Why you should go for the Salesforce Certification Training?

Do you want to build a career in CRM but finding it difficult to launch it? This blog will be discussing how Salesforce Certification Training will open new career avenues for you.

Why you should go for the Salesforce Certification Training?
03rd Dec, 2019
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Customer Relationship Management is growing at a torrid pace as companies big and small are embracing CRM tools in order to make sense of their sales leads and cater to their customers in a better way with the upshot of earning more revenues.

Watch this Salesforce Tutorial Video:

Here are some staggering statistics on growing CRM market and Salesforce CRM software’s dominance in that:

  • The worldwide CRM software totaled $26.3B in 2015, up 12.3% from $23.4B in 2014 – Gartner.
  • Salesforce has a 19.7% share of the CRM market in 2015 and is a distinct Number #1 – Gartner

According to Gartner, 2015 was a watershed year for SaaS CRM tools since for the first time the revenue for SaaS CRM exceeded the revenue for on-premise CRM tools. The research firm also predicts that SaaS CRM adoption will reach 80-85% by 2025.

Coveted profiles in Salesforce CRM

This CRM tool in an organization needs two types of professionals namely :

Salesforce Developer

The developer is the professional who actually builds the application enhancements as per the specific needs of the organization. Since it is an application tool and not software, it provides ample opportunities for the buyer enterprise to customize and manipulate it as per its needs. The developer will be given the customer requirement, the interface, and such other nitty-gritty and he will come up with a technical solution to best meet the needs. In other words, he can be considered as a Solution Architect as well.

Here are some skills needed to be a successful Salesforce Developer:

The Salesforce Developer should have a clear understanding of the Force.com IDE (Integrated Development Environment). He should be well-versed in the software Operators, Variables, Arrays, Collections, and Control Logic. The Force.com IDE lets one create, modify and deploy the Salesforce application. He will be working on the IDE which is built on the Tooling API and based on Eclipse platform. He has to write programming codes, package them, compile, test and deploy all from within the Integrated Development Environment.

Watch this How to learn salesforce Tutorial

Interested in learning more? Go through this insightful Salesforce Tutorial.

The Salesforce Administrator

The Salesforce Administrator as the name suggests takes on the complete administration responsibilities of the application. There are two types of administrators namely the database admin who maintains the database and the infrastructure admin who maintains the server.

Here are some skills needed to be a successful Salesforce Administrator:

He is expected to understand the complete functioning of the CRM tool. He takes on the role of installing the application on the enterprise server, is closely involved in data mining, cleansing, and maintenance of the application data. The admin should be able to seamlessly relate and map the technical side with the business side of the host organization. Thus he takes on the role of the Consultant and helps other professionals in the organization including the Salesforce Developer in order to get the bigger picture.


In order to prove the skills, one has to get certified which does not only add value to the candidate’s profile but also opens a wide variety of career avenues for them.  Therefore candidates who wish to see themselves as successful CRM professionals should definitely go for Salesforce Online Certification Training to take their career to a whole new level!

Enroll in Salesforce Online Training Course and get ahead in your career!


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  1. Because Salesforce Tech. is Currently hot in Market. and there is lot of job opportunities available through out the Globe..
    and easy to Learn. even non-programming people can learn Salesforce.

    and Getting certified in Salesforce is definitely a worth. In a competitive world of technology certified people gets more preference and major MNC’s hunt for the certified people. And there is a very strong reason behind this.

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