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Command line Tools


  • alias

It defines or display aliases. It is a Bash built in.

$ help alias

$ alias ll='ls -alF'


  • bash

GNU Bourne-Again SHell

$ sudo apt-get install bash

$ man bash


  • bc

It is used to evaluate equation from standard input

$ sudo apt-get install bc

$ man bc

$ echo 'e(1)' | bc -l



  • bigmler

Access BigML’s prediction API

$ sudo pip install bigmler

$ bigmler –help


  • cat

It concatenates files and standard input, and print on standard output.

$ sudo apt-get install coreutils

$ man cat

$ cat results-01 results-02 results-03 > results-all


  • cd

It changes the shell working directory. It is a Bash built in.

$ help cd

$ cd ~; pwd; cd ..; pwd




  • chmod

It changes files mode bits. We use it to make our command-line tools executable.

$ sudo apt-get install coreutils

$ man chmod

$ chmod u+x


  • cowsay

It generates an ASCII picture of a cow with a message. Useful for when building up a particular pipeline is starting to frustrate you a bit too much.

$ sudo apt-get install cowsay

$ man cowsay

$ echo 'The command line is awesome!' | cowsay


  • cp

Copy files and directories

$ sudo apt-get install coreutils

$ man cp


  • csvcut

Extract columns from CSV data

$ sudo pip install csvkit

$ csvcut –help


  • csvgrep

It filters tabular data to only those rows where certain columns contain a given value or match a regular expression.

$ sudo pip install csvkit

$ csvgrep –help


  • csvjoin

Merge two or more CSV tables together using a method analogous to a SQL JOIN operation.

$ sudo pip install csvkit

$ csvjoin –help


  • csvlook

Renders a CSV file to the command line in a readable, fixed-width format

$ sudo pip install csvkit

$ csvlook --help

$ echo -e "a,b\n1,2\n3,4" | csvlook


  • csvsort

Sort CSV files

$ sudo pip install csvkit

$ csvsort –help


  • csvsql

Execute SQL queries directly on CSV data or insert CSV into a database

$ sudo pip install csvkit

$ csvsql –help


  • csvstack

Stack up the rows from multiple CSV files, optionally adding a grouping value to each row.

$ sudo pip install csvkit

$ csvstack –help


  • csvstat

It prints descriptive statistics for all columns in a CSV file.

$ sudo pip install csvkit

$ csvstat –help


  • curl

Download data from a URL.

$ sudo apt-get install curl

$ man curl


  • cut

Remove sections from each line of files

$ sudo apt-get install coreutils

$ man cut


  • display

Display an image or image sequence on any X server. Can read image data from standard input

$ sudo apt-get install imagemagick

$ man display


  • echo

Display a line of text.

$ sudo apt-get install coreutils

$ man echo


  • env

Run a program in a modified environment. It is used to specify which interpreter should run our script.

$ sudo apt-get install coreutils

$ man env

$ #!/usr/bin/env python


  • export

Set export attribute for shell variables. It is a Bash built in. It is useful for making shell variables available to other command-line tools.

$ help export

$ export WEKAPATH=$HOME/bin


  • feedgnuplot

It generates a script for gnuplot while passing data to standard input.

$ sudo apt-get install feedgnuplot

$ man feedgnuplot


  • find

Search for files in a directory hierarchy

$ sudo apt-get install findutils

$ man find


  • grep

Print lines matching a pattern

$ sudo apt-get install grep

$ man grep


  • head

Output the first part of files

$ sudo apt-get install coreutils

$ man head

$ seq 5 | head -n 3





  • ls

List directory contents

$ sudo apt-get install coreutils

$ man ls


  • man

Read reference manuals of command-line tools

$ sudo apt-get install man

$ man man

$ man grep


  • mkdir

This command is used to make directories.

$ sudo apt-get install coreutils

$ man mkdir


  • mv

It is used to move or rename files and directories

$ sudo apt-get install coreutils

$ man mv


  • paste

It is used to merge lines of files

$ sudo apt-get install coreutils

$ man paste


  • pip

Install and manage Python packages

$ sudo apt-get install python-pip

$ man pip


  • pwd

Print name of current working directory

$ man pwd

$ pwd



  • python

It is used to execute Python, which is an interpreted, interactive, and object-oriented programming Language

$ sudo apt-get install python

$ man python


  • R

Analyze data and create visualizations with the R programming language.

$ sudo apt-get install r-base-dev

$ man R


  • scp

It is used to Copy remote files securely

$ sudo apt-get install openssh-client

$ man scp


  • sort

Sort lines of text files

$ sudo apt-get install coreutils

$ man sort


  • split

Split a file into pieces

$ sudo apt-get install coreutils

$ man split


  • sql2csv

It executes arbitrary commands against an SQL database and outputs the results as a CSV

$ sudo pip install csvkit

$ sql2csv –help


  • ssh

Login to remote machines

$ sudo apt-get install ssh

$ man ssh


  • sudo

Execute a command as another user

$ sudo apt-get install sudo

$ man sudo


  • tar

Create, list, and extract TAR archives

$ sudo apt-get install tar

$ man tar


  • tee

Read from standard input and write to standard output and files

$ sudo apt-get install coreutils

$ man tee


  • tree

List contents of directories in a tree-like format

$ sudo apt-get install tree

$ man tree


  • type

Display the type of a command-line tool. Type is a Bash built in.

$ help type

$ type cd


  • unrar

Extract files from RAR archives

$ sudo apt-get install unrar-free

$ man unrar


  • unzip

List, test and extract compressed files in a ZIP archive

$ sudo apt-get install unzip

$ man unzip


  • wc

Print newline, word, and byte counts for each file

$ sudo apt-get install coreutils

$ man wc

$ echo 'hello world' | wc -c



  • which

Locate a command-line tool

$ man which

$ which man


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