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Data Engineer Salary in 2023
Updated on 17th Apr, 23 137 Views

Data Engineering is a sub-domain of data science that deals with the architecture of the processing of raw collected data. They process the collected raw data in such a way that it makes some sense. The processed data is used by the data scientist and associated members of the organization to work on and produce results on them. The data-literate manpower associated with data engineering is known as data engineers. This blog will take you into great depth about the salary you may anticipate working as a Data Engineer in 2023.

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What is meant by Data Engineer?

What is meant by Data Engineering?

The adoption of Data Science and associated technology is at its peak. To meet the high demand for data-literate manpower, a huge pay package is given to the concerned employees, one of these employees is Data Engineer. As technology is advancing, a significant increase has been noticed in the hiring of data engineers. Let’s learn more about Data Engineers.

  • Data Engineers, are the specialized workforce that is a jack of all trades and masters of all.
  • Data Engineering is the associated field to which these skilled individuals come through.
  • Data engineers have skills rich hands and sharp minds. They are responsible for the development of data architecture within the organization, processing data in such a way it starts making sense to the concerned group of individuals.
  • Data Engineer’s field of work also consists of the development of data-centric software, which is highly optimized which are responsible for the higher yield of organization.
  • Data engineers develop pipeline-like structures which are used in the transportation and transformation of the data, making it more accessible within the organization.
  • While working within the organization data engineers are assigned the task of managing the data warehouses where processed data is stored.

Too much for an individual don’t you think? In the upcoming sections, we will see how high the paycheck is. But let us go through why one should opt for data engineering.

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Why pursue Data Engineering?

Why pursue Data Engineering

Ahoy learner! You have made it to the next section. So, in this part of the blog, we are going to look at the solid reasons why you will consider becoming a data engineer. Read them carefully, as it might help you to introspect yourself better.

  • Data is an asset to organizations, which makes it very crucial for organizations to be dealt with it very cautiously.
  • If the organizations are so data-dependent, then what do they want? Data literate manpower can help to yield more without less investment.
  • If you are who wishes to pursue a profession in any area using data, you should consider data engineering.
  • You need to be an expert in a variety of tech stacks, related frameworks, and related tools to become a data engineer.
  • The field of data engineering promises you a very high pay package, and incentives are also quite wild.
  • The field of data engineering is advancing very rapidly, which creates a void in the industry for skilled hands, and enhance job vacancies are increased.
  • While working in the field of data engineering, you can learn multiple tech stacks which create options for you to switch between industries.

I think I have given you enough reasons to pursue Data Engineering as a career, tempting right? Let’s quickly check out the skills required and then we will hop to the section on salary insights. Excited?

Skills required to be a Data Engineer

Skills required to be a Data Engineer

As I have mentioned above, it takes a lot to be a data engineer. Being a master of all crafts and a jack of all others is not just a saying here. You have to implement this in reality.

Consistency is the key to success here. Read a bit every day and make a huge stack of knowledge. Below mentioned are the pointers that you should consider while pursuing the path of data engineering.

  • It is advised to you that you have command over any general programming language to get familiarity with the coding world, preferred languages are Python, R, Ruby, Pearl, etc.
  • If you are interested in data engineering, then the coding is your best friend. You should have a keen interest in problem-solving, which will enhance your compatibility as a data engineer.
  • A strong grip on computer fundamentals is advised. Subjects such as computer networking, database management system, operating systems, and software engineering.
  • Good communication skills and teamwork to work better in and around your team and client.

Was it too much? Don’t feel numb, just stay consistent. Introspection is a need thing. Spend some time knowing yourself, in what skill you lack, which needs more perfection note them down work on them, and jump into the ocean of data engineering.

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Salary Insights

Salary Insights

Moving forward, our next stop is your most awaited section of the blog. Here, in this section of the blog, we are going to discuss salary insights, in India and around the world. And we also find ways how to grab an increment.

Check out the below points for the estimated average salary of data engineers in India and overseas.

