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Cyber security Jobs in 2022
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Cyber Security unemployment rate being 0 percent (CSO Online) and having 4 million unfilled CyberSecurity jobs globally (Netsparker), it’s highly likely that you’ll start your career as a  Cyber Security professional. But is that all? Nill unemployment rate doesn’t make it easier on anyone though it gives a lot of opportunities. You need to upskill yourself with the latest Cyber Security techniques, attacks, software, and tools to keep up with the competition to stand out in this challenging field. 

Below is the list of top Cyber Security job roles around the globe with a rewarding salary. This blog will walk you through the roles & responsibilities of various Cyber Security jobs with the salary in various countries of the world. Let’s get on with it! 

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Tob Cyber Security Jobs 

Have a look at these Top Cyber Security jobs which the companies look out for: 

Network Security Engineer

As a Network Security Engineer, one needs to identify malicious software, bugs, viruses, and the various attempts made by hackers to break into the system. In an organization, one is obliged to ensure security under all circumstances, to monitor and track all the dubious happenings. To avoid any Cyber Attacks, one needs to know how to build strong security configured system.

Network Security Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities of a Network Security Engineer 

  • Ensure reliability of the system with firewalls and intrusion detection systems configurations. 
  • Need to do Hardware and software security patches regularly.
  • Plan, manage and monitor the entire network system.
  • Establish the security policies 
  • Build, install and maintain secure infrastructure for web protocols, VPC, and mail transfer channel security. 
  • Carry out various forensic and security analyses to spot doubtful incidents. 

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Cyber Security Analyst

A Cyber Security Analyst’s job is to test for vulnerabilities within an organization. One does penetration testing to detect the weakness that an attacker takes advantage of to exploit the system. 

Cyber Security Analyst

Roles and Responsibilities of a Cyber Security Analyst

  • Test and evaluate threat patterns and security breaches
  • Analyze and report weaknesses in existing firewalls and encryption. 
  • Learn the latest Cyber Security technology, threads, and ways to manage it. 
  • Keep a record of all unauthorized, unusual, and illegal activities. 
  • Ability to do quick strategic planning in the event of security breaches.
  • Know how to perform disaster recovery when in need. 

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Security Architect

A Security Architect is the one who is responsible for the security of the software and hardware of the organization. One should design a security system that can withhold malicious attempts that the hacker will employ. A Security Architect should be skilled enough to think like a hacker to prevent any unauthorized access. 

Security Architect

Roles and Responsibilities of a Security Architect 

  • Design the organization’s system security architecture. 
  • Establish security standards, policies, and procedures
  • Regular software installations, uninstallations, and upgrades with integrity in check.
  • Evaluate the installation cost to stay within the budget.
  • Educate employees about Cyber Security affairs to create awareness and advice on how to avoid Cyber Security threads individually. 

Cyber Security Manager

The job of a Cyber Security Manager is to strategically plan and design solutions in the event of security breaches. Here one’s responsibility is to submit reports to the management regarding the implementation and the security concerns in the organization. A Cyber Security Manager should inform the respective employees to undertake security measures in the system. 

Cyber Security Manager

Roles and Responsibilities of a Cyber Security Manager

  • Ability to make a disaster recovery plan to enact it when high-security concerns occur. 
  • Manage the employees who work under the security domain.  
  • Interview and employ new employees in the firm.
  • Layout the budget for the organization’s security infrastructure. 
  • Configure new security tools, software, technologies and evaluate regularly. 
  • Skilled enough to perform Cyber Attack detection, identification, protection, response, and recovery. 

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

A Chief Information Security Officer is a senior-most role in the Cyber Security domain where one puts forward the company’s vision and goal. The organization’s digital assets and secure data transfer between the clients and customers are taken care of with the correct implementation of Cyber Security policies and regulations. The company’s ethical growth and moral standards are established by CISO. 

