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Top Companies Hiring for Data Scientists

The demand for data scientists keeps growing as businesses realize the value of data-driven decision-making. Many top companies hiring for Data Scientists offer rewarding opportunities for skilled professionals. This article explores some of the leading organizations that are looking for talented data scientists to join them and discover the power of data.

As the world becomes more and more data-driven, businesses thrive on data to excel in marketing and product development. So, companies eagerly seek the expertise of data scientists to interpret information and chart a course toward success. 

According to Grand View Research, the market for data science platforms is predicted to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.9% from 2020 to 2027. This significantly highlights the rapidly expanding demand for data science solutions and technologies. 

In response, we’ve curated a list of over 20 companies actively recruiting data scientists. For ambitious data scientists, feeling lost among the numerous companies that are hiring for this job role is very obvious. Well, guess what? You don’t have to; this blog works as a personalized compass, guiding you through the maze of opportunities.

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What makes Data Science Companies Best to Work With?

Professionals often think data science companies are the best to work with for a few pertinent reasons:

1. Innovative Projects: At top companies, you might get to work on breakthrough projects that are pushing the limits of data science. Such projects involve using new technologies, solving tough problems, and shaping the future of different industries.

2. Rich Data Environment: As an aspiring individual, you’ll have lots of different kinds of data to work with in big organizations. Having access to all this data helps you dig deep into your analysis, build better models, and come up with solutions that make a big difference.

3. Collaborative Environment: A supportive work environment helps people learn and grow. Great companies like when people share what they know and work together. This makes everyone feel like they’re part of a team and helps everyone get better at their jobs.

4. Career Development: Top companies really care about helping their employees to learn and get better. They provide lots of training, chances to learn from more experienced people, and help with keeping up with the latest in data science. This helps data scientists become even better at what they do and move forward in their careers.

Why is Data Science Ideal for you?

Before finding the right company to work for, ask yourself – Why Data Science? This should be your first step in your data science career path. Consider the following questions as you search for the ideal career:

  • Do I want to create the projects or products that the company is working on?
  • Are you passionate about problem-solving through data analysis?
  • Do you enjoy deriving valuable insights from complex datasets?
  • Are you excited by the dynamic and continually evolving nature of the field?

Now that you are aware of the possibilities of this domain and best privileges to seek in a data science company, let’s explore the top companies that are now hiring.

Best Data Science Companies: MNCs

1. Amazon

Let’s begin with Amazon, a top player in e-commerce, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, relies heavily to utilize data science and analytics. With tools like Tableau and Power BI, they uncover key insights from consumer behavior and industry trends. For aspiring data scientists, Amazon offers a dynamic environment with diverse data sets, big projects, and access to the latest technology. Amazon presents an amazing place for data scientists to make a real difference and deliver the greatest user experience across all Amazon platforms.

  • According to AmbitionBox, the average salary of a Data Scientist at Amazon is ₹ 32.9 lakhs.

2. Microsoft

Next on our list is Microsoft, a company well-known for its consumer software that is a leader in data science. The organization is leading the way in utilizing AI to promote environmental sustainability. Known to all that, the company plays a crucial role in products like Office, Bing Search, and the Xbox ecosystem, impacting millions of users. Also, operates across diverse areas like healthcare, finance, and retail, offering exposure to varied data and challenges.

3. Google

Have you ever wondered how, even before you write the whole query, Google appears to know what you’re looking for? Its strong blend of data and natural language processing is the key to its success. Google predicts your next step by examining and analyzing the language used in previous searches based on your search history.

But it doesn’t end there. Google monitors how you interact with search results as well. After you click on a website, the more time you spend on it, the more a website gets to prioritize pages that keep people interested. This helps them predict possible client interests based on search trends, which in turn affects your future search results, and this is all thanks to Data Science.

  • According to AmbitionBox, the average salary of a Data Scientist at Google is ₹ 34.3 lakhs.

4. JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Talking about finance, JP Morgan is really big on using data science for finance. They have a team of experts who mix the latest AI, machine learning, and big data with their huge financial know-how. Working there will be your best chance, as they always try hard on solving tricky financial issues through data science. They want to make better business choices, improve how they spot things like fraud, and come up with new financial products. Their “Machine Learning Center of Excellence” leads the way in researching and working together across the company. 