  • In India, the average salary of data engineers is around ₹8 LPA, for freshers, it is approximately ₹3 LPA, and for an experienced engineer, it is around ₹20 LPA and above.
  • If you have approximately 15 years of experience, then you can grab around ₹30 LPA and above package with huge incentives and great perks.
  • Data engineers are often paid well by reputable businesses and major participants in the Big Data sector, including, but not limited to, Airbnb, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Delloitte, Accenture, IBM, and Capgemini.
  • Just for a fact, do you know that there is a 50% increase in the demand for data engineers in India in 2021 YOY?

What does this mean to you? This means, that there is a huge vacancy for data engineers and to fill this huge demand a high-pay package is waiting for you. In the last section, we will discuss how you can enhance your pay package.

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Data Engineer Salary: Expectations and Parameters

In this section, we will learn about the parameters which define a data engineer’s salary and the ways they can enhance them.

  • Salary based on location:
    • Salary based on location is a critical element impacting the average Data Engineer Salary.
    • Some places naturally become a center of blooming chances because there are greater career prospects there and higher demand for individuals.
    • For example, if the organization is set up in cities like Pune, Delhi, and Bangalore their salary and opportunities will be different as compared to other non-IT or remote locations.

Have a look at the table to see the comparison of the salaries based on locations.

LocationAverage Salary Offered
Bangalore₹ 9.5 LPA
Mumbai₹ 7.1 LPA
Pune₹ 8.2 LPA
Ahemdabad₹ 4.5 LPA
Kolkata₹ 5.1 LPA
Jaipur₹ 5 LPA
New Delhi₹ 9 LPA
  • Salary based on industrial experience:
    • The typical data engineer pay in India heavily depends on experience. Your personality, contributions to the profession, and familiarity with the market and job description are all heavily influenced by your experience.
    • Experience, therefore, immediately correlates with a better compensation structure.
    • The average pay for a data engineer is higher the more years of experience and diverse experience one has.

Check out the below-mentioned table for the statistical data on salary.

Working PeriodExpected Average Salary
Spanning less than 1 yr.₹ 4.1 LPA
Spanning between 1 yr. to 5 yrs.₹ 7.2 LPA
Spanning between 6 yrs. To 9 yrs.₹ 12.3 LPA
Spanning over 20+ yrs.₹ 18.5 LPA
  • Salary based on skill set:
    • A data engineer must have certain skills. However, certain skills are more crucial than others, which has an impact on the typical pay package of a data engineer in India.
    • Let’s say it is obvious that knowing SQL would be more crucial for a data engineer than being familiar with Microsoft Word.
    • So, it’s important to develop specific talents to stand out and earn a solid salary base even as a fresher.
SkillsAverage Salary Expectations
SQL₹ 8.5 LPA
Programming Languages (Python, R)₹ 8.1 LPA
Apache Spark₹ 9.5 LPA
Data Warehousing₹ 9.2 LPA
Hadoop₹ 8.3 LPA
ETL (Extract, Transfer, Load)₹ 8.6 LPA
  • Salary based on the employer:
    • The employer or organization has a key role in determining the typical data engineer compensation.
    • For a data engineer, better employers provide better employment and compensation scales.
    • At elite organizations, new employees may also expect a high revenue.
    • For example, the salary offered by Amazon will be higher as compared to the offer by Wipro.

The below-mentioned tables show the difference in salaries offered by different organizations.

Employer NameAverage Salary Paid
Amazon₹ 20+ LPA
Accenture₹ 6.5 LPA
Deloitte₹ 13.2 LPA
Cognizant₹ 7.8 LPA
Tata Consultancy Services₹ 7.4 LPA
IBM India₹ 8.5 LPA
  • Salary offered in different countries

The below-mentioned table depicts the average salary variation of different tech leading countries.

Country NameAverage Salary Offered
United States of America$ 90,000
United Kingdom£ 40,000
Germany€ 56,000
New ZealandNZ $ 84,000
CanadaC$ 80,000

So right here, our journey comes to end and we hope your order is ready to enjoy the meal. We hope you learned something new and knowledgeable about the Data Engineer salary. Before leaving check out the conclusion.

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It is a great time to think about becoming a data engineer given the continual increase in data analytics and Big Data opportunities in India and beyond. It is predicted that there will be more career opportunities in the data science field in the future.

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