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AWS Security Certification Study Guide
Updated on 05th Jun, 23 456 Views

According to Forbes, AWS holds 45 percent of the cloud services market share, more than twice that of Azure. The importance and popularity of cloud services have been on the rise due to their ease of use, budget friendliness, etc. However, you may know that there are still security concerns regarding cloud services. As per a report from Accurics, 23 percent of security breaches happen due to the poor configuration of cloud services. Hence, companies need expert professionals to work on their cloud infrastructure.

AWS provides numerous security services, and they need to be implemented in the best ways possible. Earning the right certification will help professionals do so. In this blog, you will read in detail about AWS Security Certification and the other related information as listed below:

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Brief Introduction to AWS Security Certification

Due to Cyber Security concerns, organizations constantly hire security specialists. AWS Security Certification is for professionals who want to be recognized as security experts of AWS services and explore security services in the cloud infrastructure of organizations. It is an industrially recognized certification, and it validates the candidates’ knowledge of AWS security services.

Along with providing various cloud services, AWS has also been setting up an example in the market by coming up with their respective certifications. These certifications ensure that the professionals are well-equipped to enter their cloud careers with deep knowledge, expertise, and confidence.

Moreover, certifications can offer great salary packages to these professionals. As per a report from Forbes, AWS certifications increase the tech pay up to US$12K p.a. Not just salary bumps but AWS certified IT professionals also get to enhance their skills and move up the ladder in the IT industry.

Are you excited to earn AWS Security Certification? Read on.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail how you can clear the AWS Security Certification through the step-by-step guide for cracking the certification exam.

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Why should you clear AWS Security Certification?

The world is getting more tech-advanced day by day. The pandemic too had a large part to play in it. More and more organizations are shifting to Cloud Computing, with a special focus on Cybersecurity. This is changing the way the IT industry works.

Advantages of AWS Certification

Cloud Computing has become an essential part of IT companies today, and with that, cloud security has become vital more than ever as data is key and none can afford to let it get messed up. Accurics finds that the meantime taken to resolve security breaches is around 25 days per year across organizations. So, with AWS leading the cloud market, organizations are in dire need of security specialists who can implement AWS security techniques in the right way as per their needs and requirements.

AWS certifications are among the top 15 highest-paying certifications in the world, according to Forbes. Hence, you can get a slight idea of the value an AWS certification holds. An IT professional with some experience in AWS or Cyber Security, when becomes an AWS-certified security professional, he/she gets ample opportunities in the IT sector.

So, why not get validated by the industry’s most trusted certification provider and get access to more opportunities? In this blog, we will discuss more about the AWS Cloud Security Certification and the exam you have to clear for earning it.

Now, let’s move ahead and read about who can go for the AWS Security Certification.

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Who should go for the AWS Security Certification?

So far, we understood why one should opt for the AWS Cloud Security Certification. Further, we will see which professionals can benefit from earning it. There are some recommended AWS Security certification prerequisites as well for the professionals who want to opt for it.

Below are the professionals for whom this certification is intended:

  • AWS Solutions Architect
  • Cloud Security Professional
  • Cyber Security Expert with some knowledge of AWS infrastructure.
Certification in Cloud & Devops

How can you get certified?

The AWS Security Certification exam is not an easy one to crack. Your experience and knowledge of AWS security or cloud security play a huge role in this. Now, let’s check out some tutorials, videos, blogs, etc., which can help you in cracking the exam.

  • YouTube videos:
    • Intellipaat: The 10-hour AWS tutorial video from Intellipaat will introduce you to all the important AWS services.
    • AWS re:Invent: This tutorial video from AWS re:Invent event (2020) on AWS security will help you understand all the new and existing AWS security services.
  • Tutorials and blogs:
    • Intellipaat: This AWS tutorial series from Intellipaat, in the form of tutorial blogs, will make you understand end-to-end AWS concepts by helping you in making notes and remembering key topics.
    • AWS: The official blogs and whitepapers provided on the AWS website will keep you updated on the latest security services offered by AWS and help you understand them.
  • AWS documentation: The AWS documentation explains the best security practices for all AWS services and how you can implement them.

