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Top 9 Useful Web Development Tools
Updated on 09th May, 23 1357 Views

In this “Top 9 Web Development Tools to Use in 2023” blog, we will cover the topics mentioned below:

Now, let’s get an understanding of what Web Development is and how it works.

What is Web Development?

Web Development, in simple terms, is the process of building and updating web pages that are uploaded over the Internet for users to interact with. But, it does not mean that this process is only adapted to develop complex websites that are parts of bigger business sites. It uses several frontend and backend languages such as PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript, and more, along with a few website development tools, to create these well-functioning, user-friendly websites.

Web Developers and programmers make use of these Web Development tools and techniques, as well as the programming languages, to create a website. Now, let’s read and understand a little more about these professionals and the tools for Web Developers.

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Who are Web Developers?

Web Developers are professionals who are mainly responsible for the design, coding, and layout of web pages as per the required specifications of their organizations. This role makes a note of the functioning of the web pages and user experience, comprising both computer programming and graphic designing to meet the needs and demands of the companies. After the creation of the websites, these professionals also help in the upkeep and maintenance of the same.

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Now that you have read about what Web Development is and who Web Development professionals are, let’s learn about what Web Development tools are and how they help these professionals in the process of building a website, and then let’s move on with the top 9 tools to use in 2022.

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Web Development Tools

Web App Development tools allow developers to use and work with numerous tools and technologies that offer faster development of websites at a reasonable price, without investing too much effort.

Here’s the latest Web Development tools list that you can learn and master to become a successful Web Developer in a well-known organization.

Web Development Tools

Chrome DevTools

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had the option to debug your program in JavaScript or edit your CSS and HTML code in real time while analyzing the performance of your webpage? Google’s Chrome DevTools allows you to do exactly that.

Chrome DevTools is considered one of the best tools for Web Developers, designed for both small and large organizations. Besides, you can make use of it without any cost. Chrome offers a variety of in-built tools for developers that come with the option to view and update the style of a web page and change the Document Object Model (DOM). With these tools, you can check messages, debug, run JavaScript codes in the console, and also optimize the speed of the website.

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Sass is one of the popular Web Application Development tools used by professionals today. It is one of the most mature, robust, stable, and reliable CSS extension languages. This tool allows you to extend and use the functionality of a site’s existing CSS such as inheritance, variables, functions, mixing, and nested rules.

Sass is among the widely-used open-source Web Development tools that generally attract the updated preprocessors of CSS. Moreover, it lends you a helping hand in writing and building codes that you can easily maintain, thereby reducing the need for CSS for your coding.

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CodePen is used in most organizations, from small to large. This tool comes in the following four packages:

  • Free Package
  • Annual Starter Package for US$8 per month
  • Annual Developer Package for US$12 per month
  • Annual Super Package for US$26 per month

CodePen is one of the commonly used frontend developer tools for Web Development that has various functionalities to design and share the front end of web pages. Also, you can use this tool to develop an entire project since it offers all the necessary features of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in a web browser.


Grunt is one of the most popular Web Developer tools in terms of task automation. It is a widely-adopted and flexible task runner on NodeJS. Mainly, it is used by developers to perform redundant processes such as compilation, minification, unit testing, etc.

Grunt is completely free and extremely easy to install. Moreover, it offers several plugins for you to use and also lets you build your plugins. Further, this Web Development tool assists you in automating any process with a negligible amount of effort from your end.

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GitHub is a frequent choice of tool in most organizations, irrespective of their sizes. It provides four different packages, wherein two are for individuals and the other two plans are for teams.

Packages for individuals include:

  • Free Package
  • Pro Package for US$7 per month

Packages for teams are as follows:

  • Team Package for US$9 per user per month
  • Enterprise Package based on the requirements and the quote from organizations

The GitHub platform allows you to manage numerous web development projects by helping you build several review processes for the code you have written. Besides, it also fits well in your overall workflow. Other than that, you can integrate it with the tools that you are working with already. Another unique feature of GitHub is that you can deploy it either as a cloud-hosted solution or as a self-hosted solution.

ToolsBest forDescriptionFeaturesPrice
  Chrome DevToolsSmall and large companiesWeb Development toolsContains Network Panel, Source Panel, Security Panel, Memory Panel, Application Panel, and Console PanelFree
  SassA modified and improved version of CSSCompatible with CSS, frameworks, and rich in featuresFree
CodePenSmall and large companiesA tool for developing and testing front-end codeUsed to develop, test, and share codeFree Annual Starter: US$8/month Annual Developer: US$12/month Annual Super: US$26/month
GruntSmall and medium-sized companiesJS task runnerSeveral plugins and automation are availableFree
GitHubSmall and large companiesA software development platformFeatures to manage a project are availableFree Pro: US$7/month Team: US$9/user/month Enterprise: Get a quote

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Now let us understand a few more web development tools that are widely used:


Bootstrap is one of the most used open source libraries of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – popular web programming languages. Knowledge of the BootStrap tool is important because it helps in the smooth creation of mobile web applications which are responsive too. It has a unique set of multiple ready-to-use elements to create functional web layouts. Due to its easy-to-set-up advantage, it is a very preferred tool.


Envato is typically a front-end development tool. It offers a wide collection of readymade and built-in HTML5 templates that web developers can use to build user interfaces. Envato also supports all the top web programming languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well.  It is also known for supporting all types of web frameworks and offering optimized CSS and JavaScript coding techniques.

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Sublime Text

Sublime Text is an open-source software used for coding and markup. It allows cross-platform editing and customizations as per project requirements. The Sublime Text tool is a preferred tool because it supports almost all types of programming and markup languages. The tool also offers ease of web development as it has a well-structured and fast user interface. It is a personal favorite of many web developers because of the wide collection of components and smart editing tools.


MongoDB is a database tool. Precisely speaking, it is a NoSQL database and is mostly used to store unstructured data and return the data as and when required. It is a Back-end web development tool that allows easy sorting of data into documents.MongoDB is a preferred back-end web development tool because it helps in creating complex structures, defining relationships, and storing arrays containing data.

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This blog lists the top 9 Web Development tools that you can use in 2023, and it gives you an overview of what Web Development is and who Web Developers are. If you wish to learn these tools and become a Web Developer in a reputed organization, you should sign up for one of the best Web Development courses.

If you have any doubts regarding Web Development tools, then reach out to Intellipaat’s Web Technology Community.

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