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Selenium for Beginners

A portable framework for testing the feasibility of web applications, Selenium empowers test engineers to author funtional tests without using test scripting languages. Selenium provides ‘Selenese’, a test domain specific language, using which users can write testing codes in several popular languages using Java, Python, Ruby, Scala, and C#. Also, Selenium can be dployed across modern web browsers in Windows, Linux, and MacOS platforms. The demand for Selenium specialists is really high in the present day.

In this Selenium tutorial you will learn Selenium from the basics and understand what makes it such a powerful tool for software test automation. Selenium is an open source tool used for automated software testing. Selenium itself is not a single tool but a bunch of connected tools which are used in software testing and automation. The major components of the Selenium suite of tools include Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Remote Control, Selenium Grid and Selenium client API.

Recommended audience

This Selenium tutorial can be beneficial for all those who want to learn Selenium and make a career in it. If you are a software developer, tester, quality analysis engineer or a system administrator, analyst or a business intelligence and ETL professional then this Selenium tutorial is for you.


There are no prerequisites for this Selenium tutorial. If you have a basic understanding of C or Java programming languages, then you can learn Selenium faster.

Watch this Selenium Tutorial

What is Selenium Testing?

First let us compare Selenium with another testing tool QTP in the following table:

Comparison criteria Selenium QTP
Nature of tool Open Source Proprietary
Browser compatibility All major browsers supported Only specific versions of browsers supported
Support for mobile devices Yes Needs third-party tools
Parallel testing Possible through Selenium Grid Not possible

Selenium is a powerful test automation tool for web applications. Today software is being deployed in every industry and due to this our world is running on software. Due to this the process of testing the software becomes very crucial. Manual testing has its own set of limitations which automated testing aims to eliminate. Thus was born Selenium. Selenium is able to test the web applications in a repetitive manner without any errors at extremely high speeds.

Why do we need automated testing?

Before getting into the depths of Selenium first let us understand in this Selenium tutorial as to why do we need automated testing. So here we list some of the top reasons why automated testing is the need of the hour.

  • There is no room for error as there is no manual intervention
  • You can test 24/7 without any issues from a remote device
  • You can easily reuse the test scripts thus saving time
  • You can find bugs at an early stage thanks to automation
  • The entire process is more reliable, and tests are more dependable
  • It is the best solution for volumes testing like on tens of thousands of devices simultaneously.

Why is Selenium so widely used?

Selenium is by far the most widely used open source automated software testing tool. In this Selenium tutorial you will learn Selenium and its advantages over other testing tools and why it is so widely used.

  • Selenium is an open source software testing automation tool making it highly beneficial
  • It supports a whole range of languages like Java, Python, Perl, C# and many more
  • It supports multiple operating systems and the test scripts work seamlessly across platforms
  • It supports multiple browsers like Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera and so on
  • It can integrate with multiple frameworks to truly augment its capabilities
  • You can test using Selenium across the devices making it highly versatile
  • You get Selenium updates constantly from the community keeping it in sync with testing needs
  • Selenium is not a single tool but a suite of tools making it very comprehensive
  • It has a user-friendly interface and a lot of add-on tools as well.

Features of Selenium

Here in this section of the Selenium tutorial you will learn Selenium features and how it is exploited by the software testing community

  • It offers unlimited iteration of test case execution
  • Complete support for fast-paced and agile development methodologies
  • You get a comprehensive documentation of the test cases
  • Perfectly suited for frequent regression testing scenarios
  • You get a fully customized defect reporting with Selenium
  • Selenium can easily spot any bugs undetected by manual testing.

Learn Selenium in 36 hrs from experts

Applications of Selenium

Selenium has widespread applications across the software industry spectrum. Everybody from Google to LinkedIn is using Selenium to test their crucial applications before it goes out to the market. Here we list some of the top applications of Selenium.

  • Used for supporting execution of repeated test cases
  • If you want to test a large Text Matrix, then Selenium is the tool
  • If you are looking for parallel execution, then Selenium can accomplish it
  • Used for authoring tests without the need to learn a test scripting language
  • Selenium has number of methods for location of elements like DOM, CSS and Xpath
  • You can implement Selenium framework that revolves around OOPs setup
  • Deployed for browser compatibility testing and system functional testing.

Why should you learn Selenium testing?

Selenium testing is being deployed by a huge number of enterprises for whom software plays a critical role in their organization. Selenium has some unique advantages as compared to other software testing automation tools. Since Selenium is not just a single tool and it can be integrated with other tools outside of the Selenium suite, the possibilities are endless as to what you can do with Selenium. All this means organizations are chasing professionals with the requisite skill sets in Selenium. This Selenium tutorial is your first step to learn Selenium fundamentals and then take up a Selenium training to excel in your career.

Table of Content

Introduction – Selenium Tutorial

What is Selenium?

Selenium is a browser automation framework. It provides a number of tools and APIs for automating user interaction on pure HTML and JavaScript applications in browsers such as IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and many more. However, Selenium does not support Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies such as Silverlight, Flex/Flash, and JavaFx out of the box. Selenium Read More

Installation – Selenium Tutorial

Selenium Environment Setup

Installing Selenium requires going through following steps: Step 1 : Install Java Before moving further download and install Java Software Development Kit (JDK) in the first place. The location from where you can download Java is: Step 2 : Install Eclipse IDE Next, download and install Eclipse IDE for Java developers keeping in mind the 32 Read More

Selenium IDE

How to Download & Install Selenium IDE for Firefox

In this chapter you will get to know more about Selenium IDE. Read below: Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a plug-in for Mozilla Firefox web browser for running Selenium scripts. It allows the software testing professionals to control the tests, such as record, edit, play, debug, etc. It consists of Read More

Recording of a Test

Steps to record Selenium test

In order to record a test, follow the given steps: Step 1 : Open Mozilla Firefox web browser, go to tools and click on Selenium IDE. There type the link  Now start the recoding procedure and initiate the test case. Step 2 : After entering the link, you will land on a page Step Read More

Features of Selenium

Let us know what is so special about Selenium:

Combination of tool and DSL - Selenium is an absolute combination of tools and DSL (Domain Specific Language) in order to carry out various types of tests. It allows you to record the tests carried out through the browser. It supports multiple web browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc. Read More

Selenium Cheat Sheet

Selenium User Handbook

Are you looking for a quick reference to turn to every time you need to look up basic operations of selenium? Well if you are then this is just what you need. We at Intellipaat understand that it could be a bit of a hassle to remember every aspect of a technology and that is why we Read More


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