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As the name implies, a Python code editor a simple tool for writing and editing codes in software development. A Python code editor will be light-weight in nature. However, as your program gets larger, the code editor can encounter errors. This is where IDEs come in the picture to test and debug the code. Python Code editor enables you to save small text files of the code.

A good Python code editor will generally allow code writing and modifying and also control a basic debugger. Moreover, the best Python code editors will interrelate with the source control system apart from its basic features. As compared to IDEs, code editors are fast in terms of operation and also small in size, but less feature rich.

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Ideal Requirements for A Good Coding Environment

  • A good code editor must allow you to save and reopen the code files in the same state.
  • It should allow you to run code within the editing environment.
  • It must do the debugging job as well.
  • It must also take care of code formatting.

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Top 5 Python Code Editors in The Market

1. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a cross-platform editor developed on C++ and Python. It was written by a Google Engineer to make the code editor job easy. It has a Python API as well. Sublime Text is designed to support markup languages and other programming languages. It allows adding extra functions with plugins.


  • It has a very good navigator, has a strong feature to change multiple things at a time by making multiple selections, a command palette for sorting, a function for change in the syntax and indentation.
  • Sublime Text has a strong API and it allows a great extent of customization.
  • The project switch can be done instantly, and Sublime Text also enables split editing.


  • The compatibility over language grammar is very high.
  • It has a function called GOTO Definition where it allows to create an index of each class, method, and function across the application.
  • The user interface toolkit is quite powerful.
  • The performance of Sublime Text is high.


  • New users can find the Sublime Text interface quite intimidating.
  • A strong GIT Plugin is missing.

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2. Atom

Atom is a desktop application built on web technology. It is based on atom shells which make Atom available on all platforms. Atom can also be used as an IDE.


  • Atom smoothly works on cross-platform functionality.
  • It has a file system browser, built-in package manager, and auto-completion.
  • It has a special feature of finding and replacing a text across the application.
  • It supports multiple support features.

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  • The interface is simple which makes the job simpler for users.
  • It supports high-level UI customization.
  • The GitHub staff offers great support.
  • The special feature for quickly opening a file for retrieving data.


  • Since it is a browser-based application, the time taken to sort the plugins and configurations is more.
  • The loading time is more.
  • The tabs are clumsy.
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3. Vim

Vim is a highly configurable code editor used to write and edit any type of code. As per users, Vim’s quality of performance is increasing with its every version. It is known as the most stable code editor in the market today. It can be used as a standalone application as well.


  • It has a multi-level undo tree.
  • The plugins provided with Vim are extensive.
  • Vim has 2 modes of working called normal mode and editing mode.
  • It provides huge support to most of the programming languages.
  • It has a great search and replacement function.


  • The two modes: normal mode and editing mode for working are of great help.
  • Vim has its own scripting language which enables the users to edit custom and behavior functions.
  • It is a stable code editor.


  • The pop up is not in a different color and hence sometimes it goes unnoticed.
  • It is not a suggestible editor for beginners since it doesn’t give much learning curve.

4. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is specially designed to develop and debug cloud and web projects. It smoothly combines editing and developing features.


  • It has auto code complete, syntax highlighter, with IntelliSense.
  • The debugger is very powerful and can be used by the editor itself.
  • The integration with GIT is strong. The user can do GIT operations such as commit straight, push, etc.


  • It stands out from other editors by providing support to multiple languages.
  • The interface and layouts are smart.
  • This code editor is highly customizable and expandable that enables the user to add debuggers, languages, themes, etc.


  • Search option in the Visual Studio Code works very slow.
  • The launch time is too much.

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5. GNU Emacs

GNU Emacs is one of the oldest code editors in the market. It is presented from the times of Unix. GNU Emacs is popular for its customizable features, real-time display editor, and self-documenting.


  • There are many customization scripts available for Python development.
  • GNU Emacs uses Lisp programming language aimed at customization.


  • Lisp programming language used by GNU Emacs is quite strong and enables the editor to do many things.
  • It is available on every platform.


  • If Lisp code script files are not provided, the user must learn Lisp programming language in order to take advantage of customization.
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How to Choose a Right Code Editor?

Choosing the right Python code editor depends on an individual’s programming requirements. Consider the following points before choosing a Python code editor:

  • If you are looking for learning curves from your code editor, then Emacs and Vim can prove to be the best ones. Both offer vicious learning abilities.
  • Vim is best suitable for beginners.
  • If you wish to go with the popularity, Sublime Text is leading the market.

A Python code editor is a standalone editing application to write and edit programs. It is a fundamental coding tool that is used by every developer. Python Code editors are integrated with IDEs in order to get more features for programming. There are two types of editors available in the market, one that is meant for Python development, and others that are built to be compatible with other language development methodologies. You can learn and master Python code editor from Intellipaat’s Python course in Bangalore. Our course provides systematic and insightful learning on every topic.

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