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AWS Introduction

Amazon Web Services (AWS) can be defined as the huge set of on-demand services provided to the customers on cloud with pay-as-you-go pricing method. Whether it is about configuring a server or running an application, AWS lets you execute your operations on cloud in a similar way as you would do on a physical computer. You can correlate it with the consumption of electricity where you pay as much as you utilize.

AWS is a harmless and sound cloud function policy, offering computation authority, catalogue storeroom, content release and erstwhile functionality to facilitate the commercial extension and development. With AWS discover how consumers are at present influencing AWS cloud merchandise and clarifications to assemble classy appliances with amplified suppleness, adaptability and consistency.

History of AWS

Started with an ideation way back in 2000, AWS was commercially launched in the year 2006 and has never looked back since. Continuous innovation and first mover advantage has led the company to launch a wide range of products, the company has gained over 50% more revenue in 2016 than the previous year.

AWS product categories

AWS offers a wide range of services that can be categorized in following categories –

  • Compute and Networking Services
  • Storage and Content Delivery Services
  • Security and Identity Services
  • Database Services
  • Analytics Services
  • Application Services
  • Management Tools

Amazon Web Services (AWS) vs. Google Cloud

There is much discussion about which one is better, but the result never came out with a clear winner. Let’s understand the differences in the services and capabilities of these two major cloud computing platforms:

Criteria AWS Google Cloud
Services range Wide range of services. Comparatively narrow range.
Presence Present in all the continents with datacenter and edge locations. It is available only in US and Europe.
Number of instances In this 23 instances are classified into 6 families 12 instances classified into 5 families
Supported OS Multiple OS are supported Fewer OS are supported


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