  • Administrative access to Slack workspace or Amazon Chime chat room.

To obtain permission for deploying an AWS Chatbot, you can either be the owner of the Slack workspace or have the authority to collaborate with workspace owners.

  • Familiar with AWS IAM and its roles and policies.
  • Knowledge of the AWS services that the AWS Chatbot supports, particularly knowledge of setting up those services to subscribe to topics on the Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) in order to send notifications.
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Amazon doesn’t charge anything extra for AWS Chatbot.

You will only be billed for the underlying Amazon services, such as Amazon Cloudwatch, Simple Notification Service, AWS Security Hub, and AWS GuardDuty that you make use of in a way as they were billed without Chatbot.

Also, there are no minimum fees or any upfront commitments. You can easily calculate approximate costs with the AWS Pricing Calculator.


AWS Chatbot is used to alert team channels in Slack and Chime chat rooms about AWS service incidents and help with streamlining DevOps by allowing you to communicate and send instructions in Slack.

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