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Download and Install Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. The product’s primary function is to store and retrieve the data as requested by the user or another application. These SQL functions can either run on the same system or another over a network.

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This tutorial demonstrates the step-by-step process of downloading and installing the SQL Server.

How to Download Microsoft SQL Server?

In this section, we will understand how to download Microsoft SQL Server:

  • Search for Microsoft SQL Server
  • Select SQL Server Downloads from the Microsoft site [the first search result in the snapshot]
  • The site contains two options available for free editions [you will get it by scrolling down]
    • Developer edition
    • Express edition

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SQL Server Installation Prerequisites

For our SQL Server Installation steps, we will be first downloading the Developer edition

  • Click on Download now and the downloading of will start

Installing SQL Server 2017 for Microsoft

  • • Once downloading is finished, the file will be available in the downloads folder, or in any folder you have specified, as SQLServer2017-SSCI-Dev

SQL Server Installation

  • Click on the file SQLServer2017-SSCI-Dev, and you will find a window with three options: Basic, Custom, and Download Media

SQL Developer Edition Installation

  • Select Custom, as we want the Developer edition, and you will find a path for it below Media Location. You can either retain the default one or you can specify a customized path

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MS SQL Server Installation

  • In the snapshot, the default path is retained as is in Media Location
  • Once the path is selected, click on Install and the installation begins
  • A message appears as Your SQL Server Installation will begin shortly… and you will find a pop-up screen of SQL Server Installation Center

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How to Install SQL Server?

  • A pop-up window, SQL Server Installation Center, appears and it contains two columns
  • Select Installation from the left-side column, and once you select it, you will find multiple options on the right-side column

How to Install SQL Server

  • Select the first option from the right-side column, which is New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation
  • Wait for it to process and you will have a window SQL Server 2017 Setup in which click on Next

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How to Install SQL Server 2

  • Select Perform a new installation of SQL Server 2017 and click on Next
  • Select the free edition from Specify a free edition and click on Next
  • Accept the license terms
  • The display screen takes you to the features of the SQL Server 2017
  • There are many options available, but in this blog we will be selecting Database Engine Services
  • Click on Next

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How to Install SQL Server step 3

  • The next setup is the Instance Configuration
  • Give the details in Named instance and Instance ID fields and click on Next
  • Here in the snapshot, I have given the Name instance as SPARATA and the same appears for the Instance ID

How to Install SQL Server step 4

  • The Server Configuration screen is displayed in which click on Next
  • Now on the screen, you will find two authentication modes
  • Windows authentication mode
  • Mix Mode
  • Select the Mix mode and enter the desired password and confirm the password
  • Select the user by clicking on Add Current User, and the current user has been added now
  • Click on Next
  • Once the Current User is added, the SQL Server is ready to install
  • Now, click on Next and the installation process takes place
  • Once the installation process is completed, you’re back to SQL Server Installation Center

How to Install SQL Server step 5

Now, you will also have to install the SQL Server Management Tools; this tool will help you connect with the database.

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  • Click on Install SQL Server Management Tools and it will redirect you to Microsoft web page
  • Download the latest version of SQL Server Management Studio and you will find the downloaded file in your folder as SSMS-Setup-ENU

How to Install SQL Server step 6

  • Click on the file and install the studio
  • Once the installation is completed, search for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  • The SQL Server Management Studio is launched, and you will find a pop up, Connect to Server
  • Enter the password which you had entered before with Login as sa and click on Connect

This bring us to the end of this section, here we learned how to download Microsoft SQL Server, what is Microsoft SQL Server Developer Edition and Microsoft SQL Server Installation Prerequisites and How to Install SQL Server.

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