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Advantages And Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Advantages And Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing advantages

Cloud computing is an emerging technology that almost every company switched to from on-premise technologies. Whether it is public, private or hybrid, Cloud computing has become an essential factor for the companies to achieve competitive. Let us find out why Cloud is so much preferred over on-premise technologies-

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  • Cost efficiency – The biggest reason behind shifting to cloud computing is that it takes considerably lesser cost than an on-premise technology. Now the companies need not store the data in disks anymore as the Cloud offers enormous space available saving money and resources of the companies.
  • High Speed – Cloud computing lets you deploy the service quickly in fewer clicks. This quick deployment lets you get the resources required for your system within fewer minutes.
  • Excellent accessibility – Storing the information in cloud allows you to access it anywhere, anytime regardless of the machine making it highly accessible and flexible technology of present times.
  • Back-up and restore data – Once the data is stored in Cloud, it is easier to get the back-up and recovery of that, which is quite a time taking process on-premise.

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Cloud Computing disadvantages

Every technology has positive and negatives aspects that are highly important to discuss before implementing it. Aforementioned points highlight the benefits of using cloud technology and following discussion will outline the potential cons of Cloud Computing-

  • Security issues – At time storing data in cloud may pose serious challenge of information theft in front of the company. Though advanced security measures are deployed on cloud, still storing a confidential data in cloud can be a risky affair.
  • Low bandwidth – At times the bandwidth is low as many users are accessing cloud at the same time which causes its bandwidth to go down. With less speed the benefits of cloud computing cannot be realized.
  • Flexibility issues – The cloud services run on remote servers which make it hard for the companies to have control over software and hardware. The services at times do not run the way it should.
  • Incompatibility – Since entire infrastructure gets virtualized, incompatibility issues may arise at times that may pose serious challenges on the way of smooth running of services.

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