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What is Salesforce Certification?

In this fast-evolving digital world, trends in businesses are rapidly changing. This leads to various types of glitches while organizations try to adapt to the changes. These changes may affect the sales, customer service, and overall growth of the organizations. This is where Salesforce plays a major role in enhancing business processes.

Salesforce is a cloud-based ecosystem that offers various useful services. Organizations use these services to successfully establish their business. Due to this, the demand for certified Salesforce professionals has increased by 129 percent in the past 5 years. Therefore, many individuals are pursuing Salesforce Training Course to upskill themselves. Salesforce certification helps a candidate showcase his/her knowledge and skills. Now, let’s see who can opt for Salesforce certification.

Watch this comprehensive video on Salesforce Training:

Who should opt for Salesforce certification?

  • Graduates holding a degree in BBA, BCA, MCA, or MBA 
  • Freshers interested in the field of Salesforce
  • Professionals working in the field of building and maintaining CRM
  • Software developers looking for a career transition

Why should you pursue Salesforce Certification?

Salesforce is revolutionizing the IT industry by helping businesses to grow. There are various sectors that implement Salesforce such as banking, finance, e-commerce, etc and the number goes on increasing. For this, the organizations integrating Salesforce for their businesses require certified professionals to manage their data and business processes on Salesforce. This leads to a great demand for Salesforce-certified professionals. Also, the salary of a certified Salesforce professional is high in comparison to other jobs in the IT market. This is the reason you should get certified as a Salesforce professional. Now, let’s have a glance at the benefits of Salesforce certification.

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Benefits of Salesforce Certification

The act of writing an exam involves an individual understanding and grasp each and every concept. This helps in analyzing the level of in-depth knowledge one has of a particular subject. If you are giving a certification exam, it will not only enrich your knowledge but it will help in showcasing the skills you have acquired. Apart from this, the goal of pursuing a certification is to build up the marketability of your profile in a competitive job environment. 

Salesforce provides a variety of certifications pertaining to different job roles such as Salesforce Admin, Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Sales Executive, Salesforce Marketing Specialist, and Salesforce Consultant. 

These certifications will help you become a certified subject matter expert. Now, let us look at the career scope after gaining a Salesforce certification.

Opportunities After Salesforce Certification

Salesforce is being used by a majority of Fortune 500 companies. Also, Salesforce has nearly 20% of the global CRM market which makes it the highest job creator. It consists of various fields for which you can pursue certification. Salesforce certification gives the opportunity to get an attractive salary too. According to Forbes, unlike other sales profiles, Salesforce certification provides an 8 percent higher salary for the salesperson. According to Salesforce economy reports, there will be 4.2 million new jobs and the business revenue will reach up to US$1.2 trillion in 2024.

Ultimately, a certification course will set a benchmark on your skill set and uplift your profile for getting shortlisted for various Salesforce jobs. Therefore, if you want to be a developer, administrator, architect, specialist or consultant then Salesforce can offer you all that you want. The salaries for Salesforce professionals are among the best in the industry with excessive growth opportunities. 

So, it is worth going for a Salesforce certification.

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The right Salesforce training to clear the Salesforce certification

Salesforce Certification Training

Intellipaat is offering in-depth training in Salesforce for you to clear the Salesforce certification. The trainers at Intellipaat are all industry experts with over a decade of experience. They have worked in some of the top companies around the world in the Salesforce domain. As part of the training, you will be solving assignments and quizzes after every module. Then, you will work on real-world projects and case studies. All this will give you hands-on experience and make you ready to take on challenging roles in the Salesforce industry. 

The training provided by Intellipaat is in line with industry requirements. Thus, you will become capable of clearing the various Salesforce certifications after the completion of the Salesforce certification training from Intellipaat.

Want to learn about Salesforce? Check out our Salesforce Tutorial.

How to register for a Salesforce exam?

To register for the exam, go to and create an account. Make sure that you log in using your personal ID as, after the completion of the exam, the certificate will be in the name of the registered account holder.

Salesforce Certification Exam

After creating the account, you have to complete your exam registration. Further, you can select the exam center. For this, visit the following website:

Test Center Locater

Exam Result

Candidates will get the result of the exam in their email IDs as soon as they complete the exam. However, the candidates will only get to know whether they have passed or failed. They can take a copy of the printable result. Also, Once you have cleared your Salesforce examination and you have been certified by Salesforce then you will get a confirmation email. All you have to do is log in to your account and you will receive a link and that link will have your certification. This way you can verify your Salesforce certification.

Salesforce Certification Overview

As there are various job roles in Salesforce, there exist various Salesforce certifications for specific job profiles. These Salesforce certifications have different categories that are listed below:

1. Salesforce Administrator

2. Salesforce Developer

3. Salesforce Architect

4. Salesforce Marketing

5. Salesforce Consultant

These categories consist of more specific sub-domains that offer certifications to showcase your expertise to fit for a particular job role. Next, we will discuss various Salesforce job profiles, Salesforce salary, and the cost of Salesforce certifications.

