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How to Become a Certified Tableau Desktop Specialist
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Tableau software allows users to explore, visualize and utilize data to improve decision making. It’s a blend of all the qualities that are the core part of data analytics. While learning Tableau can be relatively easy even for beginners, managers and business leaders want to have potential hires who are qualified and capable of using the platform. This is the point where Tableau Certification comes in handy.

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Tableau Certification Overview

Tableau provides certifications for users with a different range of experience and goals. Each certificate represents that the user is proficient in varying levels of skills required for data analysis and has an understanding of the software.

The two main categories of Tableau are Tableau Desktop which includes three certifications in Tableau’s primary tool for analyzing data and creating dashboards and visualizations and two certification levels for the Tableau server.

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Why get a Tableau Certification

Getting a certification has a lot of benefits. Tableau certification has long-term benefits because the software is important to the analytics field and for business intelligence. Considering the general process of Certification, one needs to write exams and pass them in order to get a certificate.

Hence, the goal is to pass the exams, but preparing also means you will be focused on practicing and learning. In this process you would not only be introduced to new concepts and implementations but also this would help you in mastering them at the end of the journey. This shows your proficiency in the field and serves as a differentiator on resumes which could help you get a job or a raise.

The  three certifications under the category of Tableau Desktop Certification are as follows

  1. Desktop Specialist
  2. Desktop Certified Associate
  3. Desktop Certified Professional

Let’s walk through the Tableau Desktop Specialist certification and Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate certification to get to know about them in more detail.

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Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification

Overview Of Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam

Tableau Desktop Specialist certification is for those who have fundamental skills and understanding of Tableau Desktop and data analytics. It is recommended to have an experience of at least three months with Desktop before taking the exam. Though, it can be gained while preparing for the certification exam.

This certification validates the skills of tableau like preparing data, connecting data sources, exploring and analyzing data, sharing patterns and insights. The Tableau Desktop Specialist certification exam is available in seven languages. It is the easiest level of certification that Tableau offers.

  • Exam Pattern and Number Of Questions: The Tableau Desktop Specialist certification exam consists of 30 multiple choice questions which comprise a mix of hands-on and knowledge-based questions.
  • Time Limit: This Exam is of 60 minutes duration.
  • Certification Cost: $100
  • Passing Score: One needs to score above 70% to pass the exam.
  • Certification Valid until: It has got no expiration date.
  • Question Pattern: This exam has 4 categories of questions; Multiple choice, Multiple responses, True or False, and Hands-on questions. There is no defined amount of questions per category. There are no description questions. More marking weightage is for hands-on questions.

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How To Prepare For The Exam

There are many preparation guides and certification dumps websites for Tableau Desktop Certification.

  1. Exam Prep Guide is the official document that includes all the information on the exam, skills, and a few sample questions. The skills measured section of this document can be utilized as a checklist of all the topics that need to be studied for this exam.
  2. After making a list of skills, you can start your preparation with Tableau Free Training videos offered by intellipaat. With the help of these videos, you will be able to get hands-on practice starting from the basics. Hands-on practice is the key to crack this certification exam.
  3. Since the exam comprises multiple-choice questions relating to visualization best practices, reading through Visual Analytics Best Practices – A Guidebook will be helpful in handling those questions.
  4. After Preparation, It’s time we test our skills and practice for the exam. The following are the certification dumps for the Desktop Specialist Certification exam.

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Tableau Certification Dumps

Tableau Certification dumps are a list of questions that are going to be on the test and a list of answers to those questions. There are a lot of websites providing these exam dumps for Tableau Certification.

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Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Dumps

The below are some of the websites where you can access Tableau Certification Dumps.

  1. For Desktop specialist certification, Learning by Lukas Halim provides free practice quizzes. There are also Tableau Specialist practice exams available for a nominal fee.
  2. provides a paid course that consists of all the questions required to practice for both exams.
  3.  offers free practice exams to prepare for Desktop Specialist certification.

Exam Application

  1. Head over to the Loyalist Exam Services website.
  2. Create a new LES account and fill out personal information, if already registered, to select the exam.
  3. After the selection of the exam, you will be asked to select the language of your choice, and if you have a promo code for the exam fee, it should be applied on this page.
  4. After this, you will be navigated to the payment portal and after payment, your registration in the exam will be successful and you will get a confirmation mail on your registered email id.
  5. You can re-login and schedule your exam on any day within six months from the date of registration.
  6. Finally, go through the instructions page for the proctored exam.

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Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Certification

Overview Of Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Certification Exam

The next level of certification is Tableau Desktop Certified  Associate. This is for those who have a thorough understanding of Tableau Desktop’s features and functionalities and has at least five months of experience with the software. This exam tests mapping, chart types, data connections, dashboards, organization, and simplification of data, fields, calculations, and forecasting.

  • Exam Pattern and Number Of Questions: The Tableau Desktop certified certification exam consists of 36 questions which comprise multiple-choice, multiple responses, true/false, and hands-on questions.
  • Time Limit: This exam has a time limit of two hours.
  • Certification Cost: $250
  • Passing Score: One needs to score at least 75% to pass the exam
  • Certification Valid until-The certification expires after two years

Intellipaat offers an online instructor-led training course on Tableau Desktop Certification which helps you in preparing for Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Exam. With the help of self-paced videos, exercises, and Tableau projects available in this course, you would be able to gain experience in handling various features of Tableau Desktop.

Tableau desktop qualified associate certification dumps

After preparing yourself with the concepts and implementations of Tableau Desktop, It’s time to gauge your level of knowledge. To do that, you can go through this “Are You A Smart Tableau Consultant” link and solve all the problems.

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How will Certifications improve Salary?

According to a 2020 survey of IT professionals from training firm Global Knowledge, It was found that a majority of those who had pursued certifications have experienced salary hikes and better job performances. It was also found that the people with certifications working in the business intelligence and data analytics field had higher salaries than that of others with no certifications. These facts and statistics thus show that there is a remarkable impact of certifications in the salary hike.

Tableau being one of the on-demand technologies, getting certified in this would give you an edge in procuring opportunities in the field of data analytics which in turn would help you in getting great career opportunities and hikes in tableau developer salary. Intellipaat offers an online instructor-led training course on Tableau Desktop and Server that is perfectly in line with the aforementioned Tableau certifications to help you achieve success in one shot.

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