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AWS Solutions Architect Salary
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The range of salary earned by AWS certified professionals differs in terms of the company that they work in, their position level, the geographical location of the company, their skill set, their experience, and various other factors. As a certified AWS professional, once you start getting accustomed to your responsibilities, your salary also increases, be it in any job profile.

This blog will discuss the topics mentioned below:

Let us start by understanding what AWS is, and after that, we can get into the AWS Solutions Architect salary part.

What is AWS?

AWS by Amazon is a cloud computing service that offers reliable, scalable, easy-to-use, and cost-efficient cloud-based solutions to companies across the world. The services offered by this cloud-based platform is not limited to any specific country or continent. In fact, it is available for any company that is ready to pay and use the services while making the most out of it.

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AWS is an amalgamation of a variety of cloud computing services and products that help companies with technology, equipment, tools, support, and much more. It allows companies to make complete utilization of the required services. Companies can use AWS for networking security, remote computing, mobile storage, servers, and more, making their business more productive, efficient, and profitable.

No other cloud-based technology has come closer to competing with this technology due to the range of services it offers. There are 165+ services available at your disposal in AWS.

AWS can be classified into the following three categories:

  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2): Amazon’s virtual machine
  • Simple Storage Service (S3): Amazon’s storage system
  • Glacier: Cost-efficient storage service

With the help of this technology, companies can host their web pages in the cloud, store company files securely in the cloud, send emails in bulk, store data on Oracle, SQL, and MySQL, and more.

Globally, AWS is available, along with its servers, in over 76 availability zones; more than 245 countries have AWS’s presence.

After learning about AWS, you might be wondering who AWS Solutions Architects are and what do they do. Let us discuss that now. You will also get insights into the AWS Solutions Architect salary trends.

Who is an AWS Solutions Architect?

AWS Solutions Architects work on the underlying vision of AWS solutions. These professionals work with a company’s development department, making sure that the company’s technical solutions and decisions align with its desired outcomes and vision. This is why these professionals must have the required business acumen if they wish to get into this domain and be successful.

Some of the responsibilities of solutions architects in an organizational setup are listed below:

  • Plan the adoption process of cloud services for the company
  • Manage and monitor cloud platforms
  • Design and develop cloud-based applications
  • Develop software by using Python, C++, Java, and JavaScript
  • Secure the company’s data
  • Use Chef, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, and other AWS environment tools to create and deploy required applications

Before we read about the AWS Solutions Architect salary trends, let us check out the jobs available for professionals certified in AWS.

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Top 10 AWS Certified Jobs Roles

Based on your skill set and certification, there are several jobs that you can apply for. Mentioned below are the top 10 jobs that recruiters are looking to hire:

  1. AWS Cloud Architect
  2. SysOps Admin
  3. Cloud Developer
  4. Cloud Sales and Purchase Manager
  5. Cloud DevOps Engineer
  6. Cloud Manager
  7. Cloud Software Engineer
  8. AWS Network Specialist
  9. AWS System Integrator
  10. AWS Big Data Specialist

Now that you have enough background information, we will discuss the salaries earned by AWS professionals in their respective subfields in several parts.

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AWS Solutions Architect Salary Trends

AWS professionals are among the highest-paid cloud professionals today. More and more companies are recruiting these experts, creating millions of job opportunities for them. One of the reasons why they earn a large amount is, without a doubt, their skills. However, another reason for this is the requirement of these professionals as there are not enough of them.

Now, let us discuss the salaries of AWS professionals based on their job roles.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Salary

As per PayScale, the average entry-level AWS Solutions Architect salary is US$114,350 p.a.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Salary

AWS Senior Solutions Architect’s salary is approximately US$131,960 p.a.

Let us move on and discuss their earnings based on different geographical locations as per the statistics from Glassdoor and PayScale.

AWS Solutions Architect Salary in India

AWS Solutions Architects in India earn an average of ₹653,060 p.a. This salary can range from ₹300,000 p.a. to ₹1,500,000 p.a.

However, an AWS Solutions Architect Associate fresher’s salary in India is about ₹300,000 p.a. It is the starting base salary paid to professionals in this domain.

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AWS Solutions Architect Associate Salary in the UK

The average salary of an AWS Solutions Architect associate in the United Kingdom is £75,088 p.a. Their salary ranges between £53,000 p.a. and £100,000 p.a.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Salary in Canada

The average salary of an AWS Solutions Architect in Canada is around CA$112,961 p.a. In Canada, the earning of such professionals may range between CA$82,000 p.a. and CA$155,000 p.a.

AWS Solutions Architect Salary in Germany

In Germany, an AWS Solutions Architect can earn about €66,501 p.a. on average. However, the salary earned by AWS professionals can be between €55,000 p.a. and €88,000 p.a.

Career Transition

AWS Solutions Architect Salary in Malaysia

The salary earned by an AWS Solutions Architects in Malaysia is about RM112,075 p.a. This annual salary can range from RM72,000 p.a. to RM280,000 p.a.

AWS Solutions Architect Salary in Singapore

An AWS Solutions Architect in Singapore is paid an average salary of S$95,196 p.a. The salary earned by them can range between S$62,000 p.a. and S$121,000 p.a., depending on the company that they work in and their experience level.

AWS Solutions Architect Salary in Australia

An AWS Certified Solutions Architect earns an average salary of AU$116,449 p.a. in Australia. Based on several factors, this amount may range from AU$ 86,000 p.a. to AU$ 137,000 p.a.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Salary in the USA

In the United States, an AWS Solutions Architect earns an average salary of US$114,350 p.a. The range in which such professionals draw their salaries is US$94,000 p.a. 148,000 p.a.

Further, you will learn about the salaries earned by AWS Certified Solutions Architects in some of the major companies in the United States, according to the posts made by LinkedIn.

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Salary Range Offered in Top 5 US Companies

  • Amazon: US$95,000 p.a. to US$174,000 p.a.
  • Accenture: US$79,000 p.a. to US$164,000 p.a.
  • Slalom: US$80,000 p.a. to US$169,000 p.a.
  • Capital One Financial Corp.: US$95,000 p.a. to US$152,000 p.a.
  • Booz, Allen, and Hamilton: US$73,000 p.a. to US$153,000 p.a.
AWS Solutions Architect Salary

Salaries of AWS Professionals in Top Companies

Certification in Cloud & Devops

Become an AWS Solutions Architect

To get into this profession and become a certified AWS Solutions Architect, you must clear both AWS Solutions Architect certification exams—Associate and Professional. You will be able to prepare for and clear these examinations by enrolling in the training program with us. This blog has given you a gist of the AWS solutions architect salary earned with expert skills in AWS based on various factors. So, what are you waiting for? Fast-track your career and become an expert in this cloud computing technology today.

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