  • According to AmbitionBox, the average salary of a Data Scientist at JP Morgan Chase & Co. is ₹ 23.7 lakhs.

5. Oracle 

Moving along, we have Oracle, which is a global computer technology company that focuses on creating and promoting cloud-architected systems, corporate software, and database software. In other words, Oracle makes tools that improve how organizations handle and manage their data. Data science teams can create, train, and maintain machine learning models on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Science, a fully managed serverless platform. The Data Science service gives data scientists access to a project-driven, and collaborative workplace.

  • According to Glassdoor, the average base salary of a Data Scientist at Oracle is ₹ 14 lakhs.

6. IBM

International Business Machines Corporation, popular as IBM, is known for its computers, networking equipment, servers, and software. They have other offerings too, like cloud computing, data analysis, and AI. Known to all – how important they’ve been really in tech history – being the first to make a hard drive and a computer you could program. IBM keeps coming up with new ideas, showing they really care about making new stuff. That’s why lots of data scientists want to work there to help build the future.

  • According to AmbitionBox, the average salary of a Data Scientist at IBM is ₹ 19 lakhs.

7. Accenture

Up next, we have Accenture, the leading MNCs in India, where data scientists concentrate on identifying & furnishing the most accurate & holistic data by adopting the most integrated ways. This organization drives its data scientists to appear in crafting strategies & providing solutions through the usage of the large data the company itself owns. 

Likewise, Accenture is a brand that is reputed and professional in providing services around the globe and dealing with various data science projects. They can leverage business processes and data management with their data scientists.

  • According to AmbitionBox, the average salary of a Data Scientist at Accenture is ₹ 14.7 lakhs.

8. EY

Now, let’s talk about Ernst & Young (EY), which is a multinational corporation, mainly engaged in accounting and professional services. The company is focused on corporate finance, strategy, consulting, and transactions. EY employs data and artificial intelligence to re-engineer processes, improve risk controls, and give clients an edge against competition.

They are adopting data analytics and artificial intelligence in their business operations to create new revenue prospects, monitor the performance and provide a framework for capital allocation. Big data science is massively used by EY, the best company for data scientists.

  • According to AmbitionBox, the average salary of a Data Scientist at EY is ₹ 14.8 lakhs.

9. VMware

Proceeding with VMware, a corporation that is popular for developing virtualization and cloud computing technologies for multi-cloud enterprises. The application of anomaly detection, cryptographic agility, cache-adaptive algorithms, and CloudCast at VMware is what drives data science.

It has various ongoing projects, such as Hillview, Remote Memory, and Project Pathway. You have an opportunity to become an integral member of a global community that tackles pressing technical challenges and to do this by working as a data scientist, a machine learning engineer, or a data analyst.

  • According to AmbitionBox, the average salary of a Data Scientist at VMware is ₹ 19.6 lakhs.

10. Walmart

Walmart devotes itself to developing more and more creative ways of using numerous data types, and it likely has a lot of data that should be analyzed. Walmart collects ‘point-of-sale data’ and applies statistical methods to identify the patterns of these data. They use this information to give product suggestions, improve their product collection, and improve in-store checkout. It is among the prominent data science companies.

  • According to AmbitionBox, the average salary of a Data Scientist at Walmart is ₹ 33.2 lakhs.

11. PwC

PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited, known as PwC, is one of the top four accounting firms worldwide. At PwC, they use data science to study how consumers behave. By using data science, businesses can focus more on their customers, which helps them make more money in the long and medium term. To become an expert in data science, PwC is the best place – they apply data science to analyze consumer behavior to become more customer-centric.

  • According to AmbitionBox, the average salary of a Data Scientist at PwC is ₹ 12.7 lakhs.

12. Cisco

Cisco Systems, Inc., also known as Cisco Systems, is a top American tech company. They’re really good at making advanced technology for digital communications. Cisco makes lots of different things, like internet equipment, software, and high-tech services.

