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What is R Programming

R is a programming language and by itself, a software environment for statistical analysis and graphic representation. R is freely available GNU General Public License and pre-compiled binary version for operating systems like UNIX/Linux, Windows, and Mac.

This programming language is called as R, because of the two authors primary name starts with R (Robert Gentleman and Ross), and partly based on the Bell Labs Language name S.

This course is intended for software programmers, statisticians and data miners who want to develop statistical software using R programming. While this tutorial gives an understanding of programming concepts up to expert level, provided you need to have some prior basic understanding of Computer programming technologies and languages.

Although S language is often accepted in the research of statistical methodology, R provides an open source platform for this activity, thereby giving competitive participation. With R, well-designed quality plots can be generated, including mathematical symbols and formulae needed.

R has important features too :

R is the world’s most widely used programming languages when it comes to statistics. R is now being taught by universities and deployed in mission-critical business applications. This tutorial helps you understand the basic concepts and application with examples and useful Resources.

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