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Java Tutorial Overview

Widely considered as the programming language underlying under almost every modern day software application, Java has carved a niche for itself in the market place. Today, Java has become an inevitable requisite when it comes to IT. The average salary of a Java Specialist is around INR 146,000.

This Java tutorial is an introduction to help you learn Java which is a very versatile language.According to Forbes, Java is one of the best programming languages to get a Job at a big software company. This programming language can fetch you a job in top MNC companies like Google and Microsoft. As per Glassdoor, the average salary of a Java developer is $88,000 per annum. Java is one such open-source, programming language that can let you create amazing and rational applications for business and entertainment purposes. It is certainly a versatile programming platform with a wide range of expressions, functions and methods.Besides IT projects, Java has utility in mobile app development and gaming applications. Having Java programming skills and Java Certification, you can certainly see yourself in a challenging, competitive and growth-oriented working environment. It is an essential and vital programming language, which once mastered, let you easily and quickly understand other object-oriented platforms. Although, there had been times when Java experienced a slowdown, it instantly took on grips with Android app development.

Here we have the list of topics if you want to jump right into a specific one:

Why Java programmers are in demand?

Despite having so many languages for creating applications and web development, Java programmers are always in demand. Read below to find out the reason behind this fact:

  • Java is guaranteed to be ‘write once and run everywhere’
  • Collection of objects invoking each other’s methods
  • A case sensitive language which makes it to take different meanings for the same word typed differently.

C++ Versus JAVA?

Both are the object-oriented programming languages, but Java’s rich set of functionalities has made it overrule C++. Want to know how?

Built-in functionality to support threadsDoes not support threads
Successor of C(syntax), and C++Successor of C
Code compiledCompiled and interpreted
No database connectivityDatabase connectivity supported

Java has been Google’s first and top choice for Android app programming. It brings an extensive number and variety of job opportunities in multiple businesses. In present time, when every business has gone to laptop screens, desktops and mobile phones, we require a conversant and skillful technical team that can design, code and create amazing websites and functionalities for all types of audiences. Java is a popular and preferred coding language to accomplish technical tasks in the organisation.

Java outsources millions of job opportunities with higher salaries and senior positions in the top multinational companies. This Java tutorial is designed to train you on Java basics and advanced concepts. Starting with the tutorial, you will learn the essential and preliminary theories and its Installation on your system. You will be able to make a simple java program independently, with a valid output.

Moving forward, this reference will take you through understanding Comments and Keywords, basic data types in Java, Java Array, Java String, Java Operators, Java If Else Statements, Java Loops, Java Methods, Classes and Objects. Further, it describes core concepts of Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstract class and Interface, Java Constructors, Static and Dynamic Binding. It comprises implementation of ‘this’, ‘super’, ‘final’ and ‘static’ keywords in Java and their comparisons.

Downcasting with ‘instanceof’ operator, Aggregation(HAS-A) and Composition, Java File I/O, Multithreading, Java Packages and Exception Handling are other significant topics you get familiar while enhancing your Java programming knowledge. Each topic is explained with suitable and elaborative, real -time examples that you can apply in your project.

Most interestingly, the tutorial is helpful for both, beginners as they can learn Java from the scratch using multiple examples, and for experienced Java developers to retouch their concepts and take a quick tour of conceptual insights.

Recommended Audience

  • Students and Professionals aiming to build their career as Java Developers, Software Architects, Web Designers and fetch jobs in top-paid Multinationals.
  • Entry-level and advanced programmers in IT industry.


A mind bend towards logical reasoning will be beneficial.

Table of Content

Java Introduction and Installation

Java Fundamentals

Regardless of whether one thinks that Java is now growing, or inactive, or dying, one has to admit that Java had truly revolutionised and had defined the programming language. Java had combined and brought to the tons of useful programming language features that were previously available only separately or in various languages. Java is a programming language and platform Read More

Language Fundamentals

Basic Concepts

The previous topic cleared the compiler and interpreter doubt but still there are questions such as “How to store different numbers in java?” or “What value you can store in java and how?”, etc. To clear all such doubts we have prepared this “Language Fundamentals” topic which  include the basic concepts to write programs in Java. Here are Read More

Control Statements

Java Loop Iteration Overview

In this section, we are going to discuss about the control statements. Different situations may demands different execution flow of the program. There can be many different conditions which you want your program to follow. Some of these situations can be: You want your program to execute the same statement number of times. You want your Read More

Java Array & Java String Overview

Java Array:

This topic covers the concept of array. Till now, you have learned the basics of Java by which you can create basic java programs. What if you want to store different numbers of same type? Will you declare and initialize step by step for each number? But that will be very lengthy process, time consuming and memory taking Read More

OOPs Concepts

Object Oriented Programming

This topic is about Java OOPs concept. After going through the Java basics such as arrays, language fundamentals, etc. you can start with the OOPs concept. This topic is to introduce the concept of reusability, to provide security and many more features in Java. Here is the list of topics if you directly want to jump: Classes Read More

Java File I/O


This document introduces the basic concepts of java File I/O package. What if you want to access a file through code anytime? When you develop any java application then you will get the requirement to interact with various input/output devices. Input-Output devices are the part of underlying hardware and operating system. To interact with the Input-Output devices through java Read More

Exception Handling


This topic introduces the basic concept of Exception Handling. As you know, Nobody is perfect in this world. So, what if you are driving a car and suddenly something happens and the car stopped. How will you handle that situation? Say the reason is “No Fuel”. Similarly, while writing a program, if JVM finds something unacceptable then, it throws Read More


What is Multi-Threading?

Executing more than one thread simultaneously is called as multithreading. Multithreading is best suitable at User Application level. Multithreading allows to run two or more parts of the programs concurrently. Example: In the above picture, for each deposit or withdraw, separate threads will be allotted for each user. Thread Creation Threads can be created by two ways: Read More


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