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AWS Security and Identity Overview

The safety concern offered by AWS enables you to have a safer data storage in the cloud network. Safety services of AWS include AWS Identity and Access Management that uses certain terms and conditions to allow the entry of users into AWS assets. Another safety measure is AWS Directory Service that allows users to enter using some self-created directory.

For making use of these safety measures, you need to have a proper description of the security terms. Controlling users and their authentications are taken care of by  AWS Identity and Access Management. It gives a clear idea of a particular user entering particular assets. AWS Directory Service is for permitting a user to enter AWS assets using directory services. As mentioned above, you can either create a fresh index or even use the already existing indexes.
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Physical Security

  • Multi-level and multi-factor controlled access
  • Controlled and need-based access to AWS employees

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VM Security

  • Multi-factor access to Amazon accounts
  • Instant isolation
  • Support for SSL end-point encryption

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