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Artificial Intelligence in India
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According to a study, AI can add up to USD 957 billion or 15% of India’s GDP by 2035. The huge population and abundance of data in India will provide a fertile ground for the development and application of AI. Owing to this, India’s government has also started to heavily invest in building AI capabilities and skills. 

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How is Artificial Intelligence used in India?

In the upcoming years, AI will become a crucial element that immensely contributes to the growth and development of India. The future seems bright and hopeful for Artificial Intelligence in India. With proper strategies and policy support, India can establish itself as a leader in AI on the global stage. The following are some areas where artificial intelligence is being used immensely:


AI in Healthcare is being used, extensively, to detect diseases, enhance diagnosis, and improve treatment in the healthcare sector. Companies like Aiisma are using AI for the early detection of diseases.


The education sector is observing a tremendous expansion in the number of companies that utilize AI. Their main aim is to enhance their teaching and learning platforms. This results as the application of artificial intelligence in education sector.


Startups like Cropin and EM3 Agriservices Private Limited use AI to help farmers improve their crop yield and earn a better income. 


E-commerce companies are also acing the race by using AI for product recommendations and predictive searches.

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Artificial Intelligence Companies in India  

Artificial Intelligence Companies in India

India has started making advancements in the AI industry. Some of the leading AI companies in India are mentioned below.

  • Anthropic

Established in 2021, Anthropic focuses on developing constitutional AI. It uses various techniques to align AI systems with human ethics and values. 

  • has aided many businesses in their automation processes and in gaining data-driven insights. The company builds enterprise AI solutions. It emphasizes various technologies like natural language processing, machine learning, etc. 

  • Fluid AI

Founded in 2016, Fluid AI offers an AI-powered platform for automating workflows and constructing business applications. 

  • Infinite Analytics

They build AI models for credit profiling, health diagnostics, personalized recommendations, etc. The company utilizes AI and ML techniques to provide finance, healthcare, and e-commerce solutions. 

  • Nanobi

Nanobi has a wide area of expertise. They are involved in transportation, healthcare, and education domains. The company has collaborated with global organizations to build AI models for route optimization and learning analytics.

  • Niramai

Niramai is doing wonders in the healthcare sector. They aim to make cancer screening accessible to everyone. Their team has developed innovative software that can detect breast tumors. The detection costs much less and makes use of thermal images. 

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Example of Artificial Intelligence in India  

Given below are some real-life examples of artificial intelligence applications in India:

  • AI-based X-ray diagnosis by SigTuple

SigTuple has developed AI software that can analyze X-ray scans with an accuracy of up to 95% at half the cost. They aim to make quality diagnostics more accessible and affordable.

  • Stellapps Technologies

Stellapps Technologies is one of India’s top examples of how companies are rightly utilizing AI. They make use of IoT and AI for dairy farm automation and cattle monitoring. Furthermore, they provide intelligent solutions for milking operations and cold chain visibility. These demanding technologies can be integrated with the help of Artificial Intelligence(AI) tools.

  • Tricog Health

Established in 2015, Tricog Health aims to provide affordable emergency care to all. They have developed a device that can detect heart attacks, as well as a platform for remote diagnosis and monitoring of patients. 

  • Zenatix

Zenatix has built intelligent solutions for managing and optimizing building energy consumption. Their offerings help businesses save energy costs and move toward sustainability.

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Is Artificial Intelligence a Good Career Choice in India?

Career Options in India in the AI domain

AI has great potential to revolutionize India. If you are thinking of making a career in this and have the zeal to learn this technology, then just go for it. An Artificial Intelligence Course will help, a lot, to learn about this technology. With the rapid growth in AI comes a huge demand for AI and machine learning skills in India. Here are some of the top artificial intelligence jobs in India:

  • Data Scientist

They utilize AI and ML techniques to gain insights from big data. In India, data scientists earn a handsome package with an average salary of around ₹8,50,000 per annum.

  • Computer Vision Engineer

Computer vision engineers work on developing AI systems. They have to analyze, process, and visualize images. These professionals earn around ₹7,00,000 per annum.

  • Machine Learning Engineer

ML engineers build machine learning models and systems. The salary of an ML engineer in India is around ₹7,00,000 per annum.   

  • AI Architect

The primary responsibility of AI architects is to oversee the development and deployment of AI and ML systems. In India, an AI architect can earn around ₹13,00,000 per annum.

  • NLP Engineer

NLP engineers are responsible for building AI systems that process and generate human language. Their salary comes to around ₹9,00,000 per annum.

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What is the future of Artificial Intelligence in India?

The future scope of AI in India looks very promising. We have listed a few points and facts that support this statement.

  • Artificial Intelligence will drive digital transformation across sectors and have a vast and lasting impact on the society and economy of India. AI has the potential to significantly transform industries like healthcare, agriculture, education, etc. 
  • In the coming years, government initiatives like the Niti Aayog will boost AI research and its adoption in the country.
  • Investments in AI are multiplying. According to NASSCOM, the AI software market in India will reach USD 7.8 billion by 2025.
  • In India, we continue to see an increase in the number of courses and training programs related to AI and ML to meet the growing skill demand.
  • The understanding is that cloud platforms like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft will make AI more accessible to startups and enterprises in India.  
  • The rapid growth of AI startups in India is commendable. More AI and deep-tech startups will emerge in India to build innovative products and services based on AI.  
  • AI will boost employment and economic growth. Although AI and automation may transform jobs, they will also drive the creation of new jobs and boost the economy in a significant way.

The points explained on Artificial Intelligence future in India is incredibly promising, with vast opportunities for growth, innovation, and societal benefits.


India is setting its foot in the AI industry. AI has emerged in almost every sector, and in no time, it will become an integral part of the workforce. Presently, the need for AI and ML professionals with the required skill set is more than ever in the market, thus making it the best time to learn this technology. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence’s impact on India has revolutionized various sectors and transformed the way businesses and society function. 

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