The below image shows the AWS Security Certification path that you should follow to earn the certificate.

AWS Security Certification Path

We now know the importance of AWS Security Certification and that it requires some hands-on experience or online training. To get certified, you have to excel in the AWS Security Certified – Specialty exam.

Let’s now discuss the steps to book your exam slot:

  1. Click on the following link and sign in to the AWS certifications account: AWS Account.
  2. Once logged in, click on Upcoming exams
  3. You will see the list of all the upcoming exams. Now, look for AWS Certified Security – Specialty
  4. On the right side of the exam name, you will see two options:
    •  Schedule with PSI
    •  Schedule with Pearson VUE
  1. If you click on Schedule with Pearson VUE, then you will get redirected to Pearson VUE’s console.
  2. Now, select the preferred location and accept the permissions:
    • From local test center
    • From home or office
  3. Then, check the exam details and choose a suitable date and time for the exam.
  4. After this, proceed to checkout for the payment, where you have to pay the exam fee. In this case, the AWS Security Specialty certification cost is US$300. After the payment, you will get your booking confirmation and exam details. The cost of the practice exam is US$40.

You can book for the exam with the help of the above details and crack it. After clearing the exam, within 5 business days, you will get your AWS Cloud Security Certification.

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AWS Certified Security – Specialty Exam Pattern

The exam for AWS Security Certification is held in a certain pattern with some rules. We will see the format of the questions, the time allotted, the syllabus, and the passing score of the exam further in this blog.

  • Format of questions: There will be 65 questions of two types.
    • Multiple-choice questions: One correct option out of four
    • Multiple-response questions: Two or more correct responses out of five or more options
  • Duration of the exam: You will get 170 minutes to complete the exam.
  • Syllabus outline: AWS has provided a list of main domains and the weightage of each domain in the exam. See the below image:
AWS Security Certification Syllabus Outline
  • Passing marks and result: The maximum score is 1000, and the passing score is 750. After finishing the exam, Pass/Fail will appear on your screen. The details of the result and the certificate will be mailed to you within 5 business days.

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Advantages of Getting AWS Certified

As an IT professional, AWS Security Certification validates your understanding of the AWS workload and AWS Cloud Security on a broad scale. In this section, let’s see what are the other advantages you will have once you become an AWS certified security professional:

  • Salary hike: The average annual salary of AWS Certified Security – Specialists has been increased by more than 12 percent from 2019 to 2020, as per Global Knowledge. Also, the pattern of AWS’s market growth over the years will definitely be beneficial for professionals.
  • Validation: As the AWS Security Certification exam requires thorough knowledge of the AWS cloud and AWS Cloud Security, the certificate validates your understanding and experience working on AWS services and AWS Cloud Security in IT organizations.
  • Credibility: With the growing influence of AWS, organizations and employers need IT professionals who are experienced and certified. Becoming an AWS Certified Security – Specialist increases your credibility and gives you an edge over your peers who are not certified.
  • Badge: With AWS Security Certification, AWS also gives you a digital badge that you can use to market and influence your credibility among potential employers. It also gives you exclusive access to AWS summit events such as AWS re:Invent.
AWS Security Certification Badge
  • Better opportunities: By earning the AWS Security Certification and the badge, you will have the chance to stand out in the organization, get better projects, and a salary hike. It will also give you a better opportunity to explore more in the industry until you land your dream job.

Intellipaat AWS Certification


AWS Security Certification can play a huge role in your career by adding value to your CV. Employers and organizations will recognize your knowledge and expertise more than ever and will entrust you with more responsibilities and opportunities.

AWS Security Certification will give you good chances to explore better jobs or projects too. So, why not get benefited from becoming certified? If you are interested in learning about other Cloud infrastructures and other concepts, then you should enroll in Intellipaat’s Cloud Computing courses.

Hope this blog has opened up the door to get certified as an AWS Security Specialist. If you have more queries, drop a comment below.

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