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Python Developer Skills Must Needed In 2024

Python Developer Skills Must Needed In 2024

The requirements of Python Developers are high, not only because the language is so popular and widespread but also as Python has become a reliable and economical solution for many other engineering problems. From web applications to Data Science to Machine Learning, Python integrates with almost every other technology, like sugar in water. However, learning this language is not enough, though you may be called a Python Programmer if you do so. Thus, the obvious: What should you know to be really better? What are the must-have Python Developer skills?

Before delving deep into the skills of a Python Developer, you must know which areas the role can take you into. Before that let us tread into the past to know how and why there was a need for a language such as Python.

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To start with Core Python, go through this Python Tutorial video:

The Renaissance Language

The Core Philosophy: When Guido van Rossum created Python, his core philosophy was to develop an intuitive programming language with a design much better than the existing ones. By design, he meant the language’s syntax, code readability, language constructs, and logical code. Over the years, the language passed through many changes and version updates. Today, Python 3.7v is much more clear, concise, and easy to learn.

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King of Live Coding!

  • Python has an extensive range of pre-built libraries for just about anything, including scientific computing, data processing, image processing, Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), etc.—you just name it, Python has it!
  • Python code needs a shorter time to code because of its syntax is simple, clear, and clean. Therefore, the Python code blends well with frameworks and you can create quick prototypes and show to your stakeholders.
  • Python can expedite the Return of Investment of any kind of commercial or technical projects because, with Python, you can code and sail to the deployment phase quickly—a must-have requirement for tech-savvy, but thrifty, startups!
  • Lastly, Python language is the best for unit tests because it has a built-in framework.

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Top 10 Python Developer Skills

Top 10 Python Developer Skills

Python Programming

Python is the language of choice for companies across the world as it creates extensible projects and can be used by millions of users at the same time. Although this may be true, finding a developer with decent Python skills is quite tough. Now to gain a full-fledged Python Developer skills, you should have a good understanding of the core concepts of Python, including the following:

  • Python Environment Setup
  • Data Structures
  • OOP Concepts
  • Database Connection
  • NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, and Pandas
  • Python Exception Handling and Multi-threading
  • Packages and Functions
  • Web Scraping
  • Apache Spark Coding, etc.

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Web Frameworks

The skills of Python Developers play a vital role in every phase of the project. Also, the Python skills will come handy when an application needs to be scaled for millions of user. Furthermore, a Python Developer should have a good knowledge of either/both the Django framework or/and the Flask framework. Django is better than Flask in terms of design, but Flask beats Django in terms of usage and popularity. If you want to scale up in your career, we highly recommend learning these two frameworks. Other than these two, you should also learn:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS

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Object-relational Mapper

ORM is a sort of a programming routine, which is best suitable when you need to make data conversion for incompatible systems. Learning ORM will help you build Virtual Object Database, which you can further use with other programming tools/languages.

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Data Science

Data Scientists are professionals who have substantial experience with R, Python, statistics, SQL, algorithms, etc. They are responsible for collecting and processing data to gain valuable data insights. Now, Python serves as an important component of Data Science. The most important reason is its versatility and statistical support code.

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a vast and advanced concept that you will come to know while working with algorithms. As a Python Developer, you should have some idea of Machine Learning. This way, you will be able to write Machine Learning codes.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is the advanced version of Machine Learning. When a dataset is much more complicated, where a Machine Learning algorithm does not seem proper to be implemented, Deep Learning comes to the rescue. To learn Deep Learning, you should first become proficient in:

  • Artificial Neural Network Architecture
  • Audio and Video Processing

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Analytical Know-how

Redundant code is disliked by the developer community over the world. However, having analytical skills will help you think logically and, hence, code in a better way. Also, you should be able to:

  • Optimize algorithms, if working in the Data Science technology
  • Work on visualization tools, etc.

Design Skills

The core intention behind having some design skills as a Python Developer is only to leverage the design philosophy to build scalable systems. It means the end application that you build is adored by every sort of individual.

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Multi-process Architecture

To become a full-fledged Python Developer, you must know some skills of a Design Engineer. It includes:

  • MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture
  • MVT (Model View Template) Architecture

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Communication and Collaboration Skills

Although communication and collaboration are not mandatory, having a good grasp on these two would help you identify and solve your stakeholders’ business pain points. Furthermore, as a Python Developer, you will be collaborating with Analysts, Testers, Database Admins, etc. on a regular basis. Thus, good people skills won’t hurt!

Thus, an experienced developer with all these Python skills can figure out core issues with no trouble. However, the aforementioned are some of the Python Developer skills that are nice to have. But, there are a few more Python skills that you must have to become a Python Developer.

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Must-have Python Developer Skills

In the early days of your career, you can skip one or two of the above Python Developer skills. However, some must-have Python skills are indispensable to move ahead in your Python career. These include Python framework, ORM libraries, front-end technologies, Python libraries, Machine Learning, and good communication.

Must-have Python Developer Skills

So with the Python developer skills mentioned above, you can complete tasks on time, set project execution schedules, work with teams, and share your findings with stakeholders. Keep in mind that experience can enhance the skills of a Python developer. So, work as a team and continue to learn.

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