With a focus on networking hardware, software, and high-tech services, Cisco excels in special domains like energy management, video conferencing, domain security, and IoT. Renowned products such as Webex, OpenDNS, and Duo Security highlight its innovation. For data scientists, Cisco offers a dynamic role that involves problem-solving, data collection, analysis, and insights generation, which shape the company’s future endeavors. Whether you’re interested in energy management, domain security, or IoT, the company has something for every aspiring professional.

  • According to AmbitionBox, the average salary of a Data Scientist at Cisco is ₹ 18.3 lakhs. 

13. PayPal

Moving forward, we have PayPal Holdings, Inc., a US-based financial technology firm that helps people pay online. They’re all over the world and have a really cool way to pay online, so they have a lot of information for data scientists to study and learn important things. PayPal really wants to use data science to solve problems and make things better for users. Data scientists there work closely with other teams, like product and business teams to make sure they’re making a real difference. That’s why working at PayPal is great for people who want to have a rewarding career in data science.

  • According to AmbitionBox, the average salary of a Data Scientist at PayPal is ₹ 31.7 lakhs.

14. Splunk

Transitioning to our next company, Splunk Inc., a software company based in San Francisco, California. They make software that’s easy to use on the web for finding, keeping track of, and understanding data that comes from machines. Splunk is really good for looking at and understanding data that machines make.

As a Data Scientist, you can be involved in creating AI/ML capabilities that power the product’s primary use cases in the cybersecurity and observability domains. Also, collaborate with product managers, applied scientists, and software developers to incorporate generative AI solutions into goods and services.

  • According to 6figr, the average salary of a Data Scientist at Splunk is about ₹ 21 lakhs. 

15. Numerator

Another company that we’ll talk about is Numerator, a data and digital startup that uses first-party, customer-sourced data to transform the market research sector. At Numerator, data scientists interpret big data sets to inform business choices. Create dashboards that provide value to your partner’s Consumer Insights and Shopper Insights teams, as well as Executive executives, by highlighting insights and opportunities by combining data from numerous sources.

  • According to Glassdoor, the average base pay of a Data Scientist at Numerator is ₹ 5 lakhs. 

16. Teradata

Teradata is a big name in data analytics. They have a cloud-based platform called Teradata Vantage™ that brings together different types of data for businesses. This helps companies look at big sets of data, like data warehouses and new kinds of data. Teradata’s main goal is to make sure data is consistent and trustworthy for accurate analysis. As a Data Scientist, you can focus on solutions for business analytics, hybrid cloud, and integrating AI and machine learning.

  • According to AmbitionBox, the average salary of a Data Scientist at Teradata is ₹ 10 lakhs. 

17. Civis Analytics

Let’s talk about Civis Analytics, a company that enables businesses to use data to find, attract, and connect with their audiences better, making them more competitive. They have a team of different experts like data scientists, developers, and survey experts who work together. Civis works with big organizations in the public and private sectors, using top-quality data and the latest software to help them make decisions based on data.

  • According to AmbitionBox, the average salary of a Data Scientist at Civis Analytics is ₹ 12.8 lakhs. 

18. Mu Sigma

American data analytics company that assists businesses with data-driven decision-making and offers big data services and decision sciences. The Chicago, Illinois-based organization collaborates with more than 140 Fortune 500 businesses to improve their analytical and decision-making skills.

  • According to Glassdoor, the average base pay of a Data Scientist at Mu Sigma ranges between ₹5 lakh – ₹7 lakh.

Best Data Science Companies: Startups

19. Databricks

The founders of Apache Spark established Databricks, Inc., an American software startup. With only a few clicks, Databricks enables you to analyze large and complicated data sets, find patterns, and make predictions. You can arrange, modify, and show your data without writing a single line of code. In addition to managing and deploying cloud infrastructure on your behalf, the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform interfaces with cloud storage and security in your cloud account. 

Shell, HSBC, T-Mobile, and the H&M Group are just a few of the biggest companies in the world that depend on Databricks to enable massive-scale data engineering, business analytics, full-lifecycle machine learning, and collaborative Data Science.

  • According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a Data Scientist at Databricks ranges between ₹ 5 Lakhs – ₹ 17 Lakhs 

20. Cloudera

This is a self-styled “hybrid cloud company,” offers clients the ability to unify private and public clouds. Thus, you can combine the internal and external data to power up your insights for the customer. Unlike other businesses in the data science field, Cloudera stands out because of its powerful and scalable cloud data system. The Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) they offer runs in a hybrid cloud model to ensure the client’s data is where it should be and to provide the speed and security necessary.

