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Overview of Scala

In this Scala tutorial, you will get an introduction to Scala which is the hugely programming language. If you are earnestly looking for a technique to simplify your code for object-oriented programming projects but want to stick to functional programming, Scala is one of the excellent choices you can opt for. Whether you work with C, C++, Java, Scala-based big data programming frameworks widely revered for its high speed and expressiveness. With a cleaner and simpler design and syntax, Scala runs successfully on JVM and brings to you efficient ways of handling huge datasets. In this Scala tutorial, you will get all the information to learn Scala and take the plunge towards making a career in this domain.

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Watch this Apache Spark and Scala video:

It offers a smoother integration of object-oriented and functional languages, which stimulates Java Programmers to be more concise as well as productive. Scala programming minimizes the burden of coders by reducing the code snippets to two to three times when compares with other application platforms. such as Java, C and others. One of the distinguished advantages of using Scala in this big data realm is that it lets software architects adhere to their traditional functional programming patterns but with a modern twist of improved computing speed, lesser code writing, and powerful and flexible concepts and expressions.

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Read below to find out how Scala is better than Java:

Scala versus Java

Basis Scala Java
Syntax Regular Complex
Orientation Functional and object-oriented Object-oriented
Level of ease Easier Lengthy

Apart from the aforementioned qualities, the following functionalities make it rule the big data world:

  • It consists of powerful and consistent abstractions for types and values
  • XML documents are supported by generalizing patterns and expressions
  • Pattern matching helps in decomposing the objects.

Certification in Bigdata Analytics

You can call Scala as a different flavor of Java and an effective merger of object-oriented and functional programming. This Scala tutorial is a descriptive manual to help you master the basics of Scala programming and gain deeper insights into the advanced modules of programming to analyze and manage large volumes of data.

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You could learn the precise techniques of coding and gain familiarity with concepts of Arrays, Strings, Collections, Loops, Classes and Objects, Conditional statements, functions, and Closures in Scala. The tutorial also equips you with core technicalities of  File Input and Output operations, Pattern Matching, Regular Expression, and Exception Handling, covering everything about Scala. In the first place, you will learn to install Scala on your system and then proceed with learning programming basics.

The learning package will also help you make your Scala programs with proficiency and efficiency. You will, in fact, enjoy coding in Scala as it will enable you to deal with modern-day big data analytics and provide solutions to manage all your big data problems.  Further, with interactive modules and sessions on each topic, the tutorial is easy-to-understand and construe on the whole.

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Recommended Audience

  • Designed for the purpose of training larger audiences at a global level, this Scala tutorial is great learning from beginner to intermediate to advanced-level programmers in Java, Python, C++.
  • Software Engineers who want to enhance their programming knowledge and are eager to learn resourceful concepts for  Big Data processing
  • Data Engineers and ETL Developers
  • Data Scientists and Analytics Professionals
  • Graduates aiming to learn the latest and most efficient programming language to process Big data in a faster and easier manner

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  • To have a thorough understanding of the Scala programming tutorial, you are expected to be familiar with Java syntax and its related components of coding.
  • However, if you are not that friendly with Java concepts, it is beneficial to have knowledge about any of the programming languages like C, C++, Python, and others. This will help you grasp Scala faster and with ease.

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  1. Sincerely Thanking you for the effort you put to explain Scala as simple as possible. This is a very good introduction and really helped me to understand the language.

  2. Scala is awesome, I thought this is a new language but its been here for a long time. The explanation of some pretty complex concepts here is really great. Nice tuts!

  3. Great tutorial, It’s very useful for beginners as well as advanced learner’s to know the core concept of Scala.

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