What is Azure Resource Manager?

  • Enable you to work with the resources in your solution as a group
  • When your creating resource manager you are storing it in a container
  • It helps your security and auditing.
  • You can update deploy or delete all the resources for your solution in a single, coordinated operation.

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Azure Resource Manager Terminology


  • Few of the common resources are a virtual machine, storage account, web app, database and virtual network etc

Resource Group

  • It is a container that holds relevant resources for an Azure solution.
  • The resource group includes all resources for the solution

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Resource Provider

  • You can deploy and manage through Resource Manager
  • Few of the resource providers are Microsoft compute which supplies resources related to web apps

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Azure PowerShell

  • Azure PowerShell provides a set of cmdlets that use the Azure Manager model for managing your Azure resources
  • You can use it with Azure Cloud Shellor it can also be installed in a local machine and use it any PowerShell session
  • You can run PowerShell in your computer by using Cloud Shell or it can also be installed on your own computer.

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Cloud Shell

This is designed for efficiently managing the Azure resources groups along with fulfilling the administration responsibilities using the command line. PowerShell can be used with the help of Cloudshell by installing it in your computer.

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  • The most simple way to get started is to launch Cloud Shell
  • After Cloud Shell has been launched from the top navigation of the Azure portal
  • select Subscription you want to make use of and create a storage account
  • Once the storage has been created the Cloud Shell will open a PowerShell session in the browser

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