Popular management tools offered by AWS

Management Tools

In this chapter we will be discussing about the various management tools offered by AWS.

Amazon CloudWatch

It monitors the tune-ups used in the cloud and also other functions on the Amazon web services. It is used for metrics following controlling logging files and also keeping alerts. Instances, Database tables, metrics are all controlled and organized using this watch. Utilization of several functionalities, improving the computer’s clarity, and maintaining the equipped fitness are all that come under the responsibilities this particular special watch.

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AWS Cloud Formation

It helps engineers in developing and controlling the AWS assets and upgrading them and their related features are basic functions of this tool.Users use it for running their applications  properly. There is no such order of using those services, you can just create any template and start using them. The tool itself takes care of the ordering responsibilities. Once the assets are unfolded, their repair and upgradation are all done as expected. The templates can be brought under high clarity and modify each of them by drag and drop procedure.

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AWS Cloud Trail

This tool is a recorder that keeps evidence of all the calls and queries to us. The evidence data has the distinctiveness of the person who made the call, also some demanded features and standard answers. It thus gives you a detailed history of all the Application protocol interface calls, SDKs, ordering tools and also advanced assistances. This record thus helps in maintaining strict safety , trails of the changing assets and also conformity investigation.

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AWS Trusted Advisor

By undergoing certain  processes, this advisor assists us in determining the prerequisites of our assets. This tool  examines the complete service surroundings and helps us economically,  giving safer networking and also assuring dependency and  computation  achievement.

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