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Informatica Tutorial

informatica tutorial for beginners

With huge data volumes, complex structures and lots of bad data generating unnecessary expenses to enterprises,  an integration platform for efficient data management became the urgent requirement. Informatica brought excellent solutions to these data problems and delivers “valuable data” to fit the business needs and produce competent results. Informatica online training lets business groups access, clean and transform big data at scale- from departments to enterprises and accelerates data integration rapidly and effectively.

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It is up to five times faster when compared with other data integration platforms. The processes of data iteration, validation and project deployment have become easier and smarter than ever before. Enterprises are trusting PowerCenter for its incredible scalability and reliability in real-time projects and data applications.

Following special characteristics make Informatica an intelligent business tool of present time:

  • Allows B2B data exchange safely with end-to-end visibility
  • Testing data integration increases data quality, security as well as reduces cost
  • Productivity and performance gets boosted with the help of add-on packages multiple times.

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Since its outset, Informatica has implied its usage as an Intelligent ETL data Platform. It has expanded its scope from data integration to information management within organizations through cloud computing. It has continued to add novel and innovative platforms for data analytics, business warehousing and potential data security.

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Informatica is not only used in the domain of technology, but is efficiently serving various industries. Let’s take a look at its applications in multiple sectors

Industry Purpose Served
Healthcare Fighting financial crimes, protecting data and increasing customer-centricity through banking solutions
Banking and capital markets Clinical insight, health insurance exchange, data governance, etc., through extensive analysis
Retail Boost loyalty and growth by creating buying experiences across multiple channels
Insurance Retaining and understanding customers using complex analytics

Informatica is seen as the market leader in data integration so far and thus, mastering this analytics and integration tool is a major concern for most organizations. They are constantly looking for excellent Informatica Developers, who can analyze and integrate data using the tool from day 1. A standalone Informatica certification can help analysts and database architects master the concepts and implement them in real-world business projects. Intellipaat provides hands-on training on Informatica PowerCenter that could help you perform data operations and excel in your career as Data Scientist and Data Analyst.

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We aim at providing exemplary explanation on Informatica PowerCenter and its usage in real-time business applications. This tutorial provides answers to many Informatica problems you face while using and implementing Informatica in your projects. From installation to architecture to transformation, each topic is well illustrated using several examples you can relate to your day-to-day data and business decisions.

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You will know various applications of Informatica and when is the correct time to include Informatica in your database and data warehousing projects. Informatica PowerCenter architecture includes the services and client applications. While Repository is the most important concept in Informatica, this tutorial explains the repository service and repository service processes. The mapping components and data marts are further defined with exact definitions.

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The tutorial details various types of transformations that Informatica supports in its ETL process and their categorization. If you are looking for some intelligent ways to apply in your business development and deployment, you need to just spend some time to start with Informatica PowerCenter.

Recommended Audience

  • Business Intelligence Professionals or ETL Developers
  • Professionals aspiring to master Business Intelligence
  • Project Managers, Database Professionals, Mainframe Professionals, SQL Developers
  • Individual learners aiming to build career in Enterprise Business Intelligence
  • Entry-level and advanced database administrators in SQL


  • Basic knowledge of SQL, databases and data warehousing will be beneficial

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