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Data Science Installation

This Tool is based on Linux/GNU. Since, the local version of toolbox will run on virtual machine. Therefore, we need to install and configure virtual box first.

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Step 1: Download and Install VirtualBox

Open and download the Virtual Box binaries according to your operating system. Then open the binary and follow the instructions.

Step 2: Download and Install Vagrant

Open  and download the VirtualBox binaries according to your operating system. Then open the binary and follow the instructions.

Step 3: Download and Start the Data Science Toolbox

Open a terminal (known as command prompt in windows) and then create a directory, like IntellipaatDataScienceToolbox, and navigate to it by typing:

$ mkdir IntellipaatDataScienceToolbox

$ cd IntellipaatDataScienceToolbox

To initialize data science toolbox run following command:

$ vagrant init data-science-toolbox/data-science-at-the-command-line

It creates a file named Vagrantfile. It is a configuration file that tells Vagrant how to launch the virtual machine.

Example: Minimal configuration for Vagrant

Vagrant.configure(2) do |config| = "data-science-toolbox/data-science-at-the-command-line"


Run the following command to boot and download the Data Science Toolbox:

$ vagrant up

If you observe the message default: Warning: Connection time out. Retrying… printed repeatedly, then it possibly that the virtual machine is waiting for input. It happens when virtual machine is not correctly shut down.

To find out what’s incorrect then add the below lines to Vagrantfile before the last end statement:

config.vm.provider "virtualbox" do |vb|

vb.gui = true


It shows a screen. Once the virtual machine has booted and problem is recognized then you can remove these lines from Vagrantfile. The username and password to log in is both vagrant.

Example: Configuring Vagrant

Vagrant.require_version ">= 1.5.0"     (1)

Vagrant.configure(2) do |config| = "data-science-toolbox/data-science-at-the-command-line" "forwarded_port", guest: 8000, host: 8000    (2)

config.vm.provider "virtualbox" do |vb|

vb.gui = true                   (3)

vb.memory = 2048         (4)

vb.cpus = 2                     (5)



(1)Require at least version 1.5.0 of Vagrant.

(2)Forward port 8000.

(3)Launch a graphical user interface.

(4)Use 2 GB of memory.

(5)Use 2 CPUs.

Step 4: Log in (on Mac OS X and Linux)

If your operating system is Linux or Mac then you can login into data science toolbox by running following command:

$ vagrant ssh

Step 5: Log in (on Windows)

If you are using windows then you need to either run Vagrant with a GUI (In step 2) or use a third party application to log in to the Data Science Toolbox. To login into data science toolbox you can use putty as a third party application.

Open  after this run putty and enter following information:

  • Host Name (or IP address):
  • Port: 2222
  • Connection type: SSH

You can save these values by using save button so there is no need to enter these values again and then click to open button and enter vagrant as username and password.

Step 5: Shut Down or Start Anew

To shut down data science toolbox run below command from same directory as you ran vagrant up:

$ vagrant halt

If you want to get rid of the Data Science Toolbox and start over, you can run following command:

$ vagrant destroy

And then return to Step 3 to set up the Data Science Toolbox again.

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