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Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the pinnacle of making machines emulate human intelligence in today’s world. In simpler terms, this is a procedure where machines use raw data, learn, reiterate and verify aspects of data without human intervention at all points of..Read More

Future Scope of AI | Intellipaat
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It is unconditional that Artificial Intelligence has been a prime entity in today’s world and it has shown nothing but strong exponential growth throughout. Tesla’s Autopilot and Google’s DeepMind are prime examples of the future scope of Artificial Intelligence.

Analytics and surveys suggest the same, the future scope of Artificial Intelligence is bright and it will bring about a revolution in the way we interact with the world. Listed below are the numerous ways in which AI can change the future for good:

  1. Artificial Intelligence in Science
  2. Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity
  3. Artificial Intelligence in Face Recognition
  4. Artificial Intelligence in Data Analysis
  5. Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture
  6. Artificial Intelligence in Process Automation
  7. Artificial Intelligence in Gaming and Entertainment

Artificial Intelligence in Science

AI in Science | Future Scope of AI | Intellipaat

Forbes says that Artificial Intelligence has a good scope in adding value to life, and numbers have been proving this claim since then. For example, in 2019, there was a breakthrough in medicine and AI when researchers found out that the onset of breast cancer can be detected accurately early on and can help doctors identify better in terms of benign and malignant cells.

This is just one example among many when considering the future scope of Artificial Intelligence to understand that AI can be put to effective use in any field. Here’s another- BlueDot, an AI platform, detected abnormal levels of pneumonia in Wuhan, China, at the end of 2019, and just 9 days later, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the detection of the ‘novel coronavirus’ – This indicates that AI has a greater role to play in terms of medicine, clinical research and in the vast fields of biology.

Considering all of this, it is safe to presume that AI will accelerate scientific research and application rapidly.

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

AI in Cybersecurity| Future Scope of AI | Intellipaat

We live in a world where everyone is concerned for the safety of their data and their privacy. This has been a prolonged concern for many years and cybersecurity was the answer to the problem. The first thing that comes into mind when there is any talk about fraud is the credit card scams that have been happening for the last couple of years. Even though there are stern and tested methodologies in place, hackers these days always seem to find a workaround.

However, Artificial Intelligence here can bring about an effective method to curb these fraudulent activities. Nascent concepts such as neural networks can be used to bring about a halt in these transactions by being able to sift through thousands of transactions every second and immediately stop a transaction with a malign intent behind it.

Artificial Intelligence in Face Recognition

AI in Face Recognition| Future Scope of AI | Intellipaat

From high-security vaults to smart phones, face recognition is everywhere. Nowadays, faces are rapidly becoming the identification documentation when checking in or even when obtaining boarding passes at many airports across the USA, Asia and the better part of Europe as well.

AI can help all the way from identifying people on social media to help in aiding forensic investigations using face recognition. When exposing your identity is of concern, there arises a situation which calls for a balance between security and privacy.

With Artificial Intelligence at hand, it could help vastly in the field of security, banking, education and information technology. It can be said that the prospects of facial recognition alongside AI are colossal in terms of future potential.

Artificial Intelligence in Data Analysis

AI in Data Analysis| Future Scope of AI | Intellipaat

Data is the new oil and Artificial Intelligence is the new engine. When data has attained such a powerful status in today’s world where it is spearheading some companies to success and devising clever and concise solutions to the world’s problems, it would benefit immensely if the power of AI is used to detect patterns and trends that are not visible to the human eye.

In 2019 alone, AI alongside data analysis drove almost $2 trillion worth of value worldwide. When the stakes are this high, the role of AI in extracting meaningful insights, trends and patterns is crucial. Everything from the world of IoT, edge computing all the way to real-time intelligence, they are being effectively used throughout the world and the effects can already be seen everywhere around us.

If it weren’t for bylaws, we would have completely autonomous cars and taxis on roads already. When you think about Tesla’s Autopilot, the technology is very much capable of it and it is already in place.