  • According to AmbitionBox, the average salary at Cloudera is ₹ 23.7 lakhs

21. Unified

Unified is a customer-focused distributor of electrical components, located in Bangalore, India’s centre for electronics. They provide Electro-Mechanical, Passive, Power, RF Microwave, and Wireless products in our product line. Unifed mainly focuses on the following markets: IoT, automotive, energy, railways, and military.

  • According to AmbitionBox, the average salary of a Data Scientist at Unified ranges between ₹ 3.4 lakhs – ₹ 6.9 lakhs. 

22. Alteryx

Alteryx is an IT services and consulting firm that is a pioneer of data analytics technology for addressing business and social problems. Alteryx has a full-range end-to-end platform that structures the integration of analytics, data science, and process automation to generate results that are impactful to business. The APA services of the latest analytic processes help businesses find robust solutions, as it converts data into a form of action. The Alteryx Analytics Cloud, APA Platform, Intelligence Suite, and Designer Cloud are all created to be streamlined.

  • According to 6figr, the average salary of a Data Scientist at Alteryx is ₹ 20.0 lakhs, mostly ranging from ₹16.0 lakhs to ₹41.5 lakhs 

23. Sumo Logic

Then we have, Sumo Logic that provides an efficient platform to enable digital businesses, as a data analytics company with a focus on real-time analytics. Its state-of-the-art scalable, Cloud-Native Continuous Intelligence Platform uniquely applies data-driven decision-making and, in turn, fast investigations of security and operational matters. The firm Sumo Logic works together with the firms Grammarly, Adobe, Airbnb, and The Pokemon Company, member firms that ensure analytics, which include log aggregation and threats and vulnerabilities in security

  • According to 6figr, average salary at Sumo Logic is ₹ 55 lakhs

24. Sisense

Lastly, Sisense is a business intelligence software company that offers an automated and integrated analytics platform. Sisense Fusion platform delivers leading-edge data modeling, visualization, embedding, and connectivity characteristics for a wide variety of departments and organizations. Sisense was also a visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for analytics and business intelligence platforms, which happened in February of last year as well. It also has clients such as Skullcandy, ZipRecruiter, GitLab, GameDay, Interfolio, and Glytec.

  • According to 6figr, the average salary at Sisense is ₹16 lakhs. Ranging between ₹ 17 lakhs to ₹ 24 lakhs.


Many companies in various industries are actively hiring data scientists due to high demand. This list highlights some leading organizations, but it’s not exhaustive. Other companies also offer great opportunities in data science. Choosing the “Best Companies” depends on your career goals, work environment preferences, and interests in data science. Researching potential employers thoroughly and aligning your goals can help you make an informed decision for a successful career in this field.

Feel free to join our Intellipaat’s Community and get answers to your queries from like-minded enthusiasts.


Which company hires the most Data Scientists?

Companies like Accenture, TCS, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Cognizant, Wipro, Optum, and others are actively looking for data scientists. In addition to this, a large number of other businesses in many fields and industries are also actively looking to hire data scientists. When it comes to employing data scientists, these firms also provide competitive salaries.

What are the Data Science applications across 10 different industries?

Data science is transforming industries such as healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply Chain, Insurance, Financial Services, Aerospace, Energy, Oil, and Gas, Gaming, Sports, and Entertainment, Management Consulting, and Professional Services.

Which company is famous for Data Science?

NVIDIA is a leading data science business known for its cutting-edge GPUs and AI computer technology. Their GPUs speed up data science processes and make it possible to conduct complicated calculations more quickly.

Do Data Scientists get paid well?

Yes. The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics estimated the average yearly compensation for a data scientist to be $108,660 last year. In the upcoming years, as the need for qualified data scientists grows, this number will likely increase.

Which company is best for Data Science?

The ideal organization for data science is determined by individual preferences, career ambitions, and industry of interest. Renowned tech giants such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, Wipro, as well as data-driven firms such as IBM and SAS, are frequently considered top picks.

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