What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

To begin with, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a platform wherein relevant and personalized journeys are delivered across various devices and channels. In this section of the Salesforce tutorial, you will be introduced to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, along with the related details of why you should choose it.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Let’s see what all you’ll be learning by the end of this section:

Basically, this marketing cloud enables various marketers to deliver accurate messages to the right people through the right channel. There are various functionalities that Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides for your organization. Have a look at the image below that illustrates these functionalities:

Salesforce-01From the image, you can see the functionalities Salesforce Marketing Cloud has for your organization, namely, contact management tools, Analytics Builder, and Journey Builder, along with several other channels including Mobile Studio and Email Studio.

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Below are what you can do with Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

  • Support data and Einstein Artificial Intelligence in order to make each interaction related
  • Create two-way and real-time engagement whenever a customer is in need
  • Connect known and unknown profiles to gain a consolidated view of a customer
  • Measure, optimize, and report marketing performance to increase your organization’s impact on customers, thereby increasing customer loyalty

How does the Salesforce platform deliver power to take marketing further?

Salesforce has its own ways to make marketing successful for its customers.


Now, let’s check them out one by one:

  • Integrate and Connect Everything: You can create a seamless customer experience that is powered by data by using a unified CRM platform to know and connect with each customer.
  • Personalize Every Customer’s Journey: Every customer, be it B2C or B2B, is given a tailored experience with intelligence across each commerce solution, marketing channel, and sales touchpoint.
  • Get Automatic Updates: Every time an update is available, customers are pre-informed. It is done several times a year, and all the issues are fixed in time.
  • Extend Your Marketing Within Custom Apps: You can increase your marketing with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and get the tools to engage customers across their entire journey. Also, measuring your success using an ecosystem of apps to rise up to any kind of challenge brings a good hike in your marketing front.
  • Market with Trust and Security: Salesforce provides proper trust and security to its customers with its marketing cloud.

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Need for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is almost overpowering all the other marketing clouds such as Adobe Marketing Cloud, IBM Marketing Cloud, and Oracle Marketing Cloud. The total market share for Salesforce Marketing Cloud is approximately 24 percent which is the second position after Adobe Marketing Cloud. Here is a Google Trends chart for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. You can see that the demand for it has increased rapidly. It is also standing the best among the other marketing clouds.


But what makes Salesforce Marketing Cloud stand out among others?

  • It is a platform for planning, personalizing, and optimizing a customer’s journey.
  • It maps a software customer journey across several devices, channels, and customer life cycle stages.
  • It integrates with other software such as Sales Cloud, Salesforce CRM, etc.
  • It provides better and deeper insights for customers.

Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

There are many benefits of using Salesforce Marketing Cloud. By deploying this marketing cloud:

  • Gain more information about your clients
  • Nurture your customers all along
  • Plan, optimize, and personalize customers’ journeys
  • Map customers’ journeys across multiple channels, devices, and customer life cycle stages
  • Analyze and assess the impact of every customer interaction to determine the strengths and flaws of your entire marketing process

List of Companies Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Spotify
  • Macy’s
  • Toyota
  • U.S. Bank
  • Amazon Web Services
  • T-Mobile US

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Products in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

By now, you have learned that this marketing cloud empowers you to engage and personalize every customer touchpoint. Further, you are introduced to the different products offered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


Products Uses
Audience Studio It can capture data from any source or device and then join, segment, and activate audiences to create relevant customer experiences.
Data Studio It can expand the range with a data-sharing platform wherein publishers can yield the second-party data with marketers in a transparent and trusted manner.
Datorama It enables cross-platform marketing intelligence by joining data sources, creating actionable reports, and visualizing AI-powered insights to drive ROI (Return on Investment)
Google Analytics 360 You can gain cross-channel insights to experience seamless customer journeys with this particular product.
Journey Builder It delivers a personalized experience of every step of the customer life cycle, along with campaign management.
Interaction Studio You can visualize, manage, and track customer experience with real-time interaction and management-driving engagement at the right moment.
Email Studio You can use data from every department to build smarter email templates. It can be done from basic marketing campaigns to advanced one-on-one messages.
Mobile Studio With this product, consistent SMS, chat app messages, and push can be sent in real time.
Advertising Studio You can use CRM to securely power one-on-one advertisements over Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest and display them at scale.
Social Studio If you want to create customer advocates, you can listen, engage, and publish them.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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From this tutorial section, I hope you have got a complete understanding of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, along with the products offered by it. In the next section of this Salesforce tutorial, you will be learning about Salesforce CRM.

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