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

AI in Agriculture| Future Scope of AI | Intellipaat

Here’s a fact, the world needs to produce over 50 percent of its current produce in just another 30 years time. Careful planning of resources alongside AI will help farmers grow sustainable produce while managing resources in an eventful manner. Considering factors such as climate change and population growth, AI has immense potential to provide innovative solutions to improve the crop yield throughout the year to meet the rising demands.

The future scope of Artificial Intelligence involves using robots to help in crop health detection, harvesting and soil analysis. This will surely ensure positive results in the long term.

A simple tool such as a smartphone camera can be used to perform a wide variety of analytics and tests in the field of agriculture. If this is paired with AI, the possibilities are virtually endless with immense potential.

Artificial Intelligence in Process Automation

AI in Process Automation | Future Scope of AI | Intellipaat

Considering the use of robots, a novel field, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has helped to automate rule-based tasks in multiple scenarios. This will allow for a greater population of the workforce to devote their time and energy to critical tasks rather than mundane aspects which they could leave directly for the machines to handle.

Since the future scope of Artificial Intelligence is immense, growth in automation is directly related to automating tasks in a diverse number of fields. A high amount of productivity can be forecast by making use of AI in the daily task, considering the high efficiency and throughput of process automation.

With robots like Sophia, it comes as no surprise that AI is heading on a brighter path in helping the human race achieve its goals quicker and solve problems diligently across the world.

Artificial Intelligence in Gaming and Entertainment

AI in Gaming and Entertainment | Future Scope of AI | Intellipaat

The gaming industry worldwide has a revenue forecast reach of US$230 billion by the year 2022. All the way from 1997 when IBM’s DeepBlue beat Garry Kasparov, the world-renowned Chess Grandmaster till Google’s AlphaGo that defeated Lee Sedol, multiple-time world champion in the game of Go, the world’s most complicated board game, AI is showing strong prospects towards the world of gaming and entertainment.

Artificial Intelligence also proved that it has a strong footing in terms of automating monotonous tasks such as breaking down scripts and story-boarding among other concepts involved in the creation of movies. AI surely will add a lot of value to the ever-growing entertainment industry valued at US$720 billion.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Certified in AI Today

Supply Chain for AI Experts

Supply chain for AI experts | Future scope of AI | Intellipaat

Since the future scope of Artificial Intelligence is the hot stuff of discussion everyday, it calls for a steep incline in every single organization out there looking for how they can make use of AI to boost their sales and productivity and achieve more efficiency overall.

This is creating an excessive demand and a lacking supply in the channel which directly correlates to the world looking into hiring more and more well-equipped and knowledgeable AI experts.

#1 Career Path of the Decade

Number one career path of the decade | Future scope of AI | Intellipaat

It comes as no surprise that AI has shown nothing but exponential growth since inception. The steady rise in the market has a predicted contribution of about US$16 trillion by the year 2030.

With the average salary of an AI expert to be around US$130,000, it sure gives learners and prospects a chance at the lucrative field and more importantly, an edge over the other professionals in the field of information technology these days.

Top Skill of the Century

Toip skill of the century | Future scope of AI | Intellipaat

There is no second thought about Artificial Intelligence being the primal need of the hour. In today’s world we generate 2.5 quintilian bytes of data every single day. A quintilian is the measure of 10 raised exponentially 30 times.

To handle all this data, alongside ensuring that the same will transform humanity, it surely asks for some top skills. And, the way we make use of data around us has proven to be a breakthrough in this century.

The future scope of Artificial Intelligence is bright as it gets. Even though AI is very strong, it is still far from matching human cognition or becoming a superpower. But for now, from being involved in our lives as Siri or Alexa to helping in the field of science, data, and medicine, AI has shown nothing but immense potential throughout. Be it scope of Artificial Intelligence in India or scope of Artificial Intelligence in USA, or anywhere else in the world, this community is fast growing and producing results at a lightning pace.

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