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R Studio - The Essential Tool for R Programming

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What is R Studio?

R Studio is an integrated developed environment (IDE) designed for R. It comes in two versions, i.e., R Studio Desktop and R Studio Server.

R Studio Desktop

Here the programs are executed as local applications.

R Studio Server

Enables access to the R Studio through a web browser while working on remote server.

Both of these version are available with commercial and open-source editions.
The GUI of R Studio is based on C++ and Qt framework. Some of the features of R Studio are as follows:

  • Exclusive IDE for R – R Studio allows you to highlight the syntax and run the program direct from the source editor.
  • Streamlines the workflow – R Studio is capable of managing multiple directories with the help of projects effectively.
  • Capable of debugging and authoring – R Studio diagnoses and debugs the errors in less time. Not only this it also includes a broad range of development tools suitable for various business situations.

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