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Selenium Tutorial

This is a free Selenium tutorial that serves as the introduction to automated testing. It includes the various use cases and practical examples of Selenium. You will learn about Selenium webdriver, Selenium grid, IDE, Selenium Remote Control, scripts, deploying it through web and more. After thousands of request for tutorials, we have introduced this free Selenium tutorial for all beginners and advanced-level Selenium users. The tutorials always serve a unique purpose of educating large audiences in the Selenium framework. In spite of bothering your busy routines and taking out a special time slot, online tutorials let you learn anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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Selenium is one of the most popular automation testing tools adopted by large number of organizations. Revered as the leading cloud-based application testing platform, selenium helps learners to record their actions and export them as a reusable script with a simple-to-understand and easy-to-use interface. It is one of the great testing tools that convert the tests into different programming languages like HTML, Java and others.

Some of the prime highlights of Selenium are:

  • Need to test the software automation gave rise to the Selenium Core
  • Same origin policy immediately created the requirement for Selenium RC
  • Equipped with built-in help and test result reporting module
  • Test formats can be exported to the types used in Selenium RC and WebDriver.

Selenium vs Quick Test Professional (QTP)

Quick Test Professional(QTP) is another popular software automation testing tool widely used by the companies. Let us know why Selenium is better than QTP:

Criteria Selenium QTP
Type Open-source tool Private tool
Suitability Supports different web browsers Restricted to specific versions of the browsers
OS supported Multiple OS supported Supports Windows only
Parallel execution Parallel execution of tests No parallel processing

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This introduction to Selenium Testing tutorial intends to provide deep understanding of subject matter such that you can know about the significance of using Selenium in your projects and implement them in similar and new contexts. It also will help you synthesize and formulate well and respond to the questions and challenges concerning Selenium. It will also help you enhance your testing skills and act like a professional tester moving ahead in your career.

The major topics of this tutorial include Installation of Selenium on your system,mastering the Selenium grid. You will get to know the prerequisites for installing Selenium IDE and can finally launch it successfully and access all its tools. Next is recording a test, adding comments in the tests, running all tests from a test suite and exporting a recorded test to Selenium Webdriver and running it on various browsers.

Recommended Audience

  • Software Testers, Developers, Team Leads, QA Engineers, QA Managers and Business Analysts
  • Professionals from any domain can go for this detailed Selenium training
  • Graduates keen to learn automated testing through various automated tools, techniques and quality measures.

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  • Basic Computer knowledge will be helpful
  • Knowledge of C, Java or any programming language and strong Logical Reasoning skills can be added advantages

Selenium Tutorial Video

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  1. Cooper says:

    Thanks for the excellent tutorial! This tutorial is amazing. It will be very helpful to my automation learning.

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    Extremely helpful and with great basics. thanks!!!

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