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What is TypeScript
Updated on 02nd Mar, 23 123 Views

The future of TypeScript is bright and full of endless possibilities! This powerful programming language has already made a big impact in the development world and it’s only getting started. As more and more developers adopt TypeScript, we’re going to see even more exciting innovations and advancements in the coming years.

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What is TypeScript?

Let us begin with an example, imagine you’re building a house. As your house becomes larger and more intricate, you may start desiring additional tools to simplify the building process. That’s exactly what TypeScript is for programming. It’s like an upgrade to the JavaScript language that makes writing code for large, complex projects a breeze.

Think of TypeScript as a set of training wheels for JavaScript. It has all the same functionality as JavaScript, but with added features that make coding easier and more efficient. With TypeScript, you’ll have better type-checking, improved code organization, and a more streamlined debugging process.

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Technically speaking, TypeScript is a language that helps you write better code for big and complex projects. It acts as a helping hand for JavaScript, which is one of the most popular web development programming languages used for building websites and applications.

When you write code, you want to make sure it’s easy to understand, well-organized, and free of mistakes. But as your project grows, this can become a challenge. TypeScript adds some extra tools to JavaScript that make it easier to write and maintain your code, even as your project gets bigger and more complex.

With TypeScript, you have special tools to make sure each block is straight, and a ruler to measure the blocks and make sure they’re the right size. These tools make building your tower easier and less prone to mistakes.

Why use TypeScript?

Why use TypeScript?

TypeScript makes your coding life easier and less stressful in several ways! We have mentioned just a few reasons why you might want to use it:

  • Better Type Checking:

TypeScript checks your code as you write it to make sure you’re using the right data types and avoiding common mistakes. This makes it easier to catch errors before they cause problems.

  • Improved Code Organization:

TypeScript helps you write cleaner, better-organized code. It encourages you to write code in a way that makes it easier to read and understand, even as your project grows in size and complexity.

  • Streamlined Debugging Process:

TypeScript’s improved type checking and code organization also makes it easier to debug your code. You’ll be able to identify and fix problems faster, so you can get back to building your amazing project!

  • Future-Proof Your Code:

TypeScript is a growing language that is being adopted by more and more developers. By using it, you’re future-proofing your code so that it’s ready for the latest advancements and innovations in software development.

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Difference between Javascript and Typescript

Difference between JavaScript and TypeScript

The basic differences between JavaScript and TypeScript are mentioned for you based on various features:

FeatureJavaScript   TypeScript
Data Types  Dynamic and loosely-typed           Statically-typed    
Type Checking           No type checkingIncludes type checking    
Code Organization           Can become messy with larger projects         Encourages clean and organized code    
Debugging   Can be more difficult as the project size increases         Improved type-checking and code organization makes debugging easier    
Future-Proofing           Not as widely adopted as TypeScriptGrowing in popularity and being adopted by more and more developers    

Why TypeScript is better than Javascript?

Why TypeScript is better than JavaScript?

TypeScripting is better than JavaScript for a variety of reasons, some of which are listed below for your reference:

Type Checking:

  • JavaScript is more flexible when it comes to data types, but this can also lead to mistakes.
  • TypeScript adds extra checks to make sure you’re using the right data types and avoiding common errors.

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Code Organization:

  • JavaScript code can get messy as your project grows.
  • TypeScript helps you write cleaner, better-organized code that is easier to read and maintain.


  • TypeScript makes it easier to debug your code because of its improved type-checking and code organization. This can save you a lot of time and headaches!


  • TypeScript is a growing language that is being adopted by more and more developers.
  • By using it, you’re preparing your code for the latest advancements and innovations in software development.

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Typescript Types

TypeScript Types

TypeScript introduces the concept of data types, which is not present in JavaScript. Data types help you to specify the type of data that a variable, constant, or function should hold or return. This helps to catch any type-related errors at the early stages of development and makes your code more readable and maintainable.

Here are some of the common data types in TypeScript:


This type represents numeric values, including both integers and floating-point values.


This type represents text data, such as names or sentences.


This type represents two possible values: true or false.


This type represents a collection of values, where each value can be of any type.


This type represents an array with a fixed number of elements and each element can be of a different type.


This type is a way of giving a name to a set of numeric values, making your code more readable and maintainable.


This type is used when you don’t know the type of a value, or when you want to allow values of any type.


TypeScript is a powerful and versatile language that offers many benefits over JavaScript. With its added features like type checking, code organization, and optional type annotations, TypeScript helps you to write cleaner, more readable code that is easier to maintain and debug.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, the learning curve for TypeScript is relatively short, and the benefits are many. By taking advantage of the language’s strengths, you can improve your coding skills and make your development process more efficient and productive.

We hope that this blog has given you a good understanding of what TypeScript is and why it’s worth exploring. If you have any doubts or questions, be sure to check back with us for more information and insights. The world of programming is constantly evolving, and we’re here to help you stay up-to-date and continue learning.

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