WannaCry – A grim reminder of what can go wrong in a digitized world!
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WannaCry was one of the most damaging cyber attacks of our time. Within the first 24 hours tens of thousands of computer systems were shut down in over a hundred countries bringing business as usual to a complete halt.

A kill switch was discovered by a security expert and this helped to slowdown the effects of this virus. But before that the virus had done its malevolent job of affecting some of the biggest organizations from  the NHS in the United Kingdom, to Renault in France, from Telefonica in Spain to MegaFon in Russia and scores of other organizations.

We talked to a bunch of experts in this domain on the ill-effects of WannaCry and ways to stop its spread.

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Here are some of the top comments and opinions:

Bonny, a renowned healthcare datapreneur does not think digitization is to be blamed for these crimes but feels digitization is essentially the reason why the crime propagates so easily.

Boney adds, “Vulnerabilities occur throughout the data trail. Waiting for data analysis is too far downstream. The wider the net you cast looking for insights, the more vulnerable you become. We need system thinking to test vulnerabilities and security gaps between institutions and/or data warehouse.”

Deepak,Cyber Security expert & CEO of Airpro has a word of caution, “Cyber Security is still more of an afterthought in today’s growing enterprises putting them precisely at risk from bugs like WannaCry that are exploiting a loophole in your cyber security infrastructure”.

Abhijeet Agarwal, Big Data Hadoop developer at Infosys says, “Real time analytics is an absolute must. Data is generated today not in GigaBytes but in PetaBytes and rampant digitization is the reason such crimes are increasing on an ongoing basis”.Mr. Abhijeet has a solution who says analytics on data with machine learning might be just the right thing to expose such crimes.

Chetan Desai, Global Sales Head industrial IoT at HCL Technologies was quoted as saying“Companies need real-time analytics not to be # 1 but just to stay competitive. Digitization and unsecure networks to a great extent enables the opportunity for ransomware crimes but it is not the prime reason”.

Chetan further says that analytics is not the be-all and end-all of security against cyber crimes but analyzing data is one way to identify the source of the cyber attackers’ smart moves. Storage, Networks, Communication, Encryption and advanced threat detection technologies today are foundational for any data security initiatives according to him.

Deepak adds, “The new generation of anti-malware tools works in a fundamentally different way. These tools automate the analysis of malware like multiple detection engines working simultaneously to look for any suspicious patterns and telltale signs of security breach. Continuous monitoring of behavioral patterns and real-time visualization can help to make the job of a cyber security analyst much easier. All this needs huge data to make it successful which is readily available in a cloud network today. This way it is easy to make data visualization and threat pattern recognition is simpler and viruses like WannaCry find it hard to spread its tentacles.”

So Big Data Analytics might just be the answer to stall the rampant proliferation of future bugs like WannaCry!

The Verdict:

Today due to the incessant move towards digitization of our lives the WannaCry is just a grim reminder of all things that can go wrong suddenly bringing our world to a grinding halt. So in view of this it is imperative on each one of us to safeguard against such malicious entities in order to secure our data, networks and systems through right and timely deterrent systems and live in a world where software, technology and digitization is indeed a boon and rightly the way forward for humanity.

Learn more about such IT threats in our blog on IT threats and Attacks.

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