Chief Information Security Officer(CISO)

Roles and Responsibilities of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

  • Provide the compliance regulations to follow within the organization. 
  • Get approval of the proposed policies, guidelines, and budget 
  • Get approval from the top management for the policies, budgets, and guidelines proposed
  • Plan frameworks for risk management
  • Knowledge of current and future security threats/risks
  • Ensure the organization’s infrastructure and employees have the right set of tools, skills, and resources. 
  • Frame the security system in such a way, it can rapidly respond, recover, and be resilient to cyber threats. 

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Ethical Hacker

As the name says, Ethical Hackers perform hacking in an ‘ethical’ way which means, one does it with the approval of the organization. Here, one’s intention is to identify the vulnerabilities which lie within to penetrate the system. This helps the organization to be cautious before a thread changes into a risk. 

Ethical Hacker

Roles and Responsibilities of an Ethical Hacker

  • Do penetration testing which tests for the vulnerabilities within the system’s security. 
  • Scanning of ports that are open and closed. 
  • One needs to know how to effectively bypass the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and the Intrusion Prevention System like a hacker. 
  • Implement various Cyber Security techniques to identify the possible weakness which a hacker can exploit by doing network sniffing, cracking wireless encryption and social engineering. 
  • Point out all the shortcomings related to security to achieve high-standard encryption within the organization. 

Watch this video to learn the difference between Ethical Hacking vs Cyber Security

Cyber Security Consultant

A Cyber Security Consultant does not work for a single company but has been hired for multiple companies on a contract basis. Like all the fields, Cyber Security has a Consultant role as well. Their job is to protect the company’s sensitive assets from hackers. 

Cyber Security Consultant

Roles and Responsibilities of a Cyber Security consultant 

  • Plan, research, and design an error-free security architecture for any IT project. 
  • Check the current systems’ security standards and authentication are in synchronization with the latest updates. 
  • Quick response to any threatening security incidents with post-event analysis. 
  • Do regular checks on security patches and update them with the client. 
  • Need to come up with the best choice of tools to defend the networks, data, software, devices, and the entire security system to avoid cyber-attacks.

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Cyber Security Jobs in India

According to NASSCOM, India will need 1 million Cyber Security professionals to outfit the Cyber Attacks. This is not a small demand, which you can ignore. It puts a huge pressure on the economy to train all such individuals to provide a smooth flow of businesses. 

Below are some of the Cyber Security Jobs in India which are in high demand. It also has the potential to provide a soaring salary in the long run. 

Job Role Salary (Source: PayScale)
Network Security Engineer₹527,112/year 
Cyber Security Analyst₹526,412/year
Security Architect₹2,191,228/year
Cyber Security Manager₹870,660/year
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)₹4,207,027/year
Ethical Hacker₹501,191/year
Cyber Security Consultant₹711,185/year

Cyber Security Jobs in Canada

The latest job statistics for Cyber Security Jobs in Canada show that it needs to fill 8000 positions in the next few years. Cyber Security is the fastest-growing field in Canada’s tech industry due to the peak development in technology over the past few years.

Career Transition

Experts advise taking a well-versed training program to land in the below-mentioned wanted Cyber Security job roles in Canada. Here’s the list with the lucrative salary each job role has to offer: 

Job Role Salary (Source: PayScale)
Network Security EngineerC$78,073/year 
Cyber Security AnalystC$66,160/year
Security ArchitectC$109,505/year
Cyber Security ManagerC$101,755/year
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)C$154,266/year
Ethical HackerC$68,784/year
Cyber Security ConsultantC$75,574/year

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Cyber Security Jobs in the UK

Like all countries, Cyber Security jobs in the UK are on the rise. The reason being is the skills gap which is faced by the companies between the employers. According to the Global Information Security Workforce Study, there will be 100,000 available jobs in the UK by the end of 2022. 

Below is the list of job roles that are most demanding with attractive salary packages in the UK:

Job Role Salary (Source: PayScale)
Network Security Engineer£32,174/year 
Cyber Security Analyst£31,018/year
Security Architect£58,953/year
Cyber Security Manager£50,584/year
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)£92,555/year
Ethical Hacker£60,000/year
Cyber Security Consultant£42,500/year

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Cyber Security Jobs in the USA

Cyber Security is not limited to the IT field, it covers vast areas of domains like the healthcare industry, military, banking & finance, government organizations, and so on. Every field which has its service intertwined with networks will be needing a Cyber Security professional to secure sensitive information. As per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, Cyber Security jobs in the USA will experience a job growth of 31 percent by 2029, which is 7 times faster than the average national job growth.

