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We are all part of the cyber age, where usage of technology and involvement of internet is massive. Innumerable individuals and organizations constantly work with large bytes of data and they are a part of the internet community. Protection and safety of confidential information of all the users need to be protected and, on the internet, there are malicious users who pose a threat for the safety of information. This is where cyber security pitches in. There are various security measures that stand out to armor sensitive contents on the electronic devices.
And in the following blog we shall focus on one of the main domains in cyber security, that is, Ethical Hacking.

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What Is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking involves finding vulnerabilities and breach in a system or a network and rectifying those threats. Ethical hacking means legalized hacking where, hacking is carried upon an individual or organizations consent. An ethical hacker can also be termed as ‘white hat hacker’ and this type of hacker mainly deals with penetration testing. These are basically good guys of the hacker world.

What Is Ethical Hacking

Why Should One Become A Certified Ethical Hacker?

  • Esteemed career opportunities
  • Well paid profession
  • Recognized throughout the globe
  • A chance to learn and fight cyber crimes
  • Exposure to fascinating and cutting-edge hacking technology.

Why Should One Become A Certified Ethical Hacker

Prerequisites for hacking includes good programming skills. It would be suggestable to learn basics of programming with computer languages, such as Java online training course, python, etc.,

Basic knowledge in networking is also must. This shall help one to easily crack the hacker exam which one has to undertake in order to obtain the Cyber Security certification.

To Become A Certified Ethical Hacker

Hacking is illegal unless an individual follows the necessary criteria’s and regulations that certify that individual as an ethical hacker. So, an individual shall not be a white hat hacker until issued with a certified ethical hacking recognition issued by the EC-Council.

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International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council)

Being one of the well know professional Cyber Security certification body for information security skills, the EC-Council issues the CEH certificate, where CEH stands for ‘Certified Ethical Hacker’. This is a globally recognized certificate issued to the individual who has successfully qualified through all the necessary requirements of becoming an ethical hacker. A CEH certified hacker makes use of same tools such as a malicious hacker and this adds upon to the advantage of pursuing this Cyber Security certification where one shall get an opportunity to lay their hands-on high-end hacking technology.

International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council)

Eligibility Criteria To Obtain CEH Certification

There are two types of CEH


Which requires a two-year work experience in information security and provide proof of the same as validated through the application process. This is required unless the candidate attends an EC-Council accredited training center or at any approved academic institution. Getting trained in such institutions provides eligibility for the candidate to attempt the relevant EC-Council exam without undergoing any application process.


This exam does not have any eligibility criteria or requirements. Any individual who is interested in taking up this can do so by just paying the required fees and take up the practical exam.

Learn about the roles and responsibilities of a Security Operations Centre analyst in our blog on SOC Analyst now!

Target Audience

  • Network security professionals
  • IT managers
  • Analysts
  • Technical support engineers
  • system administrators

all the above-mentioned professionals along with those keen to learn ethical hacking can enroll themselves in the certified ethical hacking exam and gain the standard certificate.

Target Audience

Process Of Ethical Hacking

The following steps gives you a brief view on how an ethical hacking process works:

  1. Preliminary survey is carried out on the task.
  2. A process of enumeration and scanning is done.
  3. Now access must be established with the affected system.
  4. The access must be maintained until the problem is rectified.
  5. Tracks must be cleared.
  6. Finally, the reporting is done.

This is a cyclic process, and will be carried out until the entire issue with respect to the system or network is rectified.

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How Ethical Hacking Knowledge Can Be Imparted By Intellipaat?

One cannot become an expert in any domain until they learn and gain knowledge and keep learning throughout. Upon gathering information from experts in the field of cyber security, Intellipaat has come up with ethical hacking tutorials, where you can learn ethical hacking from scratch and get all the necessary knowledge and guidance one shall require in the vast field of ethical hacking.

Some of the essential topics covered in the ethical hacking tutorial shall be mentioned below.

  • Introduction to ethical hacking
  • Hacking methodologies and tactics
  • Step by step process of ethical hacking
  • IDS, Trojans, & Honeypot in hacking
  • Advanced concepts like network packet analysis
  • Log management and information security
  • Virus programming & reverse engineering.

Check this Intellipaat Cyber Security Tutorial:

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These concepts are explained in upmost detail and in an easy to understand manner. One without prior knowledge with respect to ethical hacking can make complete use of this tutorial by enrolling in it.

Intellipaat shall train you in this tutorial by boosting your skills with respect to information and concepts related to ethical hacking and help you gain confidence in taking up the Certified ethical hacking exam and crack it.

Now it is time for you guys to make some real world cyber security projects that will help you get a good exposure to the skills you have mastered!

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