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IN Operator:

IN clause is used with the WHERE clause to specify discrete values. The syntax is as follows:


SELECT column1, column2….

FROM table_name

WHERE column1 IN (value1, value2….);


Let us consider the Student_details table.

Name Roll No. Marks
Akshay 1 57
Charu 2 68
Disha 3 52
Eva 4 68
Himanshu 5 75
Jitesh 6 88


SELECT * FROM Students_details

WHERE Roll_no IN (2, 5);

NameRoll No.Marks

Charu 2 68
Himanshu 5 75

BETWEEN Operator:It is used to select a value within the specified range. The values can be number, text, or dates.IN operator provides the discrete values and BETWEEN operator provides the range in the search.Syntax:SELECT column1, column2….FROM table_nameWHERE column1 BETWEEN Value1 AND Value2;Example:SELECT * FROM Student_detailsWHERE Roll_no BETWEEN 2 AND 5;

Name Roll No. Marks
Charu 2 68
Disha 3 52
Eva 4 68
Himanshu 5 75

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