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AWS has been spreading its services around the world since its inception, and it has around a million dynamic clients, currently. The global infrastructure of AWS is broadening so that the clients or end-users are now capable of receiving higher throughput and lower latency. AWS is making sure that data remains in the user-specified region. It has been always ready to create infrastructure for its clients in such a way that they can fulfill their global requirements. AWS Global Infrastructure

Each AWS region comprises remote, multiple locations known as availability zones. These AWS regions and the availability zones are spread in high quantities across the world in multiple locations.

AWS has 42 availability zones within 16 geographical locations across the globe. Now, what are the potential benefits of AWS’s vast geographical reach?

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Benefits of the Geographical Reach Possessed by AWS

  • Increased availability: Multiple availability zones and data centers, which are established in each geographical location, are connected with high-quality, fast, private, and fiber-optic connections. This strong linking allows applications to run smoothly.
  • Better services: AWS lets companies increase redundancy and fault tolerance by replicating data among geographical locations, which in turn enables higher speed and lower latency.
  • Control over regions: A company located in a particular geographical location gets control over the region that it has chosen making it easy for the company to obtain better resources.

Learn Amazon Web Services

Now that you know about the availability zones and the geographical reach they provide, let’s learn AWS in detail in the upcoming sections of this AWS tutorial. Stay with us!

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