Salesforce Administrator

A Salesforce Administrator is a skilled individual who has a profound understanding of how a business functions. Also, the professional would be involved in making links between different departments with the help of strong automation processes and, thus, helps in operating the business smoothly.

Salesforce Administrator Certification

This exam is designed for individuals intending to become certified Salesforce Administrators.

Knowledge Requirements:

  • User data management and security
  • Customizing the applications of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
  • Preparing workflow, reports, and dashboards

Prerequisites: There are no prior requirements for the Salesforce Administrator exam.

Time Commitment: 60–70 hours

Salesforce Advanced Administrator

This certification is designed for people who are having advanced knowledge of Salesforce Administration.

Knowledge Requirements:

  • Advanced knowledge of Salesforce Administration
  • Thorough experience in optimizing the applications of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
  • Scheming advanced automation processes for the business

Prerequisites: In order to appear for the Salesforce Advanced Administrator exam, an individual should be a certified Salesforce Administrator.

Time Commitment: 60–70 hours

Preparing for an Interview! Check out our Top Salesforce Admin Interview Questions.

Salesforce App Builder

The Salesforce App Builder certification certifies that an individual has the skills required to develop advanced mobile or web applications, along with their services.

Check out Salesforce App Builder Certification Exam Guide to get certified in Salesforce CRT-402 exam.

Salesforce Platform App Builder

The Salesforce Platform App Builder certification exam is designed for people who are having knowledge of designing, building, and implementing the platform.

Knowledge Requirements:

  • Data modeling
  • Designing UI
  • Implementing business logic and security for applications
  • Customization of applications
  • Scheming reports and dashboards
  • Deployment of custom applications

Prerequisites: There is no requirement of prior experience to attempt for the Salesforce App Builder Certification exam.

Time Commitment: 65–75 hours

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Salesforce Architects

A Salesforce Architect is a person whose responsibility is to create an optimized technical design for the overall project. There are various profiles under this category. In this section, we will have a look at each one of them.

Salesforce Application Architect

The certification exam for Salesforce Application Architect is designed for those who are having an in-depth knowledge of the features and functionalities of Salesforce.

Knowledge Requirements:

  • Designing and implementing solutions using the Salesforce platform
  • Data modeling
  • Designing the optimized technical structure of custom applications
  • Applying strategies for the security of applications

Prerequisites: The prerequisites required for the Salesforce Application Architect certification are:

  1. Data Architecture and Management Designer
  2. Sharing and Visibility Designer
  3. Platform Developer 1
  4. Platform App Builder

Time Commitment:120+ hours

Become a Salesforce Expert

Want to learn about Salesforce Architecture? Check out our tutorial on the Architecture of Salesforce.

Data Architecture and Management Designer

This certification is for people who evaluate the requirements for designing high-performance and scalable solutions using the platform.

Knowledge Requirements:

  • Designing according to the platform and its constraints
  • Understanding of huge volumes of data
  • Thorough understanding of LDV consideration
  • Designing data models, along with a sharing model supported by LDV environment
  • Carrying out the best practices used for data movement


There are no specific prerequisites for becoming a certified Data Architecture and Management Designer.

Time Commitment: 100 hours

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Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer

This certification is specifically for those individuals who check the requirements of the architecture to apply relevant management changes in the platform.

Knowledge Requirements:

  • Knowledge of methodologies used in the development life cycle
  • Experience in analyzing the requirements of a project
  • A thorough understanding of assessing the performance of an application using various test plans.


There are no specific prerequisites for becoming a certified Data Architecture and Management Designer.

Time Commitment: 100 hours

Apart from Salesforce Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer, there are few more certifications that you can pursue in this category and they are:

1. Identity and Access Management Designer

2. Integration Architecture Designer

3. Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer

4. Sharing and Visibility Designer

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Salesforce System Architect

The responsibility of a Salesforce System Architect is to test and integrate applications to external sources. 

Knowledge Requirements:

  • Knowledge of application testing
  • Capable of understanding requirements and applying necessary modifications
  • Experience in integrating applications with external sources 
  • Knowledge of implementing secured access to different systems 


There are certain prerequisites for the Salesforce System Architect exam, and they are as follows:

  • Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer 
  • Identity and Access Management Designer
  • Platform Developer I 
  • Integration Architecture Designer 

Time Commitment: 120+ hours

Salesforce Technical Architect

Salesforce Technical Architect certification is for individuals who are working on various development platforms. A Salesforce Technical Architect works on designing high-performance and secured systems for

Knowledge Requirements:

  • Experience in creating technical architecture, along with authentication and integration systems
  • Experience in managing the development life cycle of the product of the organization. 
  • Knowledge of designing the workflow of web applications
  • Capable of understanding requirements and implementing changes in the technical architecture to improve performance


There are only two prior requirements for appearing for the Salesforce Technical Architect exam, and they are:

1. Application Architect

2. System Architect

Time Commitment: 220+ hours

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If you are eager to know how to learn Salesforce then you must watch this video:

Salesforce Consultants

A Salesforce Consultant is an individual with a vast knowledge of creating and modifying solutions to optimize a business or its product. Salesforce Consultants are the major resource for any organization.

