CRUD operations

CRUD operations imply to the fundamental operations supported by MongoDB, which are Create, Read, Update, and Delete.

MongoDB CRUD operations

Take a look at each of these operations below –

Create operation – Create operation or Insert operation are used to add new documents to the collection and if the collection does not exist, it creates one.

Following command can insert a document on the collection – db.collection.insert()

Read operation – This operation reads the documents from the collection. This process is taken place by executing a query.

The command to read the document is – db.collection.find()

Update operation – Update operation is used to modify an existing document.

The command that updates a document is – db.collection.update()

Delete operation – Delete operation erases the document from the collection.

Following command performs the operations – db.collection.remove()

Though there are many other commands introduced in the latest versions of MongoDB, but aforementioned commands are the basic ones.

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