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Oracle PL/SQL Tutorial – Learn from experts

This is a free Oracle PL/SQL tutorial that is an introduction to learning the basics of the PL/SQL language. It includes PL/SQL use cases along with practical applications. You will learn about the components of this language like data type, structured query, exception handling, loop statement, procedural language, function procedures creating use cases and more, SQL, as we know, is a powerful structured query language for querying, updating and retrieving data in relational databases like Oracle database. Looking at the intensity of data growing each data and the complexity of managing that data, Oracle created an extension to this query language in the early 90’s as Procedural  Language to SQL.

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This enhanced the capabilities of SQL as PL/SQL allows mixing of SQL statements with procedural constructs. Unlike SQL, PL/SQL is a programming language extending SQL, which includes procedural elements like loops, data types, control structures and others. You can create program blocks, functions, methods, triggers and packages with this extension. In simple terms, while SQL tells the relational database what to do, PL/SQL tells them how to do.

Some important features of Oracle Pl/SQL are:

  • The syntax is based on ADA and Pascal programming language
  • sending the block statements at once reduce network traffic and increase performance
  • Features like exception handling, encapsulation, data hiding, etc., save time in debugging and designing.

In order to become a successful DBA, one should clearly know the difference between SQL and PL/SQL:

Structured Query Language Programming language
Used to write single query Used to write complete programs
Source of data for preparing reports Language for writing applications
Data-oriented Procedural oriented
Can be embedded within Pl/SQL codes Cannot be embedded within SQL codes

Our Oracle PL/SQL tutorial teaches various PL/SQL programming fundamentals and makes you familiar with data types, control structures, collections and records. A comprehensive study of procedural language basics- this learning package is a realistic implementation of Pl/SQL operations, subprograms, and packages. You can learn to query data using implicit and explicit cursor for loops. The tutorial also covers Exception handling in relational databases to handle PL/SQL errors.

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Further, deeper insights into PL/SQL object types and language elements are also provided with suitable examples and real-world implementations. Overall, the tutorial is designed to satiate the learning needs of all types of audiences, whether beginners, intermediate or advanced-level professionals. For advanced programmers and database administrators, our tutelage will serve as a conceptual revival and can be referred time and again to revise and polish up their PL/SQL concepts.

If you like this tutorial, you can opt for our comprehensive training course on Oracle PL/SQL, which offers more than 70% learning through hands-on exercises, assignments and project work, along with a course completion certificate from Intellipaat and preparation for related Professional Certifications. Besides, you will have a 24*7 dedicated support to assist you with any queries regarding training courses, tutorials and videos.

Recommended Audience

  • Software Professionals willing to learn PL/SQL programming
  • SQL Developers eager to enhance their database knowledge and reach the next career level in databases
  • Data Analysts and Data Scientists, working with large databases every day for analyzing, handling, storing and updating data and converting into meaningful information
  • Database Administrators and Architects
  • Entry-level and advanced programmers in Java, C++, Python 

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  • Prior experience of using SQL language (whether from SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, and MySQL) would be very useful. 

Oracle PL/SQL Tutorial Video

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