Field Service Lightning Consultant

People who are having thorough knowledge and experience in configuring and administrating applications of Salesforce can opt for the certification of Field Service Lightning Consultant. Also, these consultants should be proficient in providing field service operations to customers. 

Knowledge Requirements:

  • Experience in providing field service operations to customers
  • Troubleshooting and resolving customers’ issues


The prior certifications needed for a Field Service Lightning Consultant are:

1. Certified Administrator

2. Certified Service Cloud Consultant 

Time Commitment: 70–80 hours

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant certification is designed for people who are capable of implementing email applications of Salesforce. 

Knowledge Requirements:

  • Experience is email interaction
  • Knowledge of troubleshooting customers’ issues
  • Experience in resolving the issues related to the platform


The prerequisite for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant exam is the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist certification.

Time Commitment: 50–60 hours

Sales Cloud Consultant

People who are having knowledge and experience in implementing efficient solutions for applications are eligible to appear for the Sales Cloud Consultant certification exam. 

Knowledge Requirements:

  • Experience in creating solutions to fulfill various business requirements
  • Creating applications for enhancing business productivity


For the Sales Cloud Consultant certification, you must be a certified Salesforce Administrator.

Time Commitment: 40–50 hours

Here are three more certifications that you can pursue in this Salesforce Consultant category, and they are: 

1. Community Cloud Consultant

2. Pardot Salesforce Consultant

3. Service Cloud Consultant

If you are a beginner in Salesforce then watch this Salesforce tutorial for beginners

Salesforce Specialists

Salesforce Specialists certification demands to showcase the marketing skills of an individual. It could be email marketing, designing a workflow for marketing, or data management of subscribers.

Marketing Cloud Social Specialist

People with knowledge and experience of the best practices used in email marketing can pursue the Marketing Cloud Social Specialist certification.

Knowledge Requirements:

  • Experience working with the relational model
  • Email marketing via email apps
  • Creating email automation
  • Resolving platform issues


There are no prerequisites for pursuing the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Specialist certification.

Time Commitment: 25–30 hours

There are three more certifications in this Salesforce Specialist category that an individual can pursue, and they are listed below:

1. Salesforce CPQ Specialists

2. Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

3. Pardot Specialist

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Salesforce Developers

A Salesforce Developer works with the development team. Their responsibility is to create software using appropriate technology and to modify them according to business requirements.

Platform Developer l

Individuals who are having the appropriate skills to program and build custom applications can take up the certification of Salesforce Platform Developer 1. 

Knowledge Requirements:

  • Knowledge of scheming applications’ business logic, UI, and security
  • Experience in developing reports and dashboards
  • Experience of launching custom applications


There is no prior requirement for becoming a certified Platform Developer 1.

Time Commitment: 80–85 hours 

Platform Developer ll

Individuals having advanced knowledge and skills to build applications on the platform can sign up for the Salesforce Developer 2 certification.

Knowledge Requirements:

  • Experience in designing, programming, creating, testing, and launching applications and software
  • Knowledge of the best practices used for developing software and applications


For pursuing the certification for Salesforce Platform Developer 2, you have to pass the certification exam for Platform Developer 1.

Time Commitment: 40–45 hours

Other than these Platform Developer certifications, you can pursue the certification for Commerce Cloud Digital Developer as well. People who are having experience in developing solutions for e-commerce can pursue this certification.

A major question arises now, ‘How can you prepare for these exams?’

This is where Intellipaat pitches in. As a prolific e-learning company, Intellipaat offers training for state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technologies that have evolved lately and are evolving eventually. One such technology is ‘Salesforce’.You can enroll in Intellipaat’s Salesforce master’s Training Programme and learn Salesforce from scratch. The training would not only clear your basics on Salesforce but also provide you a comprehensive guidelines on how to prepare for your Salesforce certification exams. Train with Intellipaat and spearhead your career with a Salesforce head start.

How can Intellipaat’s Salesforce Training help you?

Here’s how the training can boost your career:

  • Training would enhance your skills and experience in the Salesforce world.
  • It would prepare you for real-time challenges in the corporate world.
  • It would help you stay updated in the field and keep you posted with the latest tools and technologies.
  • You will be able to work around Salesforce in a much better manner as compared to your peers.
  • A recruiter would obviously show more interest in you as you are already trained.
  • You will get promotions faster as the skills that you must have acquired in your training program would reflect in your professional life.

In this Salesforce Certification blog, we have looked at all the certifications that help us get into the field of Salesforce. I hope this blog was informative enough to develop your interest in pursuing a Salesforce certification so that you can get a head start in the Salesforce industry. Stay tuned for more!

Still in a doubt? Put your query in Intellipaat’s Salesforce Community.

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