Below is the list of most sought-after jobs in the USA which will yield you a prospering career in the Cyber Security field. 

Job Role Salary (Source: PayScale)
Network Security Engineer$87,016/year 
Cyber Security Analyst$76,540/year
Security Architect$124,773/year
Cyber Security Manager$70,012/year
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)$165,985/year
Ethical Hacker$93,348/year
Cyber Security Consultant$84,279/year

Cyber Security Jobs in Australia

If you are wondering, are Cyber Security jobs in Australia in demand? The answer is a big yes. Because Cyber Security is an employee’s market, which means if you hold the perfect skills for the job then it keeps you in demand all the time. Australia will be in shortage of 17,600 Cyber Security professionals by 2026. 

Take a look at the below Jobs in Australia which has exorbitant growth in the upcoming years and the impressive salary package it has to offer! 

Job Role Salary (Source: PayScale)
Network Security EngineerAU$88,437/year 
Cyber Security AnalystAU$76105/year
Security ArchitectAU$153554/year
Cyber Security ManagerAU$134354/year
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)AU$176309/year
Ethical HackerAU$101,152/year
Cyber Security ConsultantAU$88,730/year

Cyber Security Jobs in Dubai

Cyber Security is a major kill everywhere. With 24 billion devices that are high-paying run on the Internet to be installed in the world in a few years, it puts us in a challenging situation in an unprecedented way. A shocking report reveals UAE alone has been a victim of 1.1 million phishing incidents and 23 million malware attacks in the period of January and March 2019. This shows you how vital it’s for one to secure a career in the Cyber Security domain. 

Check the below jobs in Dubai which hold an appealing career perspective along with its high-paying salary package. 

Job Role Salary (Source: PayScale)
Network Security EngineerAED 100,422/year 
Cyber Security AnalystAED 135,000/year
Security ArchitectAED 336,000/year
Cyber Security ManagerAED 130,500/year
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)AED 490,090/year
Ethical HackerAED 170,917/year
Cyber Security ConsultantAED 144,000/year

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Cyber Security Jobs in Sri Lanka

Considering the consequences of Cyber Security attacks, the Sri Lanka Government has launched a program of Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) to safeguard the digital security of the country. Sri Lanka encounters Ransomware attacks more than 100% by high-paying high-paying global average. This pushes the country to train and hire employees for Cyber Security roles to keep the economy stable. 

Some of  the most predominant Cyber Security Jobs in Sri Lanka along with the salary as per the PayScale are  

  1. Network Security Engineer – Rs 150,000/year 
  2. Cyber Security Analyst – Rs 310,000/year/year
  3. Cyber Security Manager – Rs 1,378,955/year

Junior Cyber Security Jobs Singapore 

Astonishingly Singapore is a hub for Cyber Security being ranked as one of the top nations in its commitment to Digital Security. It’s estimated that the Cyber Security market in Singapore has seen a growth of US$ 600 million in 2020. 

Take a look at these Junior-level Cyber Security jobs in Singapore which hold a promising career for the future. 

Job Role Salary (Source: PayScale)
Network Security EngineerS$52,980/year 
Cyber Security AnalystS$52225/year
Security ArchitectS$121528/year
Cyber Security ManagerS$110125/year
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)S$194,421/year
Ethical HackerS$65,599/year
Cyber Security ConsultantS$51088/year


As you can see, there are countless opportunities in the Cyber Security field to grab a career. The scope of Cyber Security will get demanding day by day due to the rise of IoT devices and so on. It’s not only about today, it holds value to your future career growth as well. The immensity of holding a Certifications in Cyber Security like Certified Ethical Hacker will intensify your chances to get placed in a company. Get yourself enrolled in Intellipaat Cyber Security